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Bleeding! 13 weeks! but not M/C..

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Hi.. I posted this in the general pregnancy forum too... has ayone had a gush of watery bleeding at 13 weeks?! Last night was scariest night... I was just sitting and suddenly felt rush of fluid... lots of watery, birhgt, almost orange bleeding came... i soaked a pad in 20 minutes... rushed crying to ER (at midwives rec.) where they did U/S that showed baby healthy and heart beating strongly and baby kicking and wiggling and very lively. Dr. has no idea what te blood is, neither do the midwives... The bleeding had stopped by 2am (started at 10pm) and has not continued today. I feel fragile and confused. Has anyone else had anything like this? (I had spotting in early preg. but just spotting, nothing like this. ) Thank you!
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Sorry I really can't help but I just wanted to say I'm glad the baby is doing good.
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My friend had this happen to her as well, she got her u/s and came back as a 2cm placental tear caused the bleeding. This happened approx.when she was 12 weeks or so. She is now almost 18 weeks and still occasionally bleeds when doing too much housework/walking around. I'm so glad everything is ok and it must have been very scary for you??
Is this the diagnosis you received as well???
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I don't have any advice or experience, but I'm glad everything seems to be okay! You did the right thing, going to the ER. Take care of yourself & the babe--keep your feet up and rest.

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thinking about you, stanya!

glad to hear the baby is okay. i can't tell you how many stories i've heard of people bleeding a lot early in pregnancy only to have it be a mystery of some sort and a healthy baby born 6 months later. the bleeding i had at 8 weeks was more like spotting than gushing, but it was still scary and i was really relieved at the sight of that beating heart. do put your feet up and have some tea and try to relax! it sounds like things will be just fine.

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Hi.. wow, your friend was lucky to get a diagnosis! The doctor said she really had no idea why it was happening. My midwives also had no idea. She didn't seem to notice anything unsual in the U/S, but it wasn't a level two U/S, maybe not detailed enough to catch a tear? Is there anything your friend can do about it?
thanks for writing
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oops. and toa ll.. thanks so much for your good thoughts.. I'm feeling stronger and trying to keep faith that things will be fine, visualizing healthy baby with lots of love...
thanks again
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My friend had a regualr u/s. She was lucky enough to find out what was wrong that day( I happened to be there with her) We got to see exactly where the bleeding was stemming from. a lower portion of her placenta had a 2cm tear to it. She was told,no,intercourse, no heavy lifting,no vaccuming,rest,weekly u/s till resolved.
Since then, she has been doing just about everything she isn't supposed to.(She's an Aries,LOL) She told me she sometimes spots on occasion. Her last scan showed that the tear has pretty much healed and has been moving up along with her placenta(due to uterine growth)I'm so glad for her things are improving and all. I hope things are getting better for you too!! Has your bleeding either subsided or stopped??
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