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Just want to say, WATCH YOUR KIDS LIKE HAWKS WHEN IN THE WATER. My 4 yo ds almost died yesterday at a friends pool. I am not a bad mom, or negligent, or any of that. I had to learn a lesson & hope i can pass it on.

He has had some swimming lessons, and was swimming with a float ring 5 feet away from myself, his dad & our friend. He decided he was going to swim on his own w/out float ring. He stepped off stair just as I was commenting to my friend that they should have a lifeguard at this pool for safety sake (irony of ironies). In this five seconds, he was floating face down--not moving by the time i got over there. We had to turn him sideways so he could eject the water out of his lungs.

That was almost the scariest thing that ever happened to me, and I am gonna get eyestrain from now on watching him.
It only took 5 seconds.