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thanks on the tip about the sign! I'll definitely make one! (I thought about even sewing Owen a fun costume for it as well--maybe I will...maybe I won't.:LOL)
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Congratulations Rynna!
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Congrats again, Rynna!! I want to ask ya some things, hope you don't mind...
How is BF two going?
What was eli's reaction when he first saw his sister? Did he realize that that was the baby that was in your belly before?

Any advice you could give me? I ask cause our babies are the same age, and you don't have to answer if you don't feel like it.
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Whew! What a day. Christopher had his first trip to the ER today. He stood up on our couch and tried to grab onto me and missed and ended up falling and spliting his chin on our coffee table. Five stitches later, he is ok but in some pain. What a way to celebrate my husband's birthday.
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Oh no! Poor Mama!

We are moving our coffee table into the dining area ASAP, because the kids basically just use it as a huge snack tray and it's dangerous... Zachary loves climbing on it when we're not looking, and he's hit his forehead and his cheek on it just from falling. We're going to convert ours into a litte table for the kids- they can eat at it, do art stuff, or whatever... Ah, the joys of kids!

s, Heather!
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wow! these are the kind of incidents that make us grow us as mammas. take it easy on yourself and your christopher. so sorry for the ouch and scary!

mamajaza, my kids could not really understand the connection. we can intellectuallize about it. but then, i still find it amazing and weird. maybe if i had see myself giving birth, probably my husband understands it the best. the good news is at this spacing the kids have less of a concept that they have singular noble worth, in theory. the hard part for me was dealing with the interrelation and dynamic since the older one does not have impulse control. the sling i found so beneficial all around when i had more than one, once i could move around. like being pg on the outside. also, i tandem by eventually nursing each kid on their own designated breast. i'm lopsided all the time but i find it simpler, especially since i will wear a sling only on one shoulder. when i had clay i eventually nursed him only on one side. he started out a ten pounder so i never foresee a supply problem.
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to Chris and Heather! We haven't had a coffee table in almost a year... I miss it. The couch has caused several abuse-looking owies, but I draw the line somewhere. I'm friends with a lady that says she actually did remove all furniture from her living room when her dc was that age. I can't imagine doing that. It would be like if they had magically removed all the other cars from the road when I was learning to drive. Sure, I wouldn't have had three accidents that first year, but would I have learned anything?
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The pediatrician told me that his chin should heal up fine but he will have a scar. He did suggest using Mederma though. I am not worried about the scar. He is a little boy. However I did go to Babies R Us and I purchased a rubber guard for our coffee table. I should of bought it a long time ago!
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The other day I called my oldest by her first and middle name; now Scarlett calls her "Reenee Bon" (Revina Yvonne), lol!
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i'm learning about the loveliness of daughters. or maybe it's just my daughter. earlier i told her she needed to get dressed while i was on the computer and she retrieved a diaper, some shorts and a shirt and climbed up so i could put all the things on and patiently allowed it, and properly putting weight on the chair to put each leg in the holes. my boys are still sort of iffy on that happenning. they have already clued in that she is useful and slave her around, telling her to go get them food and water and shoes and toys and such. it freaks me out.
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Rivkah's birth story.

Eliyahu is adjusting beautifully to life as a big brother. He made the connection right away between Rivkah in person and the baby who was in my belly, pointing her out and saying "SisterBaby!" in an awe-struck voice. I guess he was more prepared than I expected, because he was thrilled when we finally took her home.

At first he seemed to be a little upset with me, but I think that was because Mike and I were not with him (he spent the weekend with Grandma). When I asked him if he wanted to nurse, he looked at me, and then reached down his grandmother's shirt as if to say "Yes, but not with you, I'm mad at you right now." I asked again and he said "I want Grandma!" and gave me a scathing look. The next day, though, I was able to walk around a little bit and to sit up like a person, so he gave me some hugs and kisses. He even nursed with his sister before we left the hospital.

I guess he needed a bit of decompression time (don't we all?!) after Rivkah was born. Once the four of us got home, we took a day off and just sat around together, and Eli has been fine ever since. He's a little disappointed that I can't carry him like I did before, but that will change soon enough.

The nursing is going extremely well, I couldn't ask for better. Rivkah developed a horrible case of thrush, but thanks to gentian violet it's all gone now. Eli loves to nurse with his sister, and he really helped out when my milk came in. For now, things are pretty good as far as family dynamics. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for signs of jealousy, but I haven't seen any at all. Eli loves to give his sister kisses and is sometimes a bit over-enthusiastic, but it's all good. For the most part, he is very gentle and loving with her.
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I am glad things are going so well for you Rynna!

A note on the jealousy Mamajaza... my oldest dd was 16 months when Scarlett was born and I didn't notice any jealousy either. I wasn't able to pick her up for a few days which was hard, but she was never agressive to S. She saw S. being born and she said right away "baby". Revina also spent a lot of time with grandma and daddy in the first few days. I bet Haeven will do great!
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Thanks for replying to my question, rynna, casina, and lilmissmama. I really think Haeven will L-O-V-E her new sibling, because as I speak, she is wheeling her "baby" around in the stroller. It will be sooo interesting to see what her reaction will be. She will probably be saying BABY! for days after he is born. She's really learning to talk now.

One another subject... haeven is learning sign language, without literally NO prompting by me. My mom showed her the sign for eating, and then she did it to me later on in the day when she was hungrey. It is amazing how quickly she picks it up! And also, yesterday, she did the sign for "more" and "food".... WOW... I was impressed, as I have never shown her any signs. I wish I had started that sooner, but will definately teach the new babe many signs.
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Congratulations again, Rynna. I'm very glad there was a good outcome with the birth, and that you're healing so quickly. I bet you all are enjoying the new little bean!!!

We're in Washington State now. Enjoying the ~cooler~ weather. The kids are adjusting to being in a new place well. The last couple of days we've just been hanging out at the house, unpacking and getting into the groove, and CLEANING. My younger brother is a bachelor, and works full time in construction, so you can imagine what the house looks like...

Hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day!
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Hey, I had a wonderful day yesterday, but didn't know it was independance day. :LOL I went to see Farenheit 9/11 the night before. It's quite intense, and I reccomend that all you americans go see it. Micheal Moore needs all the support he can get. What an awesome man! I feel like he is a big fat cherub, here to change things.:LOL
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Mamajaza signing is a wonderful thing. We started signing with Christopher when he was 6 months old thinking we wouldn't see a sign from him until he was 9 months old. He surprised us by doing the sign for "milk" at 7 months. We taught him "more", "milk", "eat", and "cookie". We got to the point to where he was signing when he wanted something. In the last two months, he has started saying the word while signing at the same time. It is amazing just watching him put two and two together. I am looking forward as to what he is going to learn next since I found an AP Momma that is doing a mom's morning out/preschool program in her house for him to attend two days a week. She said one of the things she is going to teach the kids is sign language.
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wow Rynna! I love reading birth stories. I'm glad everything went well, despite the rocky start. She's beautiful!
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Originally Posted by *Mamajaza*
I went to see Farenheit 9/11 the night before. It's quite intense, and I reccomend that all you americans go see it. Micheal Moore needs all the support he can get. What an awesome man! I feel like he is a big fat cherub, here to change things.:LOL

I Michael Moore as well, and can't wait to see the new movie. I have yet to "go" to see a movie since dd's birth, and am hoping to do so while MIL is here. So far though, dd hasn't taken to her very well for a variety of reasons....

Casina, you are right, I have no time for me. This is always my prob. even under the best of circumstances (because my dh works full time and attends school full time) but with MIL here it is much worse. We live in her home (we rent from her for a very reasonable price) and so I really feel the need to ensure her comfort while she is here. I thought I was doing well until a few days ago when she told me how disgusting my house is (this is mostly because I do not like to use harsh chemicals in my cleaning, I am very sensitive to the fumes and assume dd is too. She thinks if I don't use Pine Sol and Bleach then it's not clean, kwim?) Now I will admit I am not the best house keeper, I could sweep a bit more and have a hard time keeping up with the laundry, but I would NOT say that my house is disgusting..... I just figure that we are only walking on the floor, not eating from it, so it is on the bottom of my list, kwim? (I do spot clean daily) *SIGH* So anyhow, I have way more on my to do list now.... Only three more weeks only three more weeks

Thanks for letting me vent........

MamaJaza I am thinking of you daily, and sending to you for the magical birth your heart desires...
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Aww, thanks!
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punkprincessmama- sorry you have to put up w/ the in laws. yuch.
only three more weeks!!!
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