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TexasSuz-- CONGRATS!!

I took an hpt tonight. It was negative..PRAISE GOD!! I would love another baby but I'm only 4 months pp. I feel like crap and I'm feeling off. So, I'm hoping that maybe I'm just getting ready to start ovulating. If I still feel like this next week I'll test again.

How is everyone doing??
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Congrats Susan. We will give you all the support you need!

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Congrats, TexasSuz!

I understand why you don't want to have to explain to your AP group, and don't think you should if you don't want to. But I do think that it's good for us c-section moms to tell our stories and explain our actions. I had the hardest time finding supportive information about c-sections online - everything was either "Here's how to avoid an unnecessary c-s" or all about VBAC. Sometimes there are good reasons, and I think it's important for people to learn about and understand that.

I've been going to the "Mothering Arts" group that's held at my midwive's office. It's been hard for me sometimes, since it's mostly been homebirth moms, and of course they all talk all about their births. But I talk about mine too, and I think it's helped to make people realize that yes, this could happen to them. I know that I was in total denial - that wasn't going to happen to me... And then it did.
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Thanks everyone. I will think about talking about my c-births, but the last few times I did people tired to convince me that despite what my doctors have told me since I was 12 I could have a vaginal birth! I mean have they looked at my insides? NO! My doctor has! Makes me so mad!

Anyway, I am ok with having 2 scheduled c-births and never going into labor. my doctor did let me go 42 weeks last time so that I could feel what labor was like before my c-birth but I never went into labor. Oh well.

I have a beautiful son and that is all that matters. I am already stressed about being away from him for 3 nights while I have this baby! It will be harder on me than him I'm sure! But I have until January to prepare for that!


Megan - my son and your 2nd son have the same name (even spelled alike)! I love that name!
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I actually agree with Tammylc... I think the first time I really realized that maybe other mamas need to hear about stories like mine was when we were talking about birth at my LLL meeting, and my LLL leader encouraged me to share my own experience (she knew the story ahead of time). That was a really good forum in which to talk about it, because of course it's moderated, and everyone is encouraged to be tolerant and open-minded...
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Hey, all, AnaNicole had her baby!!

Here is the email I got from daddy:

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay on this, we've been a touch busy!
Here is Graysen Christopher Moss Riedel

He came in a 7lbs 3oz, Friday morning at 8:19am via C-Section.
The doctor gaged that he was about 35 weeks old, and a bit underdeveloped in the lungs, and so they transferred him to Petriatrics ICU to help him establish his breathing.
When I left this morning at 10:30am, they were going to try him on room oxygen for a while to see how he does. Otherwise, he is doing really well, along with Ana.
At this point, Ana should be getting out of the hospital on Monday, maybe Tuesday... hopefully Graysen will get to come home with her.

Thanks all!

Chris (proud daddy)
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Thanks for the update!
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Yay TexasSuz and yay AnaNicole and Graysen! And Suz-I agree, you should NOT have to justify or explain why you are having a c/b.

I don't know why I can't keep up with this thread! I forget to look in Birth and Beyond because TAO is so busy and I have limited time at the puter.

Things are going great here. I'm fully recovered, got the go ahead for fun with dh (but it hurt so we stopped-anyone have experience with that?), Darian is growing like a beautiful flower and I have another month off of work. Life is good.
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Originally Posted by RacheePoo
(but it hurt so we stopped-anyone have experience with that?)

I did, but we don't let it stop us. Once things... get moving... the pain lessens and disappears. Your dh just has to realize to be easy the first few times. Bfing dries ya up pretty good too.
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I always feel bad when I read these posts because I didn't have any problems with my c-section.

I had done a ton of research because I had high blood pressure throughout my pregancy and knew going into the induction that there was a 50% chance of having a c-section. After being inducted for 2 days and still being at 2 cm and -2 stage, it was my call to have the c-section. I had a spinal, they "showed" me Colton right after he was born (without my glasses I can't see past the end of my nose so kind of pointless ). The hosiptal I divered in only had an NICU, all healthy babies stay with the mother at all times. We both were in the recovery together along with my 2 BIL's, my parents and DH's parents. BILs even got his first pee on video, one almost got hit . I had a great birth experence and an easy recovery. Having to stay home and not drive my car for 2 weeks drove me nuts. I was back to my normal self about 7 days after the c-section and after being on bedrest I was ready to be out in the world again.
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Thanks Pam!!! I will post my birth story when I can use both hands to type!
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DetriotMom-- My first c/b was pretty much the same thing. I didn't have any real problems (except horrid itching after the c/b and a baby that constantly screamed!!) They only kept babes in the nursery who were asleep or sick. As soon as they made a peep they brought him back...which was often... it was expected that you would room in. My second c/b was amazing...except B had breathing issues and was in an O2 tent for 30 hours and they knicked his eyelid ) but my recovery was amazing and no itching either!!

Ana--Good to see you!! Congrats on the little one!!!
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Had my 6-week postpartum check up today. Everything looks good. I'm still having this painful "pulling" sensation on my right side. Dr. says it might be adhesions. Alternately, he said that sometimes a nerve gets stitched up in the uterine stitching, and it can cause some pain. If it's still bothering me in a month, I can go in for a steroid shot that should fix it up - he called it a "trigger point injection." Anyone know anything about that?

Yesterday was DH's birthday and six weeks, so hubbie and I attempted "celebrate." Didn't go so well - my painful place limited the positions, and even with a ton of lube, things were too sore inside to keep going. God knows when we'll have a chance to try again - last night we dropped Liam off with friends for a few hours.
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Originally Posted by tammylc
Yesterday was DH's birthday and six weeks, so hubbie and I attempted "celebrate." Didn't go so well - my painful place limited the positions, and even with a ton of lube, things were too sore inside to keep going. God knows when we'll have a chance to try again - last night we dropped Liam off with friends for a few hours.

Wow... you found someone to keep a 6 week old for a bit... thats nice!!

The lack of lube is the worst thing about pp sex. I'm almost 4.5 months pp and the lube is just now returning. It was terrible in the beginning, with pain, but now there is none. For us it was getting past the pain. Even though the first time hurt like heck the second time was much better
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susan and ananicole, congrats!!

hello to everyone else!

i just got my medical records, and i felt like throwing up when i started reading them! ( i took a break from them) so i might read a little more today. i knew this would be hard for me. i've already spotted things that were wrong!

btw, amy, did you get yours yet?
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It is sickening, mamasarah, especially when you realize that your future medical care will be based on those WRONG records!! Mind-boggling. I need to get mine out and re-read them (I've been meaning to for over a month, now, but just can't seem to make myself do it). The first time through, I had to just focus on the incorrect things that I could have changed (you know you CAN have them changed, right?) and that helped me get through it.

This thread has kind of slowed down lately. Anyone seen Kim (OnTheFence, I think)?

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tammylc: I don't know about the injections, but my sil had HORRIBLE HORRIBLE pulling pain after her c/s. She thought she had ruptured or something. About 10 weeks pp it just stopped. She's pg again and has had it off and on through this pg (she's umm, 8 weeks behind me and I'm 32 weeks so she's umm, 26? Oops, 24 weeks?). I hope it goes away soon! YEOUCH!

Well, as for me, my pre-e is back and looks like we might be having our c/s earlier than scheduled (July 30 is the planned date). We're talking about c/s at 34 weeks if my bp doesn't get some control.... yeeeesh. I am really hoping to hold out longer... I want a nice fat chunky healthy baby!!

Sooo, that's me.

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I'm sorry to hear that, Kimberly. I'm hoping your body gets back on track so you can cook that babe longer!

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