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Hi! can I join in?

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I didn't see this weekly thread before I posted . Can I join too!!! I am due I think at the end of January. I was feeling extraordinarily tired and I thought I was anemic so I ran some tests and found out that I was pregnant instead. Not a total surprise I just didn't even think about it at the time. My hcg levels were very low however. I took the test last tuesday (not this past tuesday the one before). and my hcg was 34 which means I was just pregnant so I think now I am 3 weeks.
Where I live the Dr. tells you not to bother coming in until your 7 weeks because you can't hear the heartbeat until then. (I live in Israel). The less I have to see of the Dr. the better anyhow.
This is my 3rd so I am used to the drill.
I had 2 traumatic births that ended in c-sections (hoping for a v-bac this time) so I have been thinking about the birth already. It's a little freaky since I don't look or feel very pregnant. (Well I feel tired but not PREGNANT).
Anyhow this post is way too long so I'll end it now.
Good to meet you all!
BTW what are beta numbers (sorry if I sound ignorant).

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Welcome!!!! and congratulations!! beta numbers are Hcg numbers! I think they call them beta Hcg numbers - that's all!! I am wishing you sticky vibes!!!!!!!!!!
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