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For mamas to be of 2 or more..

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how far apart will your kiddos be?

My son will turn 2 on 12/28/04 and I am due 1/26/05 - so just over 2 years apart.
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Um.... it's been a long time since I've had a baby (at least feels like it). My sons will be 12 and 8 when this baby arrives. In some ways I'm bummed about the large age difference, but then I know they will be very helpful with the baby-- esp the older one who cried tears of joy when we told him we were pregnant

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Oh Karen that is so sweet! I keep looking at my sweet little boy and feeling a little loss of him not being THE baby anymore.
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Imagine a 7 year old losing that privledge!! He sits on my lap all the time- in nursing position even. We sit on the rocker together (though barely).... should be interesting for him.... a BIG wake up call for sure!
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LOL! I can imagine!! And he will also share his birthday with this new sibling? Wow!
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I will have a 5yo, an almost 2yo and a newborn
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My dd will be 2 years 4 months when her sibling arrives (if he/she comes on time). I am kinda afraid for her, since she's the centre of mommy and daddy's world right now, but she loves kids, and I think this will be good for her. She also nurses a lot still, but a LLL friend told me that if your child nurses a lot, your milk probably won't dry up. Sometimes I think I'm crazy for having another kid, when I'm so close to falling off the edge as it is :-D
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My daughter will be exactly 3.5 years old! I'm worried about our close bond changing, but I think she's going to be a fantastic big sister and a great helper too. She's been asking for a baby sibling for quite some time so her wish will finally come true.

Mamamaya -- you will have your hands full but your house will be so full of love!

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My oldest will be almost 5 and the second 2 years 4 months. Based on my due date there will be exactly to the day the same age difference between my all my kids. 2 years, 4 months, 10 days.

I guess that's my body's version of natural child spacing. I've been breastfeeding for over 4 years now.

I can't believe I'm going to have 3 kids!!!!!!!!!!!
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My daughter will be 2 years 4 months when this little kiddo arrives. We are going to be getting a doppler for the house so that she can hear in mommy's tummy. Right now, she really doens't get that there is a baby, but she does kiss my tummy. She has started acting a little more clingy and doing things that are a little more babyish, so I think she knows "something" is up.

I am a bit worried how she will react, she has been the center of our universe for so long now, but we'll deal with that as it happens, I guess.

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Dd1 will be 14ish (i'm due 4 days before her birthday), ds will be 6.5, and dd2 will be not quite 3. Personally i'm beginning to think i'm friggin nuts!!!
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mine will be about 20 mths apart.
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DD will be just over 3.5 yrs, DS will be about 21 months. A tad bit close.
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Mine will be 27 months apart.

Anyone still nursing their older child? I've noticed that Meghan has started preferring to nurse on her boppy pillow again (maybe my milk supply is changing?), and she's nursing more often. She's also gained 2.5 pounds in the past 2 weeks--any ideas?


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beat you all...LOL

DD will be around 16 months old when this baby is born.
I also have an 8 year old DS who will be 9 by then.
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Mine will be 4.5 years apart. I'm not so happy about that spacing, but school and work intervened in weird ways. I got a fabulous job -- demanding and rewarding but flexible in ways that are great for parents -- that I wanted to settle into before #2. And dh and sil are several years older than bil and have always adored him and been like a second set of loving parents. I have my fingers crossed that dd will enjoy and love the baby-to-be.
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Mine will probably be 23 months apart. I'm due 1/19 but will probably be having a scheduled c/birth (no flames). My first was born via a c/birth and I'll try a vbac if there's only one in there but everything is pointing to more than one at this point. June 1st is the u/s so I guess I'll know for sure then.
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DD was born 12/19/02 and the next one's due late Jan...so just over 2 years. I think it will be perfect
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hi can i join?
my dd is 10 mo old now and will be 18 months when #2 is born. i never thought i would get pg -i had infertility treatments for yrs for #1 and i've only had 2 periods march and aprils!
my big disappointment is that between being back at work and not getting a lot with the pump and being pg my dd kind of weaned accidentally -i am kind of bummed. i should have figured out i might be pg when that happened!
i am very nervous about taking care of two such young kiddos -one has about knocked my socks off- but happy happy that i didn't have to do ivf again.
nadia how are youplanning on handling two under two?
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Mine will be 7 ,4 and 2 when this one comes.
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