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the things we wish for...

Hi Greaseball. Congratulations! When I had DD2 (my 4th), I was very disappointed that I didn't go into labor early (the 4th!), and during the labor (which was in a hospital but very non-intervention) I kept asking DH to "please help me", meaning MAKE THIS STOP. What I kept thinking was, I'd take street drugs if someone would offer them. This particular thought still shocks me!!

I had inner and outer labial tears, and I was ready to....die by the fifth day. But then it started to get better. At least you don't have stitches to bother you.

Best wishes for all.
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Congrats, Greaseball! Sounds like you went way beyond what you
*thought* you could do--how empowering! I hope things are settling back down/in/around.....Give her a kiss for us.....yummy newborn scent....
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Thank you Greaseball! And LizD!

I also wondered (mightily!) why it was harder to push out #2 than #1. And it's not just WTEWYE that says that second babies are usually easier. There are other more reliable sources that say that as well. I have been determined to just relax more this time-wait for the urge to push, other things like you talked about Greaseball, and also HOPE and PRAY that this one is easier to push out.

And DEFINITELY take that homeopathic arnica. I could not sit down or stand up for some time (at least a couple of weeks) with my first and finally took the arnica out of desperation, it worked miracles in just a few hours. Of course, your mileage may vary-but for $5 and no side effects it is definitely worth a try!

Congratulations on the birth of Andrea!

Mommy to Meg 5/00, Peter 6/02, #3 due 8/04
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I was thinking maybe getting drunk would help. Dh and I are non-drinkers, so good thing there was none in the house!

Walking is getting easier now, and I think the swelling is going down. Everything is settling into place...now we're just trying to get co-sleeping working out. I didn't do it with #1 except in the hospital. Andrea likes to sleep propped in one of my arms rather than lying flat on the bed, but when we sleep like that it gets too hot for me. Dh just puts her in the carseat by his bed (we sleep separately) and she seems to like that better because she can be propped and cradled. So maybe actual bed-sharing won't work, but at least she can still be in the room.
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Hee hee...FIL just called and asked if I had any reservations about the "procedure I went through with the midwife". :LOL He also said he thought I was incredibly lucky, but he wasn't going to get into that now...

I don't get it - he was born in 1930, so there is a good chance it was at home.

Oh well - I knew not everyone would be supportive. Our next door neighbor said it was scary.
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congratulations, greaseball!

i'm sorry it was so hard on you. i swelled up like that too, after i had my son. s
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Congrats Greaseball and welcome Andrea.

Thank you for sharing your story - I love hearing about labour and you certainly did that. It always amazes me the people that pop out babies and barely notice their contractions. That does not exist in my world. For me the worst part is that the people I know like that have very medical births anyway because the nurses at the hospitals need to DO something.
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Awww...Congrats!! You should be so proud of yourself!! I, too, had an non-interventional birth, and it was awesome!! Go mama!!
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I spent 1/2 the day in the hospital today, getting a non stress test, and blood work donw. My blood pressure has been higher, and the midwives wanted to check it out. Some of the levels in my blood indicate that my kidneys are starting to have some trouble, so I'm basically on bedrest. I can get up to eat & use the bathroom (I'm just spending 10 minutes at the computer & then laying back down) Apparently, doing stuff like folding the laundry & getting the carseat ready from the couch don't count as rest?! I'm 37 1/2 weeks, so this can only go on so long...

I've got another non stress test on Sunday. My mom is going to watch Roland so that Kevin can be with me (they just dropped me off today... it was kind of lonely) Kevin is doing everything around here in the meantime. I'm so glad he started his leave early!!
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- Thinking of you!!! I have never been able to figure out how a mom of 1+ is supposed to handle bedrest. I'm so glad that you have the support to do it and let little one stay in as long as needed.
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Congratulations, Greaseball and family.

About this labor being more painful than expected - it may make more sense to you when you start to see Andrea's personality contrasted with Linda's. It is interesting to me that my first child's labor and birth were very worrisome and he is a worrier. My second baby felt like I was trying to shoot a flaming bowling ball from my vagina. She is a fiery and sassy redhead. My third birth was the quietest and most gentle. His personality is fitting the bill so far.

Also, I didn't cosleep 100% until my kids were past the two month mark. Remember, cosleeping doesn't have to be in the same bed. There are folks (uh, me) who believe being in the same room is very beneficial. I don't think it *has* to be the same bed to count.

I hope the swelling goes away very soon and you are feeling well and baby and family are happy and healthy.
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Originally Posted by chellemarie
My second baby felt like I was trying to shoot a flaming bowling ball from my vagina. She is a fiery and sassy redhead.
That is a brilliant choice of words!
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Congratulations! Welcome little Andrea

I just wanted to also suggest taking some chloraphyll. They have mint flavored available. It will work wonders for you and little Andrea's bruising. Helps with the bleeding too!

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would anyone mind if we "restarted" this thread? i'm find it a little unwieldy to find the last post i've read.
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