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I haven't read through all of the post because it's like 5 pages but I just wanted to leave my opinion on strollers.

I use a stroller. I have 2 infact. One is a jogger which I use when we go on walks about 1 - 3 times a week with other mommas or when we walk to playgroups. The other I would use if we were to go shopping (I hate to shop really so I don't use it much), I can't see myself trying to sling Tristan while trying on clothes.

I agree that many people abuse strollers but leaving their pour child in them for hours with out interaction. The poor kids probably think their mommy has left them. I try and make it a point to stop and just talk to Tristan so he knows I am still here. I also think it is sad when mothers use the stroller when they could be holding there baby and when the baby wants to be held. Such as at a feeding. They just shove the bottle in and keep on truckin, proping the bottle up so they dont have to stop what they are doing.

Anyways, this is just my opinion. I respect that everyone has different opinions.


**ETA** Ok this was the link I ment to put in there.
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I have a stroller and since I don't have a car its great when we walk into town to get groceries so I can hang them on the handles. Dd walks into town with me most of the time and I pack her alot which is great, just not when Im packing 6 bags of groceries as well. I have no problems with people using strollers.
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I used a stroller (not anymore, DD is 4). She hated the sling.

Anyone who thinks strollers aren't interactive have never seen me walking with DD - we never stop chatting and laughing. She is definitely not the kind of kid to sit in one and space out for hours. We always had a wonderful time on our stroller outings, pointing out different things, playing peek-a-boo, sharing a bottle of water...
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eeek...had no idea it would even be controversial

I am planning to get one, just searching high and low for one that will let my baby face ME and not away. I don't feel comfortable leaving a baby in a carseat all the time, so the travel systems are out. I've read too much about plagio and how it may be difficult for babes to breath properly if they are in that position for so long outside of car rides (I'm sure I'll have instances where I need to carry the baby in one...I just don't want to do it unless I have to). I can't imagine not being able to look at my baby, reach down and touch the baby, smile and interact with the baby. I realize they may outgrow needing to see Mom, but I'm not sure I'll outgrow needing to see them Anyone have a stroller like that? B/c I'm *this* close to forking out for the Bugaboo

I already have 2 slings, and I'm only 13 weeks pregnant and I have my eye on several more (my GOD some of them are so beautiful!), but I know a stroller is also going to be useful...
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I have been thinking about this thread and wanted to share how even the sling can be used in a less than ideal way. My DC is usually happy to walk (yes, even though we use a stroller) but she is the worlds slowest, most distracted, lollygaggin’ walker in the planet! This is usually okay with me but occasionally we actually need to the next block in under an hour (lol!) and I usually sling her. She no longer loves the sling and sometimes I have to persuade her to get in.

I can relate to some of that quotes from the African article. I never travel with a stroller because in Europe, there are many cities or areas where a stroller would be a huge pain. There is normally this situation where there are cobblestone streets, which would necessitate a larger wheeled stroller but they would be too large for the narrow walkways. Also, there are steps on and off transportation and stuff like that. Plus, I hate to take up lots of space.


Like many people have said, there *is* a small problem with the pressure put on parents to think they *need* a stroller. I would recommend waiting to get one until you need one (or better yet, borrow one first!). You may find that you can sling successfully (and gladly) for well over a year - we're still going strong after 2.75! If you eventually decide that you want a stroller your criteria may be quite different than it is now, kwim?

I do think it’s a good point that the perceived *need* for strollers is overemphasized in many places. It’s a good idea to always evaluate and reevaluate what one actually needs because we are basically victims of consumerism as parents. I can’t believe how we are taken advantage of because we are vulnerable from wanting the “best” for our children.
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I have used a sling with a side sitter at the same time when I was in my early 20-30s on vacation, no way I could do that after my 3rd/4th pregnancys (vaginal varicose veins) or after my kids got a wee bit bigger

I enjoy reading posts from moms with varying opinions on parenting, some AP people here I can not relate to at all even though our family practices most all of the AP hallmarks because they are quick to be judgemental and admitedly I have LOL at some of the stuff posted as APdefined in the last 5 years, we have had to improvise many things I thought were set in stone with the older dc because of our next childs health, timing of births, their personalitys etc..
my stroller has a bumperstickeracross the front top that says 'eat at moms' it is an advocacy wagon at disneyland

I loved loved my baby sling & stroller days & my kids all enjoyed riding in them, my 4 1/2 yr old still does the stroller and we went to disney two days ago to see the new snow white show, the stroller is the place to stash the jackets and water bottle, tourniquet for snake bites(kidding), first aid kit etc.. we have annual passes, Vanna is a trooper but after hour 2 of walking & standing in line, she rides and it is the safest place for her IME trying to keep up with the boys is hard work for her - they are not fat kids at all or glazed over looking
Vanna & 4 of 6 boys available my oldest was in college that day, my dh at work in UK & you can bet my feet are dogs barking by 8pm

somedaymom one step ahead had a stroller like that I'll find a link tomorrow and pm you if I can find it, it is convertible handle swings so stroller can face each way
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Thanks, playdoh. It was interesting. I wish I could actually be there or see some fotage of these women carrying their babies -- I have a hard time once they are very big, and I can't do much when they are in the sling either. I did google a bit for some info, Pepper Mint has some good instructions.

I think we have to remember that we more than likely didn't have the advantages of being slung constantly as babies and grew up in this culture which is producing sedentary adults. I would guess that we're simply not as strong on average as those who live in places/cultures where there is more walking, more physical labour, and more baby carrying. I would also be curious to see how cities in Kenya are laid out and how they grow compared to the urban sprawl that tends to happen here. How far do most women walk when they are carrying their babies or other things? I'm not trying to make a guess one way or the other, it would just be interesting to know and make for a better comparison.
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http://www.kenyaweb.com/vnairobi/general.html looks like a normal city layout

I think this has more to do with the fact that the US is a drive your car everywhere & bring your stuff with you walmartish nation and kenya is more walking cause we are poor and have cruddy roads & better things to worry about.
I would imagine the whole 'baby gear needed' infant registry concept would be laughable to most rural mamas in kenya. not just the stroller use but the bottle sanitizer, the boopy luxe, the exersaucer, doorway bouncer etc.... truly most of the stuff today is not really needed

AND BTW slings are geat for other uses -- I have used mine gardening to hold veggies I pick, as a pillow on a car ride, to pick up toys off the floor quickly, to carry stuff bought at the mall while ds is walking, try putting a OTSBH across your back filled with shopping bags and you have both arms free, looks wierd but it works, also have used mine in a restaurant & our old movie house as kind of a booster on chair arms
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