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Favorite part of attachment parenting

Poll Results: What aspect of attachment parenting do you enjoy the most?

Poll expired: Jul 4, 2002  
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What aspect of attachment parenting do you enjoy the most?
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im not really ap

i don't really do any of the things listed, but

i do believe and practice "gentle parenting".

Not Spanking and being kind and giving to my baby.

i love being his best friend and mom. i enjoy spoiling the heck out of him!

having him be really attached to me and very much a mommy's boy. i think that is wonderful. i think he is so deeply attached because all the time i spend spoiling him with constant attention and love. i enjoy the effects of spoiling. :-)

i don't use a carrier, but i wanted to, i just didn't like the way the looked. so i basically just carried him around 24/7, until now, that he is growing up, and likes to be "free". i hardly ever put him down, and my mom said, "you'll spoil him" and i said "good".

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I can't vote... love them all and can't choose.
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I voted breastfeeding but I also love the other ones just as much.

maybe you can edit the poll to be able to choose more than one.

i love the way my baby looks at me while i'm feeding him. i love how he slowly drifts off to sleep while looking at me. i love how i get to have a respite from my hectic days, just sitting in the glider or lying in the bed feeding him. i love how he laps up my nipples, and the sounds he makes when he's really hungry, like an animal, just about pounce on me. i love how he curls himself up when he sees me about to feed him and start this slow laugh and giggle.
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Breastfeeding absolutely!!!

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Breastfeeding for me too! Absolutely. I love co-sleeping and baby wearing too, but they have a few drawbacks every now and then (i.e., DD gets heavy in her sling, we once in a while wouldn't mind having the bed to ourselves). But breastfeeding....
I had no idea anything could be so utterly perfect.
I am positively in love with the nursing relationship my daughter and I share.
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I love it all! I really love it from beginning (breastfeeding, baby wearing) to homeschooling and being a hands on parent. I just think it's such a fun way to parent!
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I voted homebirth/midwife, but could just have easily voted breastfeeding. Until dd turns 2, having a homebirth is the "oddest" thing my friends think I've done. Once dd turns 2 and we're still nursing, that will probably take over!
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I voted breastfeeding, because it seems to be the 'cornerstone' of our AP style. The homebirth is over, he prefers to sleep in his co-sleeper for half the night now, and he doesn't like to be in the sling anymore, unless he's really tired. Our breastfeeding relationship continues to evolve, it is such a huge part of how I parent.

But, homebirth led to co-sleeping and breastfeeding, which led to baby-wearing... The various aspects of AP are so entangled in one another, at least in my way of parenting, I could never do just one.
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Well I picked co-sleeping because we are still doing it probably 50% of the time and he is almost 6 yo! I loved BF too! I was so sad when he weaned at 20 mo.!


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That's a tough one because I could have voted for breastfeeding just as easily (I voted family bed). I chose family bed because my daughter is now 5 and I can foresee breastfeeding ending sooner than co-sleeping. But I cherish both just as I cherished baby-wearing while it lasted. Unfortunately I didn't do homebirth because at the time I didn't know better and gave the dr complete control.
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I would have to say co-sleeping is my favorite part. I am unable to bf, I had a wonderful midwife but a hospital birth, and I don't put Skylar in a sling all that much. I do, however, love waking up with a warm snuggly baby up against me. Also, I love the fact that because I'm almost always with him that he comes to me for comfort and when he's tired. We have this secret language between the two of us that nobody will ever be able to understand
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I put breastfeeding, but I love them all.
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all of the above
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I put breastfeeding, but if I could I would have put co-sleeping/breastfeeding, as it is the snuggliness of the two combined I like the best.
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I voted breastfeeding (as my signature shows)

But, I adore cosleeping and babywearing and the whole thing (#3 will be the first homebirth.)

As a WOH mom with a dh whose a stay-at-home dad, I personally found breastfeeding & cosleeping absolute necessities and complete joys!!

I didn't know I was practicing attachment parenting until my first was about 4 weeks old and I bought The Baby Book by Dr. Sears!
Until that point, dh & I called it 'caveman parenting'. I mean, really, would a cave momma let her baby cry by itself in the cave two rocks over!!!!
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Breastfeeding. That milky mouth smiling up at me -my heart is melting just thinking about it. It's been 2 yrs since my youngest weaned, but I often think about it. It's the thing I miss most about my kid's baby/todderhood.
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Not really othre but all of the above

I voted other but really I need an all of the above choice.
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For me, it was babywearing. That was such an amazing experience, always having her near me.
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I voted homebirth/midwife ... even tho I had an emergency c-section, I labored until the pushing stage at home. I think that the midwives are the ones who really get the mother/baby relationship off to a good start ... I just wish more people would realize that, and involve them even if they chose to have a hospital birth or various interventions.
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