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Domain name?

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Where is the best place to get a domain name? And is there one that comes with the email option? I'm getting confused! I've been looking at godaddy.com and web.com. Can you get a domain name through WAHMShoppes.com?

Could someone PLEASE help me make the right choice!?

Thank You!
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We have gotten all of ours at godaddy.com

I just looked and it's only 8.95 right now, thats a really good price!
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i got mine through joker.com
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You can do it through WAHMshops, but it is spendier. They have two options, they will do it for you (don't go this route) or they can direct you to a place like godaddy.com to get your name and then transfer it to wahmshops. Really I don't think it matters much. I got mine through godaddy, and you can always transfer it to another place if for some reason you are not satisfied.
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I also got mine through Go Daddy. I'm not sure about the email option as the person who did my website handled that part.

Just my opinion, but I personally would rather have my own domain..."yourbusiness.com" as opposed to being under someone elses domain. Although I suppose those places can help you generate traffic and probably help with technical support now that I think about it.

Good luck!
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Another godaddy gal over here.
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Yet another goDaddy customer here.
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www.surfspeedy.com sells domain name registration for $5.49/domain - but I don't know if they do it separate from their packages, which are very reasonable.
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right now they are on sale for $6.95, i think? at ww.godaddy.com that's the best bet.
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