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mamajaza, your pics are beautiful... just wanted tosay hi and send love to our preggo mamas, we are leaving in a minute to pick up mil so i wont be online as much for a few weeks.

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December Sun-- I think my xdp knows Tavis. It is a small world! If you talk to Tavis mention Christian and Higher Grounds; he might know who you are talking about!

I am trying to think of something new going on with Scarlett, but there isn't much. She is saying some 3 word sentences now and is starting to talk about colors. Most everything is green. Revina did that too for awhile, but she would call things blue. I wonder if they just have a certain color they can remember and use it to initiate conversation about color. YK maybe she doesn't really think everything is green, but wants to know the color of something, so she says green and in return I tell her what the correct color is?.
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I know what you mean, Anna. Zach always says everything is red. "Wed bah!" (Red ball) :LOL

Zachary saw a duck on TV in the water, and he shouted out "Mimming!" (swimming). He is talking soooooo much, about everything now. Sometimes he just makes sounds to initiate conversations about stuff, or to show off his knowledge, like making the sound of a motor when he sees a car, or saying "mmm" when he sees someone eating, or yipping like a dog when he sees any kind of animal (he was chasing the birds at the lake, going "doggy! doggy!" ) He also tries to say new words if I am naming something or explaining something. And the cutest thing is when he nods his head yes and says "Mmm Hmm!" in his high-pitched little matter-of-fact way. It is SO adorable! And when he's nursing and I look down and tell him "I love you", he'll do the same thing- nod and hum "Mmm Hmm!"
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Christopher is starting talk up a storm. His latest words are go, chicken, and bug. He has really gotten into Blue's Clues lately. I let him watch and episode while showering. Now everytime he comes across a pawprint in a book or on a stuffed animal he says, "Clue Clue!"
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DD is showing lots of empathy lately. It blows me away. Last week I was terribly sick. She and I were teh only ones home. I was too weak and too sick to attend to her at all for several hours. She stayed by my side, patting my back, wiping my face with a cool washcloth... it was amazing. The concern she showed towards me.... She pats dh and I when we are coughing, kisses our boo-boos, it's really cool

She seems on the verge of something... the constant nursing and night waking and clinginess are my clues.

I am about worn out from her needs, dh working 16 hour shifts and mil being here...
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heather- that's so cute that your DS like Blue's Clues... Unfortunatley, Zachary has fallen in LOVE with Barney. He still watches the Wiggles a little bit, and the Teletubbies, but mostly he wants "Marmey". They watch a video in the morning when I'm on MDC :, and they might watch a show in the evening while DH and I are cooking dinner or watching the News. I can't understand why DS picked Barney to be his favorite, but I guess it's fairly benign and he seems to like singing and dancing along- or trying to anyway! :LOL

s to you punkprincessmama... Hope things settle down for you soon. I can relate to the marathon nursing- Zachary has been obsessed with the "bobby" for the last few weeks. I do not see a weaning process anywhere in the near future for this kid!!!
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Leah we think the word Barney is evil in this house. I am doing my best to have son avoid Barney because I can't stand that purple dinosaur. I used to work in KayBee Toys and we would play the Barney Christmas video 24/7. No more Barney please!
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I've been checking on Rynna on the june due date club, and she has had her baby!! If you want to know more, go to the june due date club... I'll let you all find out the details yourselves
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due date club?
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Due Date Club is where mommas that have due dates in the same month convene. I am part of the September 2004 Due date club.
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
I've been checking on Rynna on the june due date club, and she has had her baby!! If you want to know more, go to the june due date club... I'll let you all find out the details yourselves
Thanks for letting us know MamaJaza

Rynaa -
She is beautiful
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Hello! S. Rivkah was born by emergency c-section last Thursday. To make a long story short, once again I had a suspicion my water had broken, but no actual evidence. All of the tests came back negative until the ultrasound Thursday afternoon, done in anticipation of a possible version (she turned herself around on Teusday). There was no fluid left, she was in a double footling breech position with cord evident between her legs as well as around her neck and over her head. Thankfully, I wasn't having real contractions as even the BH were enough to make her have decelerations. If she had engaged, the cord would either have prolapsed or been sat on; either way she had to come out the hard way. I'm recovering well, and having a hard time dealing with the fact that I just had major surgery and need to relax to recover.. that's so not me! It's also a real bummer that I can't lift Eli right now. On the other hand, I have a lovely little daughter. She's a sweetie pie, and she nurses like a champ!

We're hoping to have our computer back tomorrow, Saturday at the latest! I can't wait to upload all the pictures we have! I've got some great ones of Eli and Rivkah tandem nursing. He's such a sweet big brother! He's a little bit jealous, but for the most part he's doing really well with everything. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that Mike is home with us/him, helping him adjust. I'm trying to relax, but it's really beyond me at the moment... I'm so wound up and then I'm asleep. :LOL At any rate, I'm really impressed with how Eli is handling big-brotherhood. Thus far, all is well!
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yipeeeee and congrats!!!!!

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Rynna she is gorgeous! I have 9 weeks left till my due date. I am curious to find out if this one will be early or late.
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Congratulations Rynna! With Jacob, I had an emergency c-section because of cord prolapse. It's funny how they tell you to rest and to not lift anything over 5 lbs. Yeah right! Take care of yourself when you can though!
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Owen still loves The Wiggles. And he likes Sesame Street now ('specially "melmo").

I scored tickets to see the Wiggles in concert in August. I'm so excited! And I also got tickets to Sesame Street Live for the next weekend! :LOL
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she is just so pretty. yay! take care of yourself mama!
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yay! congratulations rynna.

you probably wouldn't be able to lift eli after any kind of birth.......i'm glad that the nursing is going well!

punkprincess, sounds like you are worn out from not having any alone time. i'm still feeling weird from my dh working much more and dealing with him feeling grouchy about it. i'm just not as flexible as i would like.

i remembered that i've been to a dead concert, for in the dark their last intact lineup. showing my age here. i remember that i was completely sober, though it was trippy even then since everyone else was not.

i'm getting out of my depression. i think i'm at a point where i know it ends eventually, so i don't get too crazy. i'm sick of the summer heat and mosquitoes. it has an adverse effect on my kids behaviour with them climbing the walls.
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Rynna, your family is SO BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations to all of you.

Heather, I know what you mean about Barney being annoying. The old episodes are ~HORRIBLE~. The new ones aren't that bad, but it's not like I'm actually WATCHING the show... I totally said I would never let my kid watch Barney, but he just fell in love with it so I can't help it. Zachary has done a lot of things that I said my kids would never do... I have learned that I can not control a separate person, even one as little as my baby. He just is who he is!

Rachel- SCORE on the Wiggles and Sesame tickets! That will be a lot of fun. Make a sign on poster board and hold it up at the Wiggles, and they'll shine a spotlight on you and read it for everyone! Jeff and Murray even walk around to read some, so maybe the kids can shake their hands! Julianna and DH got to meet Jeff, and my mom got to meet Murray, so of course they're SO cool, LOL. Have fun!
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