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Wow, I can't believe I'm the first one to review these diapers, they are beautiful! I just got four fitteds in the mail, 2 organic cotton, and two custom made, with velour and sherpa on one, and velour and knit on the other. Her workmanship is beautiful, and I am picky!

The diapers look trim and comfy, even given that they have enclosed soakers.
The diapers are supposed to fit 9-22 pounds, so I will let you know how they do on that score later. She doesn't have a huge selection of fabrics right now, but supposably that's going to change, and I'm waiting, nudge nudge, for the introduction of a quick-dry version of the fitteds.

Her customer service was awesome too, and I like the small details, like she puts the female snaps on the wings of the front-snap diapers and not the male ones like some people do, so they won't dig into baby skin...all in all I am very pleased with these diapers. Go check them out!
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These are amazing diapers!! Pam does beautiful work, and is very prompt with emails and shipping!! We love our PUL wraps. They are nice and trim!! A+++
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for Loveybums!!! Pam is a dream to work with. She took so much time contacting me to find out exactly what I was looking for. In fact, I ordered a dipe made from a fabric listed on her site and she emailed me to let me know she wasn't pleased with how that fabric was performing. Gotta love that kind of customer service! Her turnaround time was fantastic and I had a big order.

As for the diapers - they are some of my favorites. I have 2 all sherpa with a hemp inner. I also lay her fleece topped doubler inside that and it is very absorbent (and to qualify that, my little one has very few fitteds he can actually wear b/c he is such a super soaker!). The diapers are very stretchy and trim fitting. There are lots of snaps so the fit is very customizable. Three snaps on each side eliminate wing droop. Very nicely sewn and I love her choice of threads and snaps -- very cute!

I also got one of her wool covers and it's just a matter of time before I have one in every color! It is stretchy and very trim - one of the only wool covers I have seen that you can lay a prefold trifolded inside and it will stay in place. This is so soft I still can't believe it is wool.

I have 2 covers as well - 1 PUL and 1 fleece. Both excellently made and very trim fitting. I sold every other non-wool cover but these two I can't let go of!

Just great, great dipes and covers. I highly recommend Loveybums!!
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These are my very favorite dipes!!! I already ordered two dozen for the next babe we are expecting. I especially love her sherpa - it's super soft and comfy. Pam is great to work with as well, very nice and quick service. Totally love her stuff

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After ordering a jersey cover from Pam, I had to order some more! I got two jersey LIOs today and a custom fitted and they are beautiful!! Even my mom, who thinks I'm nuts and knows her wool, couldn't stop petting my wool wrap! She paid for the two snap ins on my order today :LOL. The customer service is excellent, I feel like I know Pam Please don't order too much from Pam as I don't want to wait too long for my next diaper order
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I really like these diapers. I bought a wool LIO, and two fitteds. The workmanship is excellent, there isn't a stitch out of place. All three fit my son like a dream and the wool LIO holds like a dam. They are also very reasonably priced and she giveswonderful deals on bigger orders. I'm already waiting for her to re-open so I can buy more diapers!!!
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I bought 3 wool covers from Pam a few months ago and I absolutely love them. Pam did a wonderful job designing these. There isn't too much of the leg ruffle that you get with some serged covers. The elastic has never left a red mark on chunker's thighs, yet they still keep everything in. The snap placing is great, so even though they are front snappers, there's never any wing droop - even on the tightest snaps. They are so soft, stretchy, and trim. We can use these anytime without ever having to worry about blowouts. They've stood up to car trips with no compression wicking and overnight with no leaks! Pam is a dream to work with. Her customer service is second to none and she ahs a great eye for color. I highly recommend Loveybums....if you can beat me to her when she opens for orders!
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I Love, Love, Love my Loveybums wool cover! I can't wait to get more and next time I will get some LIO!
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I ordered 3 fitted diapers and 1 wool cover from her in June. I was quoted a turn around time of 2 weeks, and everything arrived before that time! The wool cover even came lanolized. The quality of her products is excellent, especially considering the very reasonable prices.

One of my fitted diapers had the elastic wear out after only one month of use. I sent Pam pictures and she quickly offered me a cash refund, store credit, or replacement diaper (my choice). She explained that she had a bad batch of elastic and was very apologetic. I opted for the credit, and immeidately placed a new order. I lover her wool covers and her diapers fit my ds very well (medium- he's about 15 lbs now).

Excellent customer service and wonderful products.
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I loveybums. I have an organic cotton diaper and 2 wool covers. The wool covers are the stretchest wool jersey we own. The diaper fits my son like Pam came over and meassured him! Pam was very quick and although swapped with orders got mine shipped within 2 1/2 weeks! The sewing and serging were perfect and she choose varigated thread that looked just beautiful with the wool covers.
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I absolutely adore these fitteds! I just received them today and Ross is wearing the organic cotton fitted right now. It's heavenly!

I also ordered 2 other fitteds and they are just darling. I love the cute little tags Pam puts on her dipes. I'm thinking about going back for a LIO!

She ships very fast and was super nice in the emails we exchanged. I will definitely be buying from her again!
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I my Loveybums covers! They are so soft and stretchy and highly adjustable. Pam is sooooooo very nice, too, and offered me a second for a reduced price, even though it wasn't even listed on her site. I gladly accepted it. for Loveybums! I highly recommend them.
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my experience is with loveybums fleece covers. my baby was due in about 10 days and, in nesting mode, i freaked out thinking that i needed some fleece covers. i contacted pam and she did a custom order for me and i hade the covers before baby came. how awesome is that?

and the covers are gorgeous: perfect sewing and lush fleece. very good communication. i can't say enough good things about this wahm and her business.
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I placed a custom order with Pam for 3 fitted dipes..she said her turn around time was about 2 weeks and it was! These are beautiful. I will be getting more
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I odered 2 fleece covers from pam! her custoemr service was excellent. and her product is super well made! So soft and snuggly.
I'll defiantly be odering more!
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I cannot believe that I have not reviewed these yet! I LOVE these wool covers!!!!!!!!!! I have a few in each size! The wool is stretchy, just thick enough but still trim, and the cover fits perfect! Pam is so sweet and helpful too!
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I LOVE Loveybums wool covers-I have a few in every size! Great fit, perfect trim stretchy wool, wonderful colors, and Pam is super!
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we needed another wool cover for nighttime (in case of blowouts) and several friends reccomended loveybums. i'm not a huge fan of front-snapping covers, but they were inexpensive and many people spoke highly of them, so i decided to check one out.
i ordered an untreated/undyed wool interlock cover from her instock store friday night. it arrived monday afternoon! the cover is so thick, soft and stretchy. i was thrilled to find it came lanolized, so we tried it out that night. WONDERFUL. not a leak!! the cover was barely even humid!!
i plan on ordering at least one more cover from pam. her products are great, her reputation is well earned.
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I love Loveybums!

Both the QD-Sherpa diapers and the wool jersey covers are my favorite diapers to use and show off.
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These are the wool covers that converted me to wool. They are so stretchy and soft and my baby loves them too. I have one with an embroidered train on the back that is so cute!

I also have a medium orange sherbet colored sherpa fitted, with a snap in doubler. We this too. It's trim, and absorbent, and easy.

I really really like her snap cross-over tabs design. It's the best I've seen and it allows for an excellent fit every time.
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