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how to turn a breach baby in utero?

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My girlfriend is pg for the first time and at 36 weeks, the latest ultra sound shows the baby is presenting feet first. She's terribly worried and wants to have a vaginal delivery. I told her I'd post a thread on mothering, so if anyone has any advice, please pass it on. I know for me that laying on the bed, on all fours with my rear up high worked, and my baby turned at 35 weeks. I also suggested accupunture and she's looking into it. Thanks!
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I'm sure lots of people with breech baby experiences will sound in, but to start off the idea list...

*knee-chest position (just like you described, on hands and knees with chest down low and butt up in the air)
*tilt-board/slant board position a few times a day
*chiropractic, particularly the Webster technique
*external version
*have the partner (or someone) talk to the baby down by the pubic bone on a regular basis
*play music through headphones placed way down low by the pubic bone

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Look into chiropractic to turn the baby. Some chiropractors are specially trained in the Websters Technique, which is used to encourage a baby to be in the correct birthing position in utero. You can find someone who does this in your area by going to


look at finding a Dr and some of them will have certified in Websters technique under their name. Hope this helps,

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I think this is a great site. I hope you find it useful.
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Thank you everyone for your kind replies. I found all the info very useful and passsed it along. Unfortunately, she went in for an external version yesterday, and, without getting into the details, the doctors convinced her to get a C-section. Mom and baby are doing well. I am grateful for the support that is on this discussion board.

Peace and blessings,
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I hope Im In the right place

Hi, I have a question. I recently had my 18-20week ultrasound. Im currently 21weeks and have been asked to come back as the sonographer couldn't get 1 pic of her long spine (yes, we found out its a bella of a little girl)!!! Just like Daddy had ordered. He he he.
Anyhow I have no problem going back but I got very frightened when they informed me the specialist would like to do it himself. Why would he need to do it? It Seems her bum is perfectly placed to be in my birth canal. She hadn't moved from the previous day either however I was sent home as my bladder wasn't full. She has heaps of room but choose a tight little bit down below.
When Ive told friends and stuff theyve informed me she may be breach. Can a baby be deemed a breech baby at 21weeks? Isnt there still plenty of time for her to turn? When do they actually make the turn ready to come out?
Any advice would be great. This is our only chance at a baby as my fiance was injured shortly after and we can no longer have anymore. I feel so blessed to have her and I dont want any chances of something going wrong.
O Please Help!!!!!
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YOu may have better cahnce of a response if you start your own thread.
I would just copy your post then hit "New Thread" and paste it.
That post you were under is a year and a half old so your chances of getting a response is slim--and I REALLY wnat someone to respond to you!!!
I wish I knew more about it but I can tell you your baby has PLENTY of time to turn!!!
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