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amy, when they got back to me about my records they said it would be like $100 or something, which i totally couldn't afford. so i spoke with someone in the med. records office and they helped me distinguish which papers i would really want. we talked it down to about $25, much better! i just hope it has everything i want to know.
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Amy - I think I mentioned this before, but when I "got" my medical records from the hospital, I actually just physically went in and looked at them. The hospital was going to charge similar fees to yours, and we could NOT afford it.

I called and made an appt for a day when my DH didn't have to work, and we all went in (DH to care for DS while I looked/handcopied my records). It took quite a while - there were a lot of pages of CRAP that I had to wade through before I found what I was looking for. BUT I'm glad that I went in there b/c I was sure that I had seen everything that was in my file - if I had just had a copy sent, I think I may have questioned the completeness - KWIM?

At least at my hospital, I could stay as long as I wanted (there had to be a hospital employee present at all times ) though the attendant did keep hinting that there wasn't really much more to look at. Or, if you realize it's just too much at that first visit, you can come back as often as you want. I should have done this, but we were preparing for a move, so I didn't have much time.

Or, (I think) you could maybe have a new care provider request the records and then share a copy w/you. I could have done this for my OB's records, anyway, had I had a new care provider then. I'm not so sure about the hospital, but something to look into.
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Hey y'all... I had my baby!

Ezekiel Judah arrived ~3:30 am on the 19th. He was 9 lbs 4 oz, 21 1/2 inches, and a VBAC! The VBAC itself was a great (and challenging) experience, and I have to say that up until I was pushing, I honestly did not believe it was really going to happen. I feel so fortunate to have had a very well-balanced, very supportive crew (dh, the ob, the doula, even the hospital nurses).

I'll post a birth story here later, and in other convenient locations.

What has been really interesting for me which I'd love to discuss with y'all later is some of the physical sensations (afterward)... like when I was showering for the 1st time, I was unconsciously being careful of surgical staples which weren't there (because I hadn't had a cesarean this time)... it was so weird how my body seemed to remember the cesarean. Even though I didn't have the incision pain or any of that associated stuff, pyschologically, I was confused for a bit. I guess I should ask about that stuff on a VBAC thread, too. So weird, all this head and body stuff.

AnaNicole, I've been thinking of you. Hang in there... I'm hoping you can give birth soon, because I know you're worrying...
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congrats KKmama! how wonderful. i will be anxious to hear your story as it is a great inspiration to me. enjoy your baby!
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Yay! Congrats KKmama! I'm looking forward to reading your birth story, too!

Kinsey ... I thought about doing the go look through my file thing but w/the new HIPAA regs, the hosputal doesn't allow it, and even if they did, the idea of stepping foot in that hosp. again makes me shake. I'd rather scrape together the $$ and just get it all. And I'm pretty sure I'll know if its missing things as dh & I have a pretty good collective memory of how many people were in and out of the various rooms, who was present at the surgery, etc. And there was a student nurse in my room 90% of the time, so the records should be pretty detailed. I fully anticipate there being a record of every contraction. Heaven help me. And I want it all, even if its irrelevant. I think I just need to see everything. yk?
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KKmama - Congratulations!!

Originally Posted by Henry's_Mamma
w/the new HIPAA regs, the hosputal doesn't allow it
Whaaaaat? This makes me very suspicious. I'm sorry, but like you said, they are YOUR records, and you should have access to them w/out having to pay a fee.

Originally Posted by Henry's_Mamma
and even if they did, the idea of stepping foot in that hosp. again makes me shake.
This I can understand. I hope you are able to find the information you're looking for.
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I posted this earlier, but it got buried. I'll start a new thread if I don't get any responses this time. Thanks.

How long until I feel normal again? With my first 2 (vaginal deliveries), I was feeling back to normal within a few days, couple of weeks at the most. This time, with the surgery, I'm still having a hard time bending over, it's still hard to cough or sneeze, etc.

It's been 2 1/2 weeks and I have no idea how well I'm doing. If I should feel better or worse than I do, if I'm doing too much or not enough, etc. I'm seeing the dr for my follow up on Tuesday, but I really don't like feeling this way and I have no idea how to make it better. Any tips on speeding up recovery???
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I am going to place a guess that you are overdoing it. Having had 2 previous vaginal birth and easy recoveries, you are probably not taking it as easy as you should be.

I have only had surgical births, and I found the first the hardest to recover from. This time I was feeling pretty darn normal by 3 weeks out, I would say- that's when I started vacuuming and that heavier stuff again.

To recover well from c-birth, IMO- at first- it's move as much as you can (ie- in the hospital), then, it's move as little as you can (at home)- b/c let's face it- you are just likely to over-do things at home, esp. with other kids to take care of. So, eat and drink lots, and rest lots- although I think of my cesareans as "births" I am careful to remember that they are also major abdominal surgery- and if it were any major abdominal surgery other than a birth- I would sure be pampered more, by myself and others. Take it easy for a bit and see if that helps .
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in response to shelbean91:

I would agree with above, I think a good 3 weeks before feeling more normal.
my ds is 5 months. I did a lot the first few days (well probably too much, like a dummy picked up my friends toddler who came to visit me), felt good, went home, tried to do too much, felt worse, started taking it easier and started feeling and getting better. I still am tender to light touch or rubbing over the site. I also agree with remember it is birth and major abd. surgery, not a ton of cutting but lots of pulling a stretching the old bod doesn't go through with a vag birth. Hope you are feeling better soon.
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wow, I didn't realize there was another thread. There has been so much going on I'll try and catch up.
Pamamidwife-thanks for your support. It was nice to read that you are glad we are dealing with our c/b and supporting each other.
shellbean-I agree with the others. It takes a while to feel normal again. You might be doing too much. Especially with having two other kids and previous vaginal births. I remember trying to pick things up off the floor after about a month and realizing later I was pushing myself. Being a normally active person not doing these sorts of things was making me feel crazy.
Henry's mama- I got my records with in a week no problem, no money involved. I asked about my records when I was seeing my midwife and she had me sign a request form. That way she could get the surgery reports too and not have to pay for them. She then sent me a copy.
KKmama-yeah! Glad to hear things went well.
Ananicole-wow, I can't imagine the rollercoaster of emotions you are experiencing. hang in there, the redrocks will be waiting.
What the heck is it with this 4 hour waiting period post c/b for infants. that seems like utter nonsense. The patients really do have rights and having your newborn at your side is one of them. I can understand if there were complications but otherwise it is a stupid policy.
welcome to all the new people.
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And there was a student nurse in my room 90% of the time, so the records should be pretty detailed. I fully anticipate there being a record of every contraction.
Not to burst anyone's bubble, but I just want to point out that just because something was documented, does not mean you will get a copy of it. I requested some medical records from my OB-Gyn and I know for a fact there are several things missing. My Attorney has said we will have to get an affidavit from somebody swearing that the new set is complete. I had an emergency C-Section on July 29th due to severe pre-eclampsia/HELLP syndrome. Because I was only 24 weeks pregnant, they did a classical incision (Vertical), and I will have to have a c-section every time from now on. I went to an OB to talk about next time we get pregnant, and he was extremely comforting and compassionate. Sorry I just jumped in here, but I have been following the threads ever since the very first one.
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I'm going to see what they come up with, and if I think its incomplete, I plan to drive the hosp. records dept. crazy until I'm allowed to sit and go through my own file. I did get my OB's records yesterday and they're very complete except the 2nd page of the operative report is missing. I'll call them next week, though.

I have to say, looking at my records is making me very anxious.

Michelle ... I agree w/pps. A c/s is MAJOR abdominal surgery which takes some time to heal from. Some people feel better in weeks, some in months. It really depends. I think the best advice is to avoid heavy lifting, vacuuming, strenuous activity, laundry, excessive bending, etc. for a few more weeks. It sounds like your recovery is normal, though, so don't worry.
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I'll agree with all the pps, too... my midwife basically ordered me to do NOTHING for 6 wks, and it was good advice....
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Thanks ladies- as long as I know I'm on the right track, I'm fine. I really am taking it easy, it's just that I want to do more- but I can't.

There was one thing I did that was really dumb (and dh yelled at me about it, well-not yelled, but said 'I don't like being mad at you for hurting yourself, so please don't do anything like that again') and that was take out the garbage. Just from the house to the outside can in the garage, but it hurt to do that.

I have only picked up my other 2 kids like 3 times and that's only been in the last few days. I've lifted with my legs and arms, not my midsection. Dh was home for the first 2 weeks, but he had to go back to work this past Wed, so I'm dealing with that as best as I can. My mom comes in later today for about 6 weeks to help, so I'll be able to rest more.

I did get around quite a bit while in the hospital- they were surprised I wanted to get around as much as I did and I've been resting as much as possible since I've been home. I've only left the house about 3 times, including visits to the doc for a check up and bilirubin check.

I just want to be sure I'm doing enough, but not too much and you've helped me realize I'm on the right track. For the most part, I'm taking care of me and baby, but I do feel I'm shortchanging my other 2 so I'm glad dh's 4 days off are coming up and my mom will be here.

Thanks again.
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Peeking in for a moment.

I am busy working but wanted to let all of you know that my DH has a very good job offer here in town. We will have much better insurance coverage and better benefits. Its also very family friendly. This company even offers lactation services and breasts pumps to its working moms! Not that we need it but they also have an onsite day care facility and encourage moms to breastfeed.
So --- we are in the talking stages of baby no. 4. I need a good "girls" check up and need to start on vitamins, but I would like to start trying in August, if not late July if possible. I really want a late spring/summer baby if at all possible.
Also, my SIL is trying for baby no. 2 with her very new husband. (this was my brother's SO/Almost wife before he was killed) Anyway I am giving her Peggy's Natural Mothering books and my VBAC books. She was 16 when she had my neice (nearly 10 years ago) by csection for low amniotic fluid. I do not know all the details but it was something watched for about three weeks and then after one her visits she was actually taken to the hospital right then to have a csection. (she was seeing a CNM) She hopes to have a VBAC but is really scared of having any kind of pain. She is a very emotional girl and suffered with PTSD after my brothers death. She says she would just like to give it a shot. So we will see.

Welcome to all the newbies!
Michelle -- you are doing to much, REST REST REST! Easier said than done I am well aware.
AnaNicole -- I am waiting for you to post pictures of a baby now!
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As soon as dh is off work and my mom gets here, I promise I will rest more!! Thanks for the reminders and encouragement.
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kkmama-I'm so happy for you! congrats on your little one and your VBAC!

Shelbean- I am 3 months post c/s and just beginning to feel *normal* again.I still get pain on occasion when I do too much lifting but overall I feel healed. I can totally relate to not really knowing how you feel! people would often ask me that during my recovery and I would simply reply "I don't know" as one moment I'd feel really great and ready to conquer the world and the next pain and wanting to curl up in a ball and die. I know that sounds a bit dramatic but it's the only way I can describe it!

I have a question for you mamas..

do you find yourself guarding your tummy? I won't let anyone touch it and find myself protecting it. DH questioned me on this and I don't know why I do this but feel it's perfectly normal with what I know about bodywork. I am considering doing some heller work (talk therapy w/ bodywork usually over the course of 10 sessions) reccomended by a friend, but am not sure I'm really ready for that emotionally. I am going to start some self massage this week and see what happens..
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Rainbowmoon, I definitely protected my tummy w/ my C w/ ds#1. And I also found myself unconsciously doing the same thing after ds#2 was born, even though he was a vbac. This recent birth has really reminded me of the mind/body connection, even though my C was almost 3 yrs ago and I feel like I have "processed" it well...

Also... I finished a birth story and posted on the May mamas birth story thread, might post it under the vbac heading, too.
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I'm a little late with this, but- CONGRATULATIONS!

(I have gotten to where I just read the responses in the e-mail and don't come on as much, so I am missing things now and then)
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KKmama-- Congrats!!

Shelbean-- A c/b can be traumatic for your body...wait... it IS traumatic for your body It takes time. With T it took about 6 months to feel good. This time with B, about 4 days pp I was feeling great and could do just about everything. I'm 17+ weeks pp now and I can sometimes feel the soreness in my lower abs. I really feel it when I'm trying to walk fast. Just take your time

OTF-- I'm glad your dh has a good job offer!! I know what its like to need a new one. We've been looking for 8 months and 5 months seriously. We're in such a big hole here it is depressing...
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