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I'm still pregnant! Wanna see a picture or two?http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/...92&uid=2143685 We took them yesterday.

Thanks everyone for the understanding about my "glasses" situation. It's hard being poor (in the financial way, exclusively) and all the stresses that come with that.
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Originally Posted by punkprincessmama
XmasEve, I was wondering how the NAET is going with your dd. My sister has severe food allergies and I want to tell my mom more about it. She is 8. Could you tell me more or direct me to some good links? Feel free to PM me if you like. TIA.
I LOVE the NAET. Dd does too, she gets all excited to go see _____, the practitioner. (She's becoming a little DOM herself, always massaging my acupressure points!) I think it's done wonders. We still have a long way to go (dd is so allergic to everything that she even reacts to white rice, seriously, even WHITE RICE, oy!), but have come so far. I cringe to think what her life might have been like if I hadn't found this route. My friend has an 8-year-old dd who is severely allergic and every day it's like, "A, don't eat the cheese! I can see your little teeth marks in it, I don't care how good it tastes, it'll make you sick!"

What sold me on it was our doctor of Oriental Medicine. There are books (anything by Dr. Devi Nambudripad) and a website, NAET.com. But I would never have gone for it just reading or looking at those... I would suggest your mom read the book 'Say Goodbye to Illness' and try to find a practitioner in her area just to get your sister tested. And ask around, you'd be surprised how many people have benefitted from it.

The downside is how long it takes, but there is no overnight miracle in anything but conception, right? And cost. What drives me the extra mile toward crazy with dd is how we've spent literally hundreds of dollars so that she can eat whatever she wants, and all she wants is grapes and peas!

Mamajaza, cute pics. As I spend most of my day rough housing with dd, I have to wonder, how do you protect that belly from a toddler?
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How do I protect my belly from my toddler? Well, I don't get myself into situations where my belly could be hurt. And when she is in "that" mood, I don't let her hurt my belly. It's frustrating, because I feel so much motherly protection for this little unborn one, but he's not even "here" yet. Oh well, soon I'll have two babies to love, cuddle, and breastfeed. They will grow up so quickly....

Did anyone see the new pic I put up of haeven and her cousin? It's right below the belly pic. They are so darling!!!!(If I may say so myself) I can't get over how darn cute elwynn is!!! He's my one and only nephew, and I love him like my other child. They are just 3 weeks apart in age, haeven and elwynn!

I just went to the chiropractor. Every time I heard that CRACK sound, I said WOW!!! It feels so good. all aligned and stuff, ready for giving birth soon.
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I am still pregnant. I have about 10 weeks to go. Christopher loves to crawl all over my belly which isn't quite pleasant at times. I need to call my Chiropractor. I have a rib head out of place and it hurts when I breathe. Life around here has been busy but we are slowing down. Grant finished Christopher's swing set (he built it from scratch except for the swings, slide, steering wheel, and safety handles) and Christopher loves it! Poor little guy was heartbroken today because he couldn't go outside to play since it was raining buckets. He doesn't quite understand rain yet.
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mammas, thanks for the support. i'm starting to feel my energy picking back up slowly. and mona, yes i do have some ebaying to do. i have some sewing projects to begin and it's just finding the rhythm to doing it. or a rhythm to doing anything.....

this evening i went to see harry potter with a fellow mamma, just the two of us. it was like a huge vacation.

bellies are protective in themselves. second babies are big reasons to use slings round the clock, like being pregnant on the outside. mamajaza, i'm amazed at how little you appear in the photo. you look beautiful. and i love the picture of haeven and elwynn.

i have babyfever. dumb, i know, i'm intellectually putting it aside since i want to continue the nursing relationships i have now without change. and i would like a year with no one under two or pregnant to get some enterprises started so that there is less of a survival money problem. now is about the time that if i did not have the iud, i would get pregnant again. and i'm confounded by the idea that me and dh would have to 100 percent decide to conceive to get the contraption out. i can see now the beauty of not planning my 2nd and 3rd kids. i've always felt i'd have at least four children but dh is not as keen about the added responsibility. and i'm bizarrely relieved that my sil is no longer pg. we are usually pg at the same time.


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I'm just going to say it, because it echoes through my head everytime I hear one of you mommas with an IUD bring it up... Every woman that I have ever known irl w/an IUD has gotten pregnant with the damn thing. Just a thought.
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strangely, i find that funny.
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i have to second xmas eve- my best friend had an iud. that woman is as ferticle as can be tho.

not me. no protection for 4 years, doing it every which way, all the time. :LOL :
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Seeing the chiro was one of the best things I did for myself while pg. I didn't go when I was pg w/Jacob and I was so sore. I went to the chiro the same day as every prenatal appt. and it was awesome! I even went for 2 massages during that time. It was great!

Wow Jasanna--you are such a gorgeous preggo mama! I long for that perfect baby belly, but I'm overweight and will probably never have that. *sigh* Oh well...
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I am considering getting an IUD after this baby arrives. But I can't imagine how weird that would be getting pregnant with one in there. I guess I would either have to get the IUD removed, or have an abortion, something that I don't think I could do. I think I am very fertile, but I don't want 6 (or more) kids by the time I am 40.
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Christopher is going to give me gray hairs before he is 5 years old. I went to check on him since he was napping, to make sure he was asleep and I found him sleeping on top of his changing table. I am guessing the little monkey climbed up there but I don't know why. I took a picture and then put him back into bed.
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OMG Heather! Can you post the pic? Scary, but absolutely adorable! The other day I was talking w/a friend who came over to borrow something. Owen was being really quiet so I went to check on him. Sure enough, he was on the kitchen counter playing with my laptop. I didn't have the camera anywhere close, but I wish I did! It was so cute! And scary! :LOL
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It will be a while till I can post the picture since I took it with my Advantix camera. I couldn't find the digital camera. Once I get the film developed, I will scan it and post it. I almost had a heart attack when I found him up there. I wonder what's next.
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sorry, not funny like haha about getting pg with the iud. i just assumed that body would expel it first. i'm already allergic to metal usually, like i have a weeding band and a necklace that my body have grown used to. it's probably nickel i'm allergic to. but i guess i didn't expect my body to keep this foreign thing. i almost backed out of getting it on the day but decided i would go ahead. it's basically the only way i won't get pg though no matter what our sex life is. even abstinence did not work with clay. my cycle adapted to get ruby and i was nursing clay all day all night, the only thing i could have made it more frequent was to have no shirt on. we decided to have reed and got it on the first try. it was after abstaining for fear of getting pg since i had refused to take the pill most of the year. we were abstaining for clay and must have had sex without knowing it when our ac broke and we were crammed in a different room with the window unit. we have an extremely vague memory of it ever happenning. ruby was on the first attempt at sex too, right after i had my first period. apparently me and dh are meant to breed. i was really flabbergasted with getting pg with ruby since i was nursing so much and cycle was obvious. good nutrition and my body have confounded me.
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I feel duped by my body too. I thought I had my cycle pretty "down", but I guess my body wanted me to get pregnant. I didn't conceive either of these babies "by choice". But I'm glad that the universe has brought them to me. I wonder though, if I'd be the kind of person who would get pregnant with an IUD, because I seem to really "hold on" to the embryos, and went overdue with my DD. I think if I got an IUD, I would get a plastic one. I still have to research this though.
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wow. i've never found erin on the dresser, but fully expect to any day. scary but funny too.
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Well, casina, I can relate to the anger you felt the other day at Wal-Mart. I just feel like screaming sometimes. Well, actually, I DO scream sometimes! : Like when one kid is crying loudly, and one kid has just gotten in trouble for hitting the one who's crying, and one kid is digging in a houseplant, and eating the dirt... I have to take multiple deep breaths to calm myself. It gets trying at times, to say the least, but I do love having all these kids around here, LOL. And I've been having baby fever lately too. I have no idea why, because we have a pretty full plate right now with the babies we have, but... I just get all gooey thinking about what the next one will look like, and imagining holding him/her for that magical first time...

We went to The Dead concert last night and it was AWESOME. The weather was perfect (unusually cool for a June night in Phoenix), and the music was beautiful. Greg Allman stood in for Jerry Garcia. Zachary made everyone laugh, walking around clapping and dancing, and giving people "five". He refers to all music as "gee-taw" (guitar). Everyone thinks he's a girl for some reason, though. DH just downloaded some pics so I'll get them up for you to see.

I've been thinking about elionwy, too... Wonderin' how she and EliBean (and NewBean) are doing...

Hope solsticemama is having fun in Europe!
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I was wondering how the Dead show was December Sun. Do different people stand in for Jerry during the tour? I am glad you guys had fun.
When we were in Silver City we saw a Flamenco dancer and Revina started clapping and stomping her feet right along.
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Christopher loves to dance too. I just wish he had better taste in music. His favorite thing to dance to is William Hung singing "She bang"
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That so funny, Heather... That guy is crazy!

Yeah, the concert was great. I'm so sad it's over! :LOL

Oh, and I wanted to add that I knew some hippie-folk in Silver City. They now live in Flagstaff. It's my brother's friend Tavis Schmidt and his g-friend (can't remember her name). Anyway, the town is so small from what I hear, it's a coincidence that you lived there.
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