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I have left dd with dh recently and since she is a real daddy's girl she had no problem with this. We have left her with my mom a few times and that has gone well too, as long as I am back for nap there is no problem. My mom still has two young children at home though so she isn't able to babysit much. I have only recently felt comfortable leaving dd with anyone. She still nurses quite a bit and is very shy, even with family.

Recently I was invited to the graduation of a former student. I was beyond excited for this student. In the heat of the moment I made plans to travel, two hours away, for the graduation, Which was at 8pm. Dh and I thought we'd travel in the morning, visit with family, have an early dinner with a former coworker of mine, attend graduation and then drive home.

The next day I was After thinking about it I knew I was expecting too much of dd. Even if we just drove up for the grad. She is always in bed by 8, if not asleep. I didn't feel comfortable leaving her with my mom for bedtime duty while I was in a whole different city. I was over missing such an important moment in my former student's life.... but I had to do what felt right for my family, kwim? DD is a daddy's girl but when she's tired she is all about the "num nums"

Oh yeah, about the car seat thing. I was adamant abouyt leaving her rear facing as long as possible...but dd hates the car. hates it. Going anywhere in the car with her was a totally miserable experience, even if it was only a ten minute drive. So we turned her around as soon as she met the requirements. Now that she can see us and see out the windows she is SOOOO much happier in the car.

Today Dd and I are both sick.... yuck.
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fern, i enjoyed your pictures. i'm always clicking on the tags now and then, to see the babies!
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Yes, the pics of your family are lovely MamaFern. Elwynn is beautiful, thanks for sharing. Everyone's been so generous with the pics of their babes I think I'm finally gonna have to reciprocate. So here is a picture of my little Mukti.
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Oh my gosh the pics that mama fern and solsticemama have posted just totally made me and dd's day!! Thanks so much for sharing mamas!! You have beautiful babies.

I am hoping that when my mil comes in a few weeks she can help me to share some pics with y'all. She is a computer whiz (and I am not :LOL)
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No problemo, Kristin. Maybe another time.
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*solsticemama* your ds is adorable, such cute kissable cheeks!
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I am enjoying all the pictures of everyone's kiddos. Casina, Fern, and Solticemamma, you have beautiful children. Here's the link to my album where you can view pictures of Christopher and also a picture of me and DH.

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aaaaawwwww what a cutie Heather! Thanks for sharing with us!
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so cute heather! i love the bball one -- my dh and i used to go to a lot of cleveland games when we lived in ohio. no major league baseball in my neck of the woods.

i'm away from dd for a few days -- ok i left this am at 730 and will return after she goes to bed tomorrow. I when i left this morning. She knew something was up, meaning she was WAY more clingy than an average morning. Left her with dh, they called my cell this afternoon and i talked to her. he said she was looking at the phone like "why is mom in this plastic thing?" So i haven't pumped yet and am feeling very full. Plus i forgot to bring an ice pack so i'm pumping and dumping . sigh. Oh well, at least after I pump tonight I'll probably wake up feeling very full tomorrow morning and get an early start on my work here in minneapolis.

i thought of ya'll on the way down today. specifically i was thinking of lil'missmama and how hard it would be to move right now. I also was thinking about your comments on weaning....and worrying about you that you were feeling overly guilty about that. I'm amazed at how connected and down to earth you seem despite all the turmoil in your life.
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Thank you for your kind words everyone; it really helps to hear and to know there is support for me. Right now MDC, specifically you guys, are my only mama support. This will change once we get to Tucson and I'm looking forward to talking to real live mamas again! ~Anna
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hjohnson-- loved the pictures! it is so fun to see all the kiddos
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There have been so many good posts lately, and i would love to dig in and respond. but i just don't have the energy or time these days. ugh.
wanted to chime in , however, in saying that the newly posted photos are wonderful!!!

Here is our

latest photo

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great pics everyone! The link in my siggy has been the same for a while--I like that pic so much. I did take a few new ones...

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Everyone's babies are soooo cute!!! It would be so cool to see them all together hamming it up IRL. I took my pics down as they were getting pretty old, and I'll have some new ones in about a month, so stay tuned. I'm going to post some "day before baby makes his exit" pics too. I'll be hugemongous.

Fern, do you have any pics of haeven with elwynn that you could post for me? I think you've taken some more recently, right?
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Thanks mamas Yep, everyone's babes are adorable, thanks for sharing.

So Brayg what did you decide to do? Did you figure something out that would allow both mama and babe to feel comfy? It turns out that my friend's birthday dinner is right here in town and starts earlier than I'd thought. Dh is all set to take ds for a couple of hours and STILL I'm hesitant and probably won't decide what to do till the last minute.

*Mamajaza* looking forward to 'hugemongous' belly pics

Eilonwy, still here?
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Originally Posted by *solsticemama*
So Brayg what did you decide to do? Did you figure something out that would allow both mama and babe to feel comfy?
I've decided to put my life on hold! :LOL That makes me feel better, to be honest with you. It's more stressful to me to worry about a babysitter and how Owen would react than to miss out on whatever. I haven't gotten word on a reunion, so who knows if one is even planned? As far as the Harry Potter movie--I told dh that he could take Jacob and then Jacob and I would go see it together. Jacob loves to see movies multiple times, so it'll be great.
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to brayg for choose to do what felt right. good move! isn't that what we are supposed tobe doing -- listening to our instincts?
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Rachel it sounds like you came up with a great decision! I got a special birthday present today. My friend's daughter was born at 2:51am this morning.
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Originally Posted by *solsticemama*

Eilonwy, still here?
Very much so. And tired! But pretty happy, i guess. yesterday, i found out that i'm gbs negative .

eli is very tired and refusing to sleep without nursies. nursies are *painful* for me right now; getting colostrum just seems to encourage him to suck harder these days.
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Brayg you'll only get support from this tribe I think However I have IRL friends who seem uncomfortable with my 24/7 mothering. I have been getting subtle and not so subtle hints to "take a break, go out for a meal, leave him with a babysitter" and so on and so forth. This has been going on since ds was quite small starting with 'he's still getting bm only?' to the usual 'is he sleeping in his own bed/thru the night yet' On their own the comments are innocuous tho irritating but over time they start to wear on a person YK. With certain friends I feel I am constantly fending off the unspoken advice so I've taken to calling them less. Gee, this seems to have turned into a little rant.

I also tend not to think of this as putting my life on hold. It IS my life right now and most days I am grateful and happy about it. Ok I'm getting bored with the sound of my own voice. mamas
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