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:LOL my dh asked me if i threw it out...
no way. keeping it.

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I'm off to attend my SIL's birthingway with ds today. We'll be giving her a sling. I'm also slated to attend the birth late next month. In the meantime departure day for Europe is on Tuesday so I'll be busier than usual tho the image of 5 boys under 3 is keeping things in perspective :LOL.

lilmiss's mama I'm thinking today is moving day for you. Blessings on a smooth transition.
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Good-bye for now!

Because it is hard to pack with 2 babes and we had to make the rounds to the relatives we are leaving Monday instead of Sunday.
I'm sure there will be pages and pages to read by the time I get back to our thread! I'm thinking probably this time next week we'll be checking in. Take Care everyone and safe travels to you as well *solsticemama*
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i'll be thinking about both of you as you travel. sending positive vibes.
much love,
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Well, we went to the wedding Friday night and DS was calm and good, and went to sleep for my brother and his wife without a hitch! The wedding was beautiful- out under the sky, in the sun, daisies everywhere. It was very nice to have some time alone with DH, sort of like a date paid for by the bride's parents LOL. But I could have kicked myself, there were kids all over the plave that DS could've played with. But again, I think I needed to leave him home so we could celebrate the wedding and enjoy ourselves to the fullest. A few of the bridesmaids and I took a glass of champagne and waded in the man-made beach they had at the country club. Sand feels funny through pantyhose :LOL

I'm feeling better about leaving DS with his "sitter" when we go to the Heart concert in August. We're taking him to The Dead on the 22nd- it's an outside concert and should be wonderful! Hot, but wonderful. Can't wait!

Julianna and Zachary get along for the most part when they're playing, but Julianna has started hitting A LOT, and now pulling hair and pushing. Those are things she must be dredging up from her instincts, because we certainly haven't "taught" her that behavior. I just tell her not to, that it's not nice, but I pretty much leave them alone. I'm sure if I get too involved, I'll go crazy constantly yelling at them, and they'll start to do it for attention. They don't hit other kids, just each other! Also, Zach has started climbing onto the coffee table everytime we turn around, and emptying the Legos to stand on top of the big box. What fun!!! He's trying to learn out/in, off/on, down/up, etc. He knows them when you say them to him (like, "it's under the table), but he has trouble when he's talking. He says out for down, on for in, etc. It's cool when he gets it right on his own though. They learn so much so quickly!!!
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Thanks mamas. We're mostly packed but still have the usual last minute details to take care of. Just wanted to wish everyone blessings over the next few weeks, particularly our pregnant mamas. I'll be thinking of you.

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HAve a wonderful trip mama!!!

and s
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I'll really miss talking to you, Solsticemama. Hope you and your family have a great time!
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Have fun Rose! We'll miss you!
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hello again!

Hi mamas! I've been away for so long, I've got a lot of catching up to do...I've been missing MDC, but the combination of extremely slow dial-up connection and very quick DD made it pretty much impossible to do anything internet related. DSL just came to our new neighborhood, so I'm hoping I'll be able to join in again. Off to catch up on what's been happening over the past 4 months...
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Welcome back rebx and Ava!!!
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lilyka- where are you these days?

lilmiss'mama- good luck on your move. i'll miss your posts here and other places.
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Welcome back Rebecca!! Since we got high speed internet, I'm much more able to get things done online than when we had dialup. It was soooo hard for frugal me to spend that much per month, but I justify it by the fact that it's faster to list things on ebay! :LOL
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Hi mama's! Can I join in? My DS was born on 12/02/02. I spend most of my computer time in the diapering forum, but I do venture out of there now and then.

I'm Amy, a SAHM to my ever energetic and independent almost 19 month old. Throw my 3 yr. old lab (who still thinks he's a pup) into the mix and it gets quite interesting around here, they're quit a pair.

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know all of you!
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Hi Amy! Welcome!

My info is in my siggy (I put a new pic in there too), so I won't retype all that.
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Hi Amy. My son Zachary was born a day after your son. I also have a 15 mo. old foster daughter named Julianna, and a 7 yr. old foster daughter named Crystal. We have 2 Schnauzers : , one of whom is pregant right now, so we're pretty busy here too! Glad you joined in...
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whew. it's been a busy week and I've been surfing MDC but for whatever reason haven't made it over here.

leah i was thinking about you this morning. I'm reading white oleander (you know the oprah book club book, sorry dunno author). Anyhow the story is from the point of view of a preteen who's got a single mom who is in jail. the kid gets bounced from bad situation to worse in foster homes. And each time they describe these foster homes I just want to curl p and cry. So at least one of the homes is in the dessert (the other link to you). I just spent a little bit of time thinking and celebrating that there were people like you and dh who open not only your homes, but your hearts to those kids. And I don't think we as a society say it often enough, Thank you!

gotta run more later.
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Thanks, Kristin. I like to hear that sometimes. Especially after the morning we've had today. Two headstrong toddlers throwing tantrums, and screaming, and fighting. Julianna looks right at me when I tell her "no" and does it anyway, like "HA HA! You're not the boss of me!". Fun times, man, let me tell you!
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what's tricky is knowing the balance of where my help is needed or not. if hter are too far gone they are not able to assimilate any information i give them to help them, and won't remember all the chaos anyway. and then i'm in the middle of the situation, where they are reacting to ME. so i'm learning to withdraw. yesterday i ended yelling after a series of crazy things. they had clogged the bathroom sink. the bathtub was full and clay was in it with the cleanest clothes i could find to get to a wake. they are of course shrieking loudly. my shoes were in there (why i have waterproof birkenstock flip flops only....) an entire cardboard box, you name it. about a gallon of water scattered around the house. these are things they are not really supposed to do but i can't live life getting mad about all the times. the blankets are off the bed and wet all over the house. they are running into ruby she is yelling. where was i? trying to find decent clothing for me and reed for the wake. well clay ran outside and saw a package on the ledge by the mail and brought it in. i found the wrapper torn and the contents in a pile. that's when i started yelling. it was an expensive electro stim machine we had been provided with that my husband was returning. the package that company sent would pay for postage when it arrived. of course it will be fine, i will just have to call the company and ask for another shipping package.......so i hope this helps you feel better, december sun. and yes, when i explained that ripping the package and not reporting it to me was inappropriate, they just had a gleam in their eyes. clay threatened to kill me and laughed. he's three. he doesn't even know what that means, though we were going to a wake.....
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casina, i love your posts. they keep me sane. i cant explain it exactly, it seems i have no talent for writing now that i have dd, but i wanted to thank you. your words (and those of other mamas here, it's just your post is the most recent example) have touched me more than i will ever be able to say. you mamas here are helping me to be a better mama every single day.

P.S. Casina, I hope your day got better.
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