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SugarPlum Baby

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I have 2 sugarplum baby diapers made by Angie and they are fantastic! Excellent 'workmomship'! They are beautifully made and SO absorbant. Great service, great product, great prices.
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I second this high recommendation for SugarPlum baby diapers! I got one off ebay and keep hopeing to "snipe" another one. Fast service and a great quality diaper. The only thing is, I haven't been able to use it yet because I don't have the newborn yet! I can't wait to see this diaper in action!
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Sweet little dipe Cute tag on the back too! I just wish I had asked for crossover tabs on the wings, since it still fits ds very large in the waist...but other than that, this is a cute, and affordable diaper to try, esp. if you are on a budget, and REALLY need a fluff fix:LOL!!
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I love them too!
My friend turned me on to them, and I scored an orange tie-dyed one, and it is nice and absorbant! I love the fit too!
2 thumbs up!
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I love SugarPlumBaby diapers! I bought my first one on eBay and when it arrived I immediately bookmarked Angie's website and began planning an order. Her prices are so reasonable and I love that there is always something instock. I have since bought 3 more from her. She is very quick to ship, even with custom orders.

Her sizing is perfect and my DD has fit into her mediums from 4 months to 15 months (and counting!). The diapers that are all-hemp or have knit outers definitely have more stretch to them and I think they will fit a bit longer. The absorbancy is great and can be increased even more with a doubler or a tri-fold hemp soaker.

SugarPlumBaby diapers are wonderful when you want a cute diaper to show off and don't have a fortune to spend!
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Really absorbent diapers, and fit really awesome! I love the prints, and great service!
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I got a custom order of organic diapers and love them. She completed the dipes and shipped well before stated on the order. The cotton is so yummy and soft and the workmomship is awesome. I've already ordered more!!
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I just got my Sugarplum Baby dipe and I just LOVE it. I got the organic cotton with a variegated serging. It's nice and trim and fits DS well. It came in extra fast! Her prices are also very reasonable. I totally reccommend these diapers!
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Wonderfully made hemp diapers and great customer service!
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I have three Sugarplum baby hemp diapers that I bought new. The service was excellent, shipping was fast, and best of all -- the diapers fit well and are very absorbent.
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I have 6 OC fitteds and 3 OV fitteds from SugarPlum Baby. I these dipes Angie is so wonderful to work with and went out of her way to help me come up w/ a good nighttime dipe for my DS. She ships the order so quickly. The workmomship of these dipes is AMAZING!!! I can't wait to order form Angie again.
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I love sugarplumbaby fitteds! They are my favorite fitteds and the first I reach for. I have 6 on the way and I can't wait. They are absorbant enough that I can use them on my 23 month old overnight if needed, and the Larges fit her just perfect.
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I have 7 newborns SPBs, 1 small, and 3 mediums... I really love them! The newborns aren't super absorbant, but they don't have to be- it's just nb pee. They are a great alternative to Kissaluvs if you're looking for hemp- great fit and vry affordable. The mediums are my favorite. They are very absorbant and very cute. These are the only front snapping fitteds I will buy.
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I received a SPB as part of a set from the Fluff Factory auctions so I can't comment directly on the CS.

The diaper is absolutely lovely! The sewing is great, the fleece color coordination with the woven stripe print is really a nice touch too. Its definitely a quick dry, but the soaker lays/snaps nicely in the shell.

I feel very comfortable recommending this Mama's products.
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I had the sweetest little orange fleece newborn cover for Emmie, and I ADORED it. I still think about it, even after selling it once she outgrew it! It was perfect, we never had a leak with it, and I just wanted to use it forever. I was so disappointed when she outgrew it because none of our other fleece covers were even close to being as good as that one! I definitely recommend this mama's fleece covers.
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i jsut got a packae from angie the other day. the diapers are lovely. so soft and sweet. i cant wait to use them!
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE SugarPlumBaby. I have 6 of Angie's dipes and I plan to order a bunch more. I can't believe they aren't hyena. She makes some of the cutest softest most functional diapers around and I always get them super fast (even my customs!) maybe it's because I live in Idaho Angie is most definately my favorite WAHM out there right now.
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I love my SugarPlumBaby dipes! The larges fit my 20 lb four-month-old perfectly, and they are so super absorbant! I've bought some of the instock and some customs. The customs arrived less than a week after I ordered them!

Great customer service, great dipes! These are my favorites!!!!
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Wow!!! I got my first dipe from SugarPlum Baby yesterday and it definetly won't be my last - it's gorgeous!!!! And I can't believe how cheap it was considering how awesome it is. Love, love, love it. And she shipped super quick too.
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I have 2 of these fabulous dipes - an OV from the tp and a hemp that I ordered from her in stock. LOVE these diapers. Super absorbant, super cute & a great deal for the dollar! Like a pp said, I also can't believe these aren't hyena!
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