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All right, let's not start a debate over the good and evils of Pokemon. LOL
My 6 year old desperately wants to play with the neighbors and they told him if he gor his own cards, he could play. What exactly does he need to get started and how do you learn to play?
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My ds loves Pokemon, and particularly loves collecting the cards (even though we have no idea how to "play" them). You can buy packs of the cards at any toy store, or someplace like Target. I don't think they're very expenseive. The problem is you only get a handful of cards in each set, so you inevitably end up having to buy more sets to get all the good cards (especially if you're going to use them to "Poke-battle" with other players). I believe the directions for the game are in the card sets, so your son would probably be able to figure it out....

I like Pokemon. But I won't go into it either, because I'm sure there are a lot of folks here that aren't into it!

Good luck with the game!

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Thanks faeriemom,
We went to the local large chain toy store and the clerk was able to help us figure out what to get. To play the card game you need a "deck" (there are different ones- these contain 64 cards), which comes with instructions. We got a big package that came with the deck, and several of the small packs so that we would have enough cards to construct a second deck for me to play with him while he's learning.
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