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The busy season is pretty much over. Yay! Thanks for asking. Although the money was really nice, I like to see my dh every day.
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solsticemama, it will be fine as long as you take care of yourself. though there were some things that were hard for me (mostly my mom) when i traveled in january, the mothering aspect was the easiest. i just did what felt necessary and instinctual. for me the hardest in travel and general life is expectation and flexibility and control. so i have to let go of it.

thanks for the hug, punk. i've been holding onto feeling mad about everything, and it's just about over. i'll forgive everyone and decided being happy is better than being aggravated.

what does ddddc mean or pita?
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DDDDC=Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap It's a fundraising thing for MDC. You pay $2.50 and can give someone a name.

PITA==Pain In The Ass
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Solsticemama, I don't think you will miss my labor. I am not due until 9/3. I am ready to have this baby now though.

I am finally back after a long weekend. I spent 3 hours in the ER on Saturday due to a UTI. Yesterday we went back to the hospital because my husband had outpatient surgery. I am tired of the hospital now. I also think hospitals suck! DH's doctor's office sent us a booklet about surgery at the hospital. In the booklet it said that I would be able to accompany my DH during his pre-op. Anyways yesterday, they called his name to go on back and I got up with him. The nurse tells me, "Oh sweety, I am going to take him back to get prepped and then I will come out to get you." WTF?!?!?! It took 40 minutes to do his vitals, get him in a gown, and get his IV in. Anyways I am even more pissed because the Anesthesiologist came and talked to my husband while I was waiting during that 40 minutes to come back. I had some questions. I told DH I was pissed because he hadn't told the Anesthesiologist to wait for me. I get back there and just sit with him for another 40 minutes. Every time someone would come into the room they would totally ignore me and just address DH. Hello! I am his wife. I would like to know what is going on. Then they told me it was time for him to go. Can you believe they tried to roll him out before I could kiss him goodbye. The one gal was like "Oh, guess we have to stop for a second." I asked them when I would get an update and they told me the surgeon would come and find me in the waiting room once the surgery was done. Also I asked when I would see my husband after surgery and they told me I would have to wait an hour after his surgery before I could see him. The surgeon never came out. The surgeon called me on the freaking phone in the waiting room. I was thankful that my neighbor was watching Christopher during this ordeal but I had to leave right after DH's surgery was done so I could pick him up since my neighbor's daughter was sick. I got back to the hospital and I could finally go back to see him. They also let me bring Christopher back there as well. The nurses were much nicer to me in the PACU (post anesthesia care unit). They brought water for me and apple juice and graham crackers for Chris. Why couldn't everyone else at the hospital be nice and show some compassion to the family members? I was so glad to leave the hospital.
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I've spent some time in hospitals, yuck. I know how it is. It's even worse here in canada right now because the hospital workers are constantly striking because they're not being paid well enough, and they're understaffed. It's like you are part of an assembly line, on a conveyor belt, going through the hospital's system. Not much person-to-person care.
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Heather, I'm so sorry you had to go through that! Sounds like a super-crappy hospital. When my mother went in for her quadruple bypass, I got to see her before she left for surgery (she'd been admitted the day before; they did the surgery in a hurry), two nurses came out to talk to me, and then the surgeon when it was all over. I also spoke with the Chaplain (I was very concerned about my niece who was four years old, very bright, and terrified of hospitals because my grandmother had gone in and never come home) while I was waiting. He was very nice, and very helpful and told me that if it looked like mom was taking a turn for the worse that he'd see to it that the ICU visiting restrictions were lifted so that my niece could see my mother in case, G-d forbid, she should die.

After she went to recover in the ICU, the waiting room volunteer took me back, asked me if I knew what to expect and such... everyone was very polite and helpful. It's just a totally different feeling from what you're describing; while I was very creeped out when I saw my mother, there were lots of kind, helpful people around.
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Brayg - yeah for you! I'm sure that will make ttc easier :LOL

Casina, I'm glad you are feeling better.

Heather, I'm so sorry for your sucky hospital experience. I would have been really too.

Well after all of my "dd isn't ready for potty learning" talk earlier, she actually peed in the potty today. We bought her one, so she could play with it and be familiar and all that, and she immediately knew what to do. Ever since then she has been periodically refusing diapers. I love seeing her little naked booty running around the house I'll bring her a diaper and she says "No!", pushes it away and then runs to sit on her potty :LOL

It's cute and all but I really don't know that I am ready for this.
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Heather- I'm glad you're all feeling better now. Sometimes hospitals can be horrible places, and other times they can be great places of health and healing. Everyone has a different experience, it seems. Glad you're all home now, though.
The thing that gets me is when I hear of moms getting flack from doctors and nurses about weaning their toddlers when they're sick (either mom or baby). One story I read here on another board told about a mama in such pain from a burning case of swimmer's ear, that she actually broke down crying in her doctor's office and said she'd promise to wean if he would just give her some pain meds! He had refused to prescribe her something as long as she was breastfeeding her 19 mo. old, and he was actually nice to her after she broke down. : Of course, she went home, took the meds and promptly nursed her toddler anyway (on the advice of her midwife), but it just goes to show how *dumb* and insensitive mainstream docs can be sometimes
When Zachary was in the hosp. for RSV, he basically nursed constantly, much to the surprise of the nurses and docs. It was the only reason he stayed hydrated enough to skip getting an IV. Everyone was VERY nice to us, though. Everyone's experiences are different, like I said. It just sucks when the people who are supposed to me the most compassionate and caring- our healthcare providers- can be the rudest, most inconsiderate people!

(As I was a nursing student before Zachary came along, I am sensitive to this subject, as you can tell!)
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wow! think this is the longest time anyone has gone without saying anything on this thread in years! This thread has been going for years and suddenly everyone decided to stop talking.

so I thought I would chime in. So ever since Avas speech evaluation we have been really listen and trying to deciper. Holy cow. I must have been living on another planet. she talks in complete sentences. but only in snetences "Yea! I did it" "Hi sisters" (they are like a singel being, the sisters that is :LOL "where is my daddy?" she still doesn't lable stiuff but whatever. She finally started making the B sound which is one of the things that concered them. she still isn't saying mama. what is up with that. but she started singing the "B-I-B-L-E" sone which is funny becdause she learned it from Lily and it comes out "B-I-E-I-O" : thank about it.

anywho, that is all that is up with us. I should go though. i have an extra ababy to get to sleep and a garage sale that is apparently tomarrow. getting rid of the rest of my baby stuff . so hard.
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Just wanted to say Hi Lilyka. i was just thinking this morning that it had been awhile since we heard from you. Also wondering about Xmas Eve and Veganmama.....

That is really cool about Ava talking in senteces!
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Lilyka if it is any consolation, Christopher hardly says Mama either. It is always Dada.
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I got a letter from my friend once. she had a terrible delivery. her midwife did her best but the baby was in a akward position and she had to have 47 stitches in the end. apparenly nursing was less than smooth and she was juggling a less than secure relationship and pregnancyu and she lets loose with "At least she could say MAMA first!!!!! but noooooooooo" /:LOL
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Lilyka-- according to the speech evaluation what counts as a word? If I am the only one who understands it does it count? Do they have to pronouce all the letters? ie. Scarlett says dink for drink would that count? Just curious!

Well Scarlett must have had a little virus. She had a 101.6 fever two days ago, but she seems better now.
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Originally Posted by punkprincessmama
Brayg - yeah for you! I'm sure that will make ttc easier :LOL
: You're right!
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It was my understanding that it had to be pretty lear but not perfect. we count daddoodoo (thank you) and eeeaaahhh (her kicking karate sound:LOL) and nothing is understandable without her hand gestures and close attention. I think it just has to be in the right direction. My first would say the same sounds for specific words but they weren't even close. SHe had issues though. I would think if someone could understand it it counts. They should be calling me back soon. I will double check then.
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i have to believe lilyka, that if you are now getting more of what she's saying and repeating it in the correct form that she'll begin to correct herself and become clearer.

erin's been saying "bbboooob" for a long time. I thought she meant boob. Well two days ago I was wearing a t shirt that had a little picture of a boat on it and she pointed to the boat and said "bbbooob" and I said "boat" and she got closer and closer all day. Kind of embarassing to go out in public with your kiddo pointing to your boob and saying soemthing that sounds like boob. Anyhow, dh was out of town for all this and came back and she can now say boat regularly.

we've also been looking at books with lots of id pictures and asking her "what's this" and can you point to the "apple" or whatever it is. She has an IMMENSE vocabulary. I never knew. She is just beginning to learn to say all the words she actually knows. Anyhow. Sitting and practicing words has really helped both of us. Because she will now point ot a picture and say the word and I get what it sounds like from her. As in ele for elephant. If your kid just came up to you and said ele you'd be like what the heck did you just say? But since she showed me the picture I'm like oh, you want your elephant, well let's go find it.

blah blah blah. no wonder the champ has such a large vocabulary huh? mom and dad are always talking and putting words to everything going on.

I just got the spirited child workbook and am loving it. I don't like cheeseball examples, and the book is kind of full of them but I think they are demonstrative. And my spirited child has two spirited parents...the book is helping my sanity KWIM?
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Eli had his 18 month WCC yesterday, and he's back on the charts for weight! 32", 22 pounds 7 oz. Yay BeanBean! He's a growing man. I'm totally relieved, I was really starting to worry after I saw him on camera last week. He's definately growing, he's just mini! It's all good.

The doctor we saw was a moron. She tried to tell me that measles and roseola were the same thing (um, nope! wrong answer!) and when she went to count his teeth she said "I see seven teeth." I said, he's got 12 and she said "Where are the rest?" Did you try in his mouth?! Then she tried to make goggly noises at him to get him to open his mouth, and Eli had no idea what she was doing. He was just staring at her with a quizical look on his face, waiting for her to say something in English. I said "Eli, where is your tounge?" and he grinned, stuck out his tounge and put his finger on it so she could see the four molars.

She kept making giberish noises at Eli, and he had no idea what she was doing or why, he just looked at her like "are you nuts or something?!" I was really offended, and Eli was too. It was irritating.
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Too tired to say much more than hi, mamas.
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Originally Posted by *solsticemama*
Too tired to say much more than hi, mamas.

that would be me too....

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I am done with work tomorrow!! Temporarily anyway. I will now have a few weeks to spend with the girls, get us packed and moved to Tucson. I'll have to look for work when we get there, but I am thankful for the next few weeks! Scarlett said "grandma" today, so my mom was happy she got to hear it before we leave.
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