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Cramping - *after* ovulation???

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I know about mittlesmertz or cramping when you ovulate, and what that feels like for me.

But here I am at (definitely - both temps and EWCM confirm) 3DPO and I feel very mild, but fairly consistent cramping today and yesterday (but a little more today). So I hardly notice it at all during the day, but when I get a chance to sit down and rest for a moment, there it is. It's different from the usual 12 or 24 hours worth of cramping I typically get before/during O.

I've read that implantation doesn't occur until day 5 at the earliest (usually more like 7 or 8), so I know that's not it.

What's up?

Edited to add - I've been sitting here a while and noticed that the right side is a little more crampy than the left. So maybe it's my ovary?? Also, the word cramp doesn't really do it justice - different from cramps during AF, and again just very very mild and dull/throbby but pretty much constant.
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Ok, don't get your hopes up, but..... with my last cycle I was sure I ovulated on cd 14. Well, on cd 17 I had cramping and light spotting. I thought it was too early for implantation as well. But, I'm pg!

So, in the end I'm not sure if I ovulated early or what. Maybe you ovulated early.

Oh, and with my first pg, I had abdominal pains for about two-three weeks after I ovulated. Sooooooo... I'm hoping that this is a good thing for you!

Good Luck!
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I had some weird but OBVIOUS cramping in my LOWER right abdomen last month for 2 days on and off. I never felt anything like that before. I wasn't sure what it was because I had a m/c a month before so I thought it was my ovary or something. It turned out I tested positive a day or so later!!!
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Yep what they said.. Everytime I've had cramping like that I've been PG..

Just a heads up.. Could that be a possibility??

Warm Squishy (but not crampy ) Feelings..

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Well, as I posted in The One Thread, we had a bit of an oopsie-daisy. Meaning we GIO the night before I O'd (my rookie charting error combined with a dh who looks for any excuse in the book to avoid condoms ). After some scrambling and talking it over, we have decided we're over the moon and are now really really hoping I'm PG. (We had talked about starting to try this fall/winter.) But I'm trying not to get my hopes up -- I mean, what ARE the chances??!!

So I still wonder what that "cramping" is from. Maybe a tired ovary post-O?!
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Not to take away From your excitement in any way, but I've also heard that sometimes right after O you can feel crampy due to the minor "contractions" of your fallopian tubes as they push the eggie through. Just a thought.
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I've had several cycles where I started cramping about 3 or 4 DPO and the cramping continued right up until AF. The early cramping was different from the cramping immediately preceding AF -- more like you what you described as dull, fairly constant cramping. I did not end up pregnant during any of those cycles. I have always attributed that initial cramping to the corpus luteum cyst which forms after ovulation and produces progesterone. I've heard that the cyst can sometimes cause light cramping. I don't know if that helps much, but I've definitely experienced what you're talking about.
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I've noticed that cramping too about 1-2 dpo.

There is nothing scientific about my theory, but I think it's caused by sperm. I think sperm has a slightly crampy effect, but maybe that's just me--hopefully it won't hurt my chances of conceiving!!
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I had the severe "cramping" and pain in my right side a couple of days ago. I normally ovulate like 10 days earlier than that. There is a possibility of pregnancy (the test line is quite faint) but who knows.
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