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Homebirth Mama's Thread....May 18th

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Hey mama's...No-one has posted in awhile, so I thought that I would start another new thread. I also haven't posted in awhile. Just really hunkering down getting ready for this baby. I could "go" in about three weeks (not possible) to about 8 weeks (more likely)! I had my blessingway, it was amazing. I got over four hunder dollars to buy a deep freezer with. Yes, that is what I asked for. With a famliy of five, it will be needed. We bought half of an organic pig from a local farm, and some organic cow to put in it. I can't wait to pick it up next week. Lots o meat! My baby was transverse breach for a long time, and I finally decided to turn her myself, so I went into my chiropractor and had them do the Webster technique, which turned her head down in 23 hours. She went up once more about 2 weeks ago, and I went in again, she turned head down on the car-ride home. She is hanging out in LOA (left occiput anterior) which is the best position and sometimes flips to ROA (right occiput anterior) which is ok too, as I have had a baby that way before and it works well for me. As long as she stays anterior, I am fine. I pushed out an OP baby last time, and that was enough!! She is only measuring at about 4 1/2 pounds, so she is small. Which sucks, I wanted a big baby like my first, but it isn't going to happen. Oh-well. I ordered all of my birth supply stuff on-line yesterday and I should get it soon. It is cool to be able to do that. I had to find everything last time. I ordered it from www.inhishands.com , and got almost everything that I need. I am also getting a new changing table with dresser drawers. I don't have anywhere to put her stuff! I went camping a couple of days ago, I don't recommend it late in pregnancy! Other then that, I can't wait to meet my babe.
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i was wondering where everyone went! thanks for getting a new thread started...

sounds like you're ready... i've still got about ten weeks to go and i'm not feeling at ALL ready. i did order my fishy pool this weekend, which will be fun to clean and play with (my 10 y.o. ds can't wait!).

my midwife from CA who i love dearly has hinted that she might be able to come out and visit for a week around the baby's due date... i guess she would act more as a doula than a midwife, because i've already hired (and paid) a local midwife... but i know they'd get along famously, they are cut from the same cloth. the idea of having the same person at all four of my labors is so amazing to me... i hope i hope i hope it works out!

take care, all...

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I'm 38.5 weeks and no sign of a baby yet...no contractions, no mucus, head not engaged...nothing! Oh well. #1 was born at 38 weeks; maybe I'll actually make it to 40 weeks this time.
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I'm almost 38 wks now and had a bout of contractions over the weekend, but still no show and everything has stopped now. I've got everything ready now, blankets sterilized, pads soaked and in the freezer, all my supplies waiting. Now I'm just waiting... and waiting... and waiting Have our home visit on Thursday and I'll let them check me to see if this weekend's activity moved anything along. I'm a little anxious about that, don't want to get my hopes up or have them dashed

We got our pool a couple of weeks ago and it's all set up on the patio and DS has had a ball playing in it. It's getting pretty mucky, though, we really need to get a filter pump and a good cover, and figure out how to get it warm in the least amount of time. Though now that it's cooling down again (had a horrid heat wave earlier in the month) it's not seeming quite so appetizing. We shall see, I did mostly get it for recreation, and only partly for labor, so I won't be too upset if I end up not using it for labor. With the contrax this weekend I was liking just lying in bed in the dark so that might be how it goes when it's really time.

So who else is on the verge of delivering??
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I'm still here, too!

I'm 38 weeks now, so baby could feasibly be born anytime from now until the summer solstice, although my sister has requested baby remain inside me until at least next Wednesday when she flies in to stay for three weeks. At this point, I haven't had any early early signs of impending laboring other than the loose stool I've had for over a month now, so I'm thinking baby likes to listen to its fellow Gemini auntie

Baby definitely moved lower in the past week, though. I have to pick up my belly with my hands when I try to stand up from the couch or the bed. Most other chairs are fine though. Lying down has been strangely more comfortable in the past couple of weeks, and I have been sleeping really well, albeit for shorter periods of time.

I had my mother blessing on the Saturday of Mothers' Day weekend, and it was truly one of the best days of my life. I won't rehash it here, but I did post it in the May mamas thread if you are curious and/or wasting bandwidth time...

We have all our supplies ready here, too, and the big ol' rubbermaid "birth tub" is on our back patio waiting to be outfitted for the birth. I keep saying we should do that tonight, and then we get distracted by something else.

Question for any of you mamas who already have one or more: my partner's mom wants to buy us a rocking chair or glider chair. She said Bill and both her girls used to love being rocked and she spent lots of time in hers. I am torn about what I want and need. I like the idea of a rocking chair made of wood since my dad is a woodworker. I would like a chair that rocks that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, but I'm such a cheapskate I really can't justify in my mind spending a ton of money on the fancy glider chairs they sell, even if we're not the ones paying for it! Not to mention, all the gliders have a long ordering time (8 weeks!) unless you buy them in the most popular and neutral color fabrics. Any thoughts on rockers/gliders? Do you have one? Did you use it when your child was a newborn and an infant? Do you still use it now that they are older? What things did you like about yours? What drove you nuts about it?

sending you all peaceful birthing vibes...

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I'm still here, though not on the verge, ......yet! I have 8.5 weeks left till my date. My first two were born right on and a few days before, though this time I feel like it may a bit earlier. Who knows! I have most everything on hand, though not washed and ready. I would like to get some arnica and am still debating getting a fishy pool. I could borrow one from my midwife (we are having an unassisted) but am feeling like I won't be laboring in it, just hopping in to deliver so think I may just squat in the bathtub. Our hotwater heater is only 30 gallons, so I would hate to set up the pool and not have enough hot water to keep it warm enough for when I need it (my two previous labors were fast). I am getting very excited, so are my girls, and of course dh! We are all so curious who this little being is going to be.
Gentle and joyful birthing vibes to all of you getting close!
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Claudia- You just said it yourself!! You aren't the one paying for it!! Get it. It is so worth it. I have one from my MIL (it is from two babies ago) and it is torn up somewhat from two toddlers, but it's in our living room, and I love it. It is ugly, yes!! but so comfortable. I also have a wooden one from my mother that is in the nursery (that my 2 year old is now in) and we hardly ever use it. It is worth the money. Believe me! Except the generous gift, you won't regret it!

We just bought a new changing table/dresser drawer set from Burlington Coat Factory. I had a nice changing table that I hardly ever used, and my sister is pregnant and due in August with her first, so I am giving it to her. I needed something that we can change and put diapers and clothing in. Here is a picture of it.


What do you think? We are putting it downstairs in our foyer/kids play area. It is right next to the living room. We will have the babe in our bed with a co-sleeper attached to our bed (a diaper holder and clothing holder). My girls have their own rooms, one with a crib and dresser and kitchen stuff and the other with twin bed and matching bookshelf and dresser drawer. We didn't have anywhere to put Mallaighs stuff!! What is your set up? Where are you planning on giving birth? We are going to do it on our three season porch, I think!
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We have a rocker that my mother bought us w/my first. I it. Both my boys have loved being comforted in it (breast, birthball and rocker---my three soothers). Our rocker is like a work of art that we can pass down. Personally, I think gliders are comfy, but completely not my style. None of my friends even use their gliders now that I think of it! I always err on the side of beauty b/c one of our house mottos is "If not useful or beautiful, it's not coming into the house."

Uh oh, mama is needed!
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Hi mamas! I'm still reading -- so many of you are so close!

I can't believe Karis is 2 months old already (and I never wrote her birth story ). There are some pics from when she was 6 wks old in my sig line if you're interested.

Anyway, happy labor and birthing vibes to those of you who are so close! I'll be watching for your news.
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Hi all! I'm 6 days beyond 40 weeks, and my LMs are (relatively) freaking out. Sigh. This is NOT what I expected with LMs.

Claudia, I just got an upholstered rocker/recliner from the Bon-Macy's furniture center. It's made by Lane, and is called the Petite Rocker. Fits my 5'3" frame very well (opposed to other rockers, upholstered recliners, and most gliders). There were other comfy chairs there as well, some taller than the Petite, in case taller people need them.

It's very comfy and has a true rocking motion rather than the odd (to me) gliding motion of a glider. I'd recommend at least checking something like that out. If you want to look at it in particular and want your choice of stores, I think you can find the retailers at lanefurniture.com...if that's not right just pop it into google to find the manufacturer website.

OK will everyone give me labor vibes here? I feel stuck in the negativity from the midwives (schedule these tests NOW) and really just want to go into positive, happy labor!
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It is good to read how everyone is doing. I am 35+1 weeks this week and can't believe that this baby could be here so soon. Emma was born at 37+3 weeks! I don't think this baby is coming before 39 weeks though. Well, I hope not. My midwife is going to Ethiopia tomorrow and won't be back until June 14. So, I am hoping for a Summer Solstice baby.
I am pretty uncomfortable and really worried about swelling. I gained 20 lbs in 2 weeks when I was pg with Emma. I found out about my blood pressure at 36 weeks. I am just scared to death of that happening again. If I have high blood pressure, I can't have my homebirth. If I can't have my homebirth, and have to go to the hospital, then I have to have a c-section. I really really REALLY don't want that.
So, I am just visualizing my birth and in it I am ALWAYS at home. We live in an apartment so where I will give birth isn't a big decision...there's not a lot of room! We are going to set up the birth pool in the living room. I will either be in the pool or in my bedroom. I want to put sheets up so I can't see the kitchen...it just doesn't seem like it's a place I want to be. I don't know.
I am writing my birth plan, just in case I have to go to the hospital. I didn't even think about having a c-section when I was pregnant with Emma, so I didn't get anything I wanted (holding her, skin to skin contact, bonding time, etc.). So, this time, I will be prepared. Even though I am NOT going to the hospital! :
I can't wait to start reading birth stories!! I hope Molly's is next!!!
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Claudia ~ My dh bought a glider for me a year ago, and I really like it! I cursed the rocking chair we had nightly. It wasn't all that comfortable - I needed two pillows. It creaked like crazy, and if ds woke up when I put him down, rearranging the pillows while I held him was just maddening!

I'm looking forward to nursing our baby girl in my comfy purple glider!

I just met my midwife last night!! I had been with a CNM since the start of this pregnancy, but I just wasn't excited about a hospital birth. Dreading it, really. So we switched midwives and now we're planning a homebirth!!

My only "bad" news is that I am anemic. My blood test read "9" last night. So I've ordered some dandelion and yellow dock root, and I'm going to the store today to buy some Florodix. Anyone else bring a "9" up late in pregnancy?

I'm 31 weeks now, and just starting to feel like I'm pushing a wheelbarrow around all day.

I tried to order my birth kit, but the site wouldn't list all of the product categories. Guess I'll have to wait until 9:00 Pacific time to call. They probably wouldn't appreciate a phone call right now!
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I was anemic at my 36-week visit. In 2 weeks I had brought my iron from a 9 to an 11.4 with the yellow dock. I also tried to eat more beef.
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I'm glad I'm not the only one plagued by frequent peeing. I drink lots and lots of water and am used to peeing a whole lot at once. So the small amounts had me worried at first. Sometimes actually lifting the belly up some while peeing helps more get out, I think.

I am 35+6 and hoping the baby will wait until June 2 to be born for various convenience, health (and financial) reasons. Hard to believe this is *it* this is really happening now, and soon! It seemed so far away for so long and I held off getting so much ready "too early" and now I am sort of lazing along and not getting things ready I assumed I'd have sewn up long ago. Like ordering my cloth diapers. We have a registry acct set up at diaperaps so I am trying to eke out a little more time in the hopes my friends will get it together, but since we'll need covers for quite some time-sigh- I guess it doesn't matter if I just order the basics now.

We don't have any space set up for the baby's things or anything. We are doing low-maintenance this time. We have a pack-n-play and a moses basket, and just changing mats like for the diaper bag. I can't bear to have a crib or changing table this time and once the baby is bigger and either moves in with big sister or needs its own room we'll deal with dressers and things I think. I'm sure in a month I'll be clamoring for a dresser to use as a changing table, which is what we had with our daughter. But for now the baby's clothes are in one of my dresser drawers and I'll clear another one out for the diapers. We don't work much in the summer so we have to be very frugal at this time of year anyway.

I have had many images of where the birth might happen but have been reluctant to focus too much on any one. I'll make up the bed to protect the mattress and that is probably where I'll be comfortable anyway, but I am open to just being wherever I happen to be when it comes out. I also must confess to an irrational superstitious nonsense feeling about that- two people I know planned exactly where and how they'd give birth at home, like the futon will be placed this way and this curtain will be here and this that and the other will be just so- and ended up having cesareans. Silly to think it unlucky, I know, and I told my mother -in-law not buying anything ahead of time was superstitious nonsense, but here I am with my own secret shame. But I also want to keep the attitude of it being matter-of-fact just having a baby in my house so that's part of my reasoning on that also. For my first birth I chose a birth center with big tubs and wanted only to be squatting and all the "right" things, and ended up going on a crowded night, birthing in the converted labor room, no tub or shower, and only wanting to lie on my side until pushing, when I wanted to lie on my back.

So, lots of labor-at-the-right-time-and-in-the-right-place vibes to everyone here!!!
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Liz- we are also going to pass on the dresser and changing table. I grew up changing my siblings on the floor wherever we happened to be, so I'm most comfortable with that. The changing tables are cute, but I immediately have visions of baby rolling off of it...

We also found that the closet (in the room that will be the baby's once she is older) has more than enough room for all the cloth dipes and blankets and clothes and accessories.
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You ladies are all way ahead of me. I'm 17 weeks pg with baby#3 and am planning a homebirth this time around. I was lucky to have had 2 pleasant unmedicated hospital births and had a doctor that had a very natural approach to pg and birth. But when I went to deliver dd #2, I was so anxious about our son, who was only 17 months old at the time, being away from him for the first time. I found it harder to relax during labor. And I was just so lonely after dd's birth. DH left to go home to take care of ds and I was left by myself. I hated being at the hospital, knowing that my son and DH were home. And I knew if we were to have another baby, I didn't want to separated from my other children. And I just love my mw and am so looking forward to this birth.

mommy to Aidan (3 1/2), Fiona (2), and little boo edd 10/27/04
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Molly- labor dust!! Best wishes for a peaceful labor. I went 41w5d with my first. My midwives let me borrow a fetoscope and I listened to heart tones whenever I felt like it and did daily kick counts. Kind of a do it yourself stress test. My 2nd and 3rd came 3 and 2 weeks early and my 4th was 41w. It is so frustrating! I just wanted to hide out at home and not answer the phone.

Claudia- rocker/glider- I personally prefer a rocker! I like to rock not slide forward and back! When dh and I got married my mom wanted to buy me a large oval mirror in an oak stand, I talked her into a large lovely oak rocker as I knew I wanted to rock my babies when they came. It is big enough that I still rock my older kids in it (when they let me!) I can't stand padding etc. I use a small pillow to rest my arm on occasionally but I prefer the feel of the wood.

I am 24w5d babe is really getting active now. Dh and the kids can feel the baby moving really well. I thought my dd8 would be more interested but she seems pretty nonchalant about the whole thing, my ds6 however is fascinated and LOVES the sibling prep books and videos.

I already feel pretty big, I measured 24cm at my last prenatal. I did a home visit with my midwife (I am in training) and was able to palpate and practict heart tones with the fetoscope. It was fun to feel such a "big" baby 38w2d.

Have a wonderful day everyone!
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Hi! You are all so much further along than me that I don't know if I even belong here - I am just 8w. I haven't even met with a midwife yet (I don't even have medical coverage yet!) but I do like to hear what others who plan on homebirth are doing.
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