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My back alway hurts

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Does anyone else have this problem?

I have stopped using my slings very much, because no matter what I do, my back always seems to hurt. I tend to wear my one year old in the front carry, facing outward. I think the back problems stem from the added weight of my child, combined with my extra belly, and boobs.

Any suggestions?
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Maybe a hip carry would be better, so that he has support both from your hip and the sling?
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I have never tried a hip carry...I'm a bit nervous about attempting it.

I've also played with the idea of the back carry...

I have an OTSBH, and a Maya Wrap.
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I would also try the hip carry. Give it a go!

How much does your DC weigh?
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The front carry hurt my back when my DS was three months! Definitely try the hip carry. Put him on your hip like you would normally and get the OTSBH under his bottom.
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The front carry will throw baby's weight away from your center of gravity, which will be uncomfortable for your back at that age. The hip carry is ten times more comfortable!

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Thanks everyone.

It's silly, I know, but I guess I was afraid to try anything different than the cradle carry, or front carry, because it took me so long to master those!
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My back and shoulder hurt if I use the front carry and my baby is only 8 months! I'm going to have to try the hip carry with her also because I had to take her out of the sling today and just hold her because she wanted to be against my chest but with the sling it just wasn't comfy. It's the only way I've ever held her though since she hated the cradle hold as a baby, I hope she likes the hip carry!
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With a toddler, you can do the hip carry or the back carry with a Maya Wrap. For the back carry, I start mine out on my hip, slide them around to my back, and then tighten it up.
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I took the kids to the zoo on Thursday.

Tried the hip carry, and while she didn't want to stay in the sling for very long, it SEEMED to be much easier on my back.

I'm going to experiment with the back carry today at home.

Thanks everyone, for helping me get out of my sling position "rut".
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