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Congratulations, Kim!

Isn't it weird how after all the worrying one does about tearing, when it actually happens you couldn't care less? I felt myself tear, and I was just like "darn, wish I'd positioned myself a little better." Next time I'll know! of course, next time my baby may weigh 10 lbs and have a huge head, who knows?
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seedling: I loved your birth story. I hope that I am just as fortunet to have a quick, happy, healthy delivery as well.

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Well, Wednesday (the 16th) morning at about 4, I woke up and noticed I was having some mild, irregular contractions. At 5 I decided to get in the shower and have a bite to eat and see if they stop. They didn't stop and were still coming anywhere between 3 to 8 minutes apart. Some of them didn't even last a minute. Since my last labor was so fast, I called my mw and she told me to head on in to the hospital. We got our stuff ready and took off. My mw checked me when we got there and I was surprised to find out I was already 7 cms with my water bulging. Mw said we'd just let it progress nice and slow, and I agreed. I continued to have the mild, irregular contractions for the next 4 hours. Suddenly, I felt a slight urge to push. My mw said to go ahead and do what my body was telling me to do. I pushed gently with the contractions for the next 20 minutes and lost my mucous plug during this time. Then the urge was getting stronger. I moved to my hands and knees and pushed as much as I felt I needed to with each contraction. My water broke at this time. I pushed pretty hard for about 15 minutes and then I finally felt my baby's head in the birth canal. It took about 5 more minutes of pushing to get him out. It felt like his head was stuck halfway out for a really long time! It was much more difficult than pushing dd out, but she was 2lbs. lighter! Anyway, after his head was out, it took about two pushes to get his shoulders out. Finally, out he slid right into dh's hands! Dh placed him up on my chest and he mouthed my breast for a while as I delivered the placenta and had a few stitches put in. My perineum stayed intact. Ds weighed in at 8lbs. 13oz. and was 22 1/2 inches long! We stayed in bed together the rest of the day and night and he started nursing like a champ! We came home from the hospital the next day and have been having a wonderful time ever since. Here is a link to some pics:
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congratulations Susan! What a beautiful birth story.
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Well, Marlena Beatrice came at 37 weeks. She was born on 6/9, on DH's birthday.

Totally spontaneous, healthy, quick labor. Born at home (midwives made it with 15 minutes to spare). I was at 10 cm when they arrived and checked me. I really didn't believe I was "in labor" till the very end, but looking back it was pretty obvious I was.

It was a blessing she came early... I was really tired of being pg and didn't know how I was going to survive another 3 weeks. I'm not the type to go in and ask for an induction, so it's nice the way it worked out!

I'll post my birth story soon.
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Ian is here!

Well, he's here! It was a long, hard labor. Worth it in every way, but man . . . I'm still recovering.

Sunday morning (June 13), I woke up in the wee hours with what I thought were strong BH ctx. Usually I don't wake up for ctx because I'm so used to them, but these were different -- much more intense, even painful. They just had an edge of authenticity to them, IYKWIM.

We went about our business Sunday, running errands and going here and there, but the ctx kept getting more intense and frequent and they were really starting to slow me down. I began to wonder if this was really it.

Sunday evening, I drank some Raspberry Leaf Tea and went upstairs to lie down for a bit. I had been sort of keeping track of the ctx, and they seemed to be coming pretty regularly -- every 6-9 minutes. I called my health care provider, and they told me to time the ctx really well for an hour or two and call back. We began timing them at 10:38 PM, and found that the strongest ones were coming at exactly six minute intervals, with smaller ctx in between at the 3 min. mark. Over the next few hours they got worse and worse until I was lying sideways on the bed moaning through each ctx. The pain was almost entirely in my back, and it was pretty intense. We called back and they told us to head over to the hospital to be checked.

We arrived at the hospital a bit after 1:30 AM. I fully expected to be told I was 3 cm and sent back home, but lo and behold, I was 4-5 cm! I was so relieved. I was paranoid that even thought he ctx REALLY hurt, that they were just BH ctx, and I'd have to go home and tough them out for a week or more until REAL labor hit. But we were admitted on the spot, and began the process of active labor -- without medication.

All night long, we walked the halls of the hospital, stopping with each ctx to have my husband press on my back to try to relieve some of the pain I was feeling there. I was feeling really strong, powerful and upbeat at this point. I noticed the there were no other mamas walking the floor, even though the L&D nurse said there were ten others laboring that night. I guessed they'd all asked for the epidural right away, and that made me sad. I was in pain, but I was actually having fun. I knew my baby was on his way and that I was going to be the one to make it happen.

I dilated fairly quickly from 5 to 7 cm -- it took about 3 hours, I think. But then I got stuck at 7 cm for about 3 more hours. By 8 am, the OB was pretty concerned about meconium or other potential problems, and against my better judgement, I let him break my water at 8:30 AM. In retrospect, this was a Bad Idea. It led to many other interventions that I hadn't wanted. But I truly believe the final (and most serious) intervention, the c-section, would have happened whether I let him break the water or not, so I'm trying not to beat myself up too badly over it.

Once he broke my water, the ctx started coming much more frequently -- they were like every minute and a half. And they were SO INTENSE. This is when the screaming pain started. I was no longer having fun -- I was out of control and terrified. As long as I live, I never want to feel pain like that again. Without the cushion of the waters to protect my spine from Ian's head, it was like someone was stabbing sharp knives into my lower spine and twisting them -- hard. At the same time, the pain in my abdomen increased exponentially. I couldn't handle it. Over the next hour and a half or so, I screamed my way through the pain to 9 cm dilated. Then I asked for the epidural (partly for the sake of my poor husband, who was exhausted from the physical effort of pushing on my spine, but mostly for me -- I was just DONE with the pain).

The epidural was such a relief, but it stopped my labor cold. At 9 cm! After an hour or two, I was no longer having any ctx at all. So they hooked me up to the pitocin. The pitocin got things going again, but the ctx were ineffective and I remained at 9 cm for the next 4 hours. By 3:30 PM, they were talking c-section, so I told them to cut off the epidural and see if the pitocin would work better then. Oh, my God. What a mistake. It did work -- I dilated to 10 cm by 5:30 or 6:00 PM. But the pain was unbelieveable. They had me start pushing. Pushing did feel good, but the beginning of each ctx was painful enough to make me scream out in terror, and the back pain in between ctx didn't feel good either. Also, the ctx were so close together that I never got a break -- it was finish one, deep breath, head into another. And since I'd been awake and in labor for sooooo long, I was flat out exhausted. I know my pushing was good, as I was pushing out impacted stool, but the baby would. not. budge. (Note -- through all of this, Ian's little heart rate was so steady -- he weathered all of this so very well. )

After three and a half hours of pushing, Ian still had not moved down. His head was totally hung up on the pelvic bone. It was clear to all of us at this point that he wasn't coming out the natural way. We all kind of looked at each other in defeat and I said "do it" without even feeling the need to say what "it" was. They went over the risks of c-section and all that, but I wasn't listening. I just wanted Ian to come out, and I wanted the pain to stop. I told them I didn't care what they did as long as they turned the epidural back on. They drugged me up again (I still had to push halfheartedly to get through two more contractions), and prepped me for surgery. I was scared, but resigned to the whole thing. Even if they had believed I could push the baby out, I didn't have it in me by that point. I'd been in serious labor for nearly 24 hours, most of it without medication. I was exhausted and shaking. It was time for the experience to be over.

Before surgery, I noted that I felt a weird tingling/sharp sensation in my lower pelvic area, just on one side. I really didn't think much of it, and I didn't want to mention it because I was scared of them upping the epidural (I was having trouble swallowing and my limbs felt so heavy and dead I was scared). During surgery, I realized that area of my pelvic region had not been numbed effectively by the epidural. I felt pretty much everything that happened in that spot. It wasn't just pressure -- it was pain. I must say, though -- the pain of being sliced open and having your organs moved around and a baby pulled out is actually LESS than the pain of serious back labor.

While the doctor had me open, it was so funny -- he complimented me on my diet because I had "some nice looking protoplasm" and said that most people who come in there look "all greasy" from eating too much Mickey D's. He went on at length about how great my organs looked and how I must have a great diet and get lots of exercise. It's the strangest compliment I've ever been paid, but it made me feel good.

Anyway, they removed Ian at 10:03 PM on Monday evening. The very first thing he did, while only his head was out and his body was still inside me, was to BITE THE DOCTOR! The OB got all startled and said, "He bit me!" Then when they pulled him out, he went back to sucking his hand just like he did in utero (we had lots of U/S pics of this activity).

Ian weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and is absolutely beautiful. They cleaned him up and brought him over to me and put him up against my face so I could kiss him and see him. He just stared at me with the most beautiful blue eyes. I was so overwhelmed. They took Ian and DH to the recovery room to wait for me while they stitched me back up. When I got to recovery, they let me breastfeed him. He nursed like a champ! He went for a good 30 minutes! He spent that first night with me, learning to nurse and being cuddled by me and DH. I got hardly any sleep, but I didn't care. I was just so happy to finally have my baby boy.


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Kirsten, congratulations! I just PM'd you a longer note . . .
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congrats susan!!!
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Kenny is here!!

After a 26 hour labor (7 of it being REALLY hard labor), Kenny was born at home (he was an HBAC) on June 25th at 12:35pm. He was 8lbs., 12oz., 21 3/4 inches long and had a 14 1/4 inch head! I am going to write my birth story soon, but I just wanted to share the news!!!
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Joel has left the garden!

[Whew! Here it is 2:30 in the blessed a.m., my newborn and toddler are both asleep, and after nearly three weeks and an hour of trial-and-error, I've finally managed to fix my MDC log-in and post a message!]

Congratulations to Heather and welcome Kenny!!

My own little one arrived on June 10 after a beautiful natural birth that went blessedly well for baby and me! Joel was a robust nine pounds, and hasn't latched off the breast---except for parts of his sleeptime---since shortly after birth. Big sister Claire is tandeming with him (challenging, but worth it).

Oops---must run!

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Finally posting my birth story!

Well, it only took me a month to get my birth story typed up. I wrote a very long detailed version of it which you can read here

Vivian Joy was born at unmedicated in a freestanding birth center June 7, 2004 @ 4:25pm, Weighed 7lbs 2oz and was 20-1/2 inches long.

Sunday morning about 2am I had contractions about 30 seconds long and 3 minutes apart for about 3 hours and then they stopped. When I got up for work on Monday, June 7th, the start of a new workweek depressed me. I didn't have any inkling that labor might be starting. I had a few sensations and shortly when I went to the bathroom I found the bloody show. I couldn't reach DH on the phone so I rushed home.

Once I got there it was a little after 9am, I told DH the contractions were pretty strong. I thought maybe I got early labor out of the way Sunday morning and now things were really going to take off. He urged me to go ahead and call the birth center. The midwife asked me to time the contractions and either go for a walk or take a bath to see if the contractions stopped. "What I'm looking for is contractions 45 seconds long and less than 5 minutes apart."

I decided to take the walk. I thought that walking would be more likely to speed things up whereas the bath might slow them down. By 11am most of the contractions were about 45 seconds long with an occasional 30 second one in between and still averaging about 6 minutes apart. At 12:45 the midwife called to see how I was doing. I asked her whether she thought I should have MIL come to watch Owen. She advised to call MIL in half an hour if things seemed to be progressing. She asked me to check in with her in an hour. By then my MIL was here and she asked me to come up to the office and be checked. Discouraged that she just wanted to "check" me, I feared we might be sent home.

I needn't have worried, I was 7 or 8 centimeters! Once we arrived in the birthing room, the same room where my son was born, I decided I wanted to get right into the tub but I had a fever and they wouldn't let me. I was distraught that I couldn't get in the tub, afraid I wouldn't be able to cope with transition out of the water. I had lost track of time by then. After a while the midwife checked my temperature again and it was back in the acceptable range so into the tub I went! She checked me first and said I had a lip on the right side "If you lie on your left side, it'll help that open up."
Around 4:00, I felt a very strong urge to push. I was surprised that everyone was watching me but no one suggested checking my dilation. "Okay it's getting really hard to hold back," I admitted.
"Why are you holding back?" the midwife responded.

"Well you said I had a lip and I don’t want to make it worse."
"Don't worry about that, you can push if you want." So I pushed a little through the next contraction and she checked me. "Um okay we're ready to go! I put my finger in there and there was a head so not to worry about the lip!" It was 4:07 p.m.

I managed to get myself out of the tub and onto the bed. The midwife encouraged me to turn on my side. When we discussed my birth plan, she said she liked side-lying the best to avoid tearing. I was dubious but ultimately really trusted her. The rest was pretty much a blur.

On the second push I felt like the baby was on the perineum. I thought everyone was kidding when they said how fast the baby flew out. Then I realized that my digital camera captured the time down to the second. The baby's head crowned at 4:23:28 and she was on my chest at 4:24:12. The midwife used lots of oil and a compress. Once the head was out, I yelled out, "I can't stop pushing!" Apparently, her cord was around her neck and her hand was by her chin but still I only suffered a tiny tear near my urethra. As she flew out, I grabbed her as fast as I could. I was so happy. As far as I know I was the first one to know her sex. I looked under the towel she was in and my head fell back in disbelief. I had my little girl. She was covered pretty tickly in vernix and she had barely any molding since she came out so quickly.

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Congrats Tamara!! Great birth story!
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Lillian Eloise’s Birth Story

We had decided to use Hynobabies for the birth of our third child. I had been having surges(Hypno for contractions) on and off for a couple of weeks. Although my guess date was June 21st I felt all along that she would be early but I really hoped that Lily wouldn’t be born until after the 13th, which is her sister’s birthday. On the 14th I woke up with some mild surges that felt like the Braxton hicks that I had been having. I got Lauren & Maddie ready and we went for a walk around the neighborhood, then we ate lunch and I took Lauren to school. I went back home and got everything ready for Lauren’s party at school and checked my e-mail. I realized around 1:00 that my surges were starting to come at regular intervals so I called Mark and gave him a heads up. We agreed that he would meet me at home after I picked Lauren up from school and he would drive us to the chiropractor’s. I put our bags into the car and went to take Lauren’s birthday snack to school and then return home. Mark met us at home and we all went to the chiropractor’s to get adjusted. My surges were still about 8 to 10 minutes apart but were growing in intensity. We got home made dinner and called my mom to pick up the girls. I came to peace with my decision to NOT have Lauren present at the birth mainly because she was driving me crazy with her constant talking! After the girls left Mark started to really time the surges and we found that they were around 6 to 9 minutes apart. We called our doctor/midwives office to see who was on call and it was a doctor from the other practice who I didn’t know. I was bummed because I really wanted my midwife or doctor. We decided to relax for a little bit and around 7:00 we headed into the hospital. Our doula Chris met us there and we settled in. Around 8:00 the nurse (Marge) checked me and said I was only 1 – 2 centimeters and 50% effaced and that she wasn’t convinced that this was the start of anything. Although I was a bit bummed by this I knew that this was the real thing and soon I’d be holding my little one in my arms. We relaxed and Mark suggested that I listen to a fear release and see if that helped move things along. Not long after I felt things start to change and I soon felt the need to throw up occasionally (my reaction to the birth process). During each surge I would just close my eyes and say to myself “peace and anesthesia, open, open, open” At 10:30 my nurse asked to check me once again and I agreed and I was 4 + and 90 % effaced with a bulging bag of waters and I was officially admitted. Time gets kinda foggy from now until the birth. I remember at one point just saying to Mark and Chris that I just wanted to go to sleep. I kept changing positions going from the birth ball to the birthing stool to finally sitting on the bed leaning against Mark. While I was leaning against Mark I was falling asleep in between surges. I kept my switch in the center position. Around 2:30 am Chris suggested that I get up and go to the bathroom. I was reluctant because I was so comfortable and I think deep down I was waiting for my midwife to come on at 7:00 am. When I stood up I had a HUGE surge and remarked to Chris that this was a bad idea! I made it into the bathroom but I don’t think I ever actually peed. Mark followed me in and shortly after I got in there I yelled I’M PUSHING!! Poor Mark I did it to him again! He pushed the panic button (I didn’t realize it at the time he told me later) and all of a sudden there were a bunch of people in the bathroom with me. Marge kept telling me that I needed to get of the potty NOW and I told her I couldn’t. The doctor and Mark ended up having me put an arm around them and they led me back to the room where I collapsed on the bed on all fours. I didn’t find this position comfortable and told Mark that I wanted to have him behind me again. I felt great comfort having him behind me. So with much effort I switched positions. The doctor kept asking if anyone knew if I was complete and I remember telling him “well I’m freaking pushing so it doesn’t matter does it??” When he checked he said “there’s the head” and I responded “well DUH!” He must have thought I was a peach! I then really started pushing and the urge just took over. It was a truly out of body experience for me. I started to sing with every urge to push and remember hearing myself hit a high note! Someone, Chris I think, told me to reach down and feel the baby’s head and when I did I was just giddy! The nurse told me I needed to scooch down a little because I was sitting up too high and then shortly after told me that we needed to get that baby out because the head was stuck. The next push she was out. It was like the pushes before that were just ”playing” and then all of a sudden I needed to get serious and bam out she came at 3:07 am on June 15th weighing 8 pounds 14 ounces and was 19 ¾ inches long! We let the cord stop pulsating and Mark cut the cord. The doctor left the room and started paper work while Mark and I snuggled our new little angel. A few minutes later I felt the urge to push again and after a couple of pushes out came the placenta, much to the nurse’s surprise. She didn’t realize that I was pushing again. We got to look at the placenta (my first time in three births) and the doctor came back in and checked me out and said I had a little tear and would need one stitch, so I handed Lily off to Mark and they snuggled skin to skin while I got stitched up and cleaned up. I found out later that the doctor had read my entire birth plan and was afraid to speak during the birth. Although I was so worried about him attending my birth in the end he was FANTASTIC and very supportive of how we wanted to do things. I’m so pleased that my last birth turned out so well.
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Our original labor plan was to be together as a family until my labor got intense, then Matt would take Tain somewhere until I was pushing. When I started pushing, my mom or Kirsten (my best friend) would call him home and hopefully they would make it shortly after the baby was born. We had decided that Rowan would be born on Saturday, June 26 since my labor support (my mom and Kirsten) were flying in on Thursday. We kept telling Rowan that Saturday was his birthday and I did lots of opening visualizations. This method worked well for Tain, he only missed his target day by 2 hours, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it again.

I had been having practice ctx for about a month so it is hard to say exactly when my labor started. I know that around 11:30 pm on Friday, June 25 I asked Matt to time them for a while. They were coming every 11 minutes so around 12:15 I decided to try to sleep and see if they went away or not. I woke around 3 am to go to the bathroom and laid back down, but they were keeping me from sleeping so I got up around 3:45 am. At 4:00 I woke Kirsten and we went for a walk. They intensified toward the end of the walk and I was ready to be inside by 5:00 am. Around 5:20 they were coming every 3 min and, while I could talk through them, it wasn’t comfortable to do so so I called my midwife, Lori. She and I talked for a few minutes and decided that I would call her when things got a little heavier. By 6 am they had really slowed down so I went back to bed. I checked my cervix and it was still long, but I could feel the bag of water bulging through it slightly. I never thought that I could check myself with my first birth, so this was a very strange and awesome feeling.

I woke at 8 am and the rest of the house was up by 8:30. Lori had called around then, but we didn’t notice until later because we had turned the ringer off. Matt called her back and told her things had slowed down and we’d call if they picked up again. I don’t remember what my ctx were like after I got up, I had them but for the remainder of the day I didn’t bother to time them. I just floated through the day, hanging out with my family: my mom, Kirsten, Matt and Tain. I took a bath for a while, got out and wandered around the house, chatted, watched some TV. I ate and drank frequently. Matt was supposed to work at 4:30 pm that day and after some discussion we decided he should go ahead and go and I would call him home if I needed to. He originally thought he’d come back at 6:30, but with the way things were going, I didn’t think it would be that fast.

I decided to get in the bath again around 4 pm since they were making me uncomfortable (I had just put Tain down for a nap and even nursed him down!). Matt left for work and I asked my mom to time them for me since we hadn’t done that all day and I wanted to see if they were regular at all. Before Matt left he suggested I take a walk when I got out of the bath. I sat in the bath for about an hour, my mom timing them at about 9 minutes apart and me starting to vocalize a little. She talked to me a little about whether or not to shut my eyes and suggested I focus on relaxing my forehead during the ctx. She suggested I get out and walk around a bit. Since everyone seemed so convinced I needed to get out, I decided I might as well. I checked my cervix and it was thin and more open, but still very there and the bag of water was bulging more. I figure I was around 4 cm or so.

The ctx came on fast and heavy as soon as I got up-4 minutes apart and lots of vocalizing. My mom told me to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth. Then she, Kirsten, and I had some friendly banter about whether or not they should be telling me how to breathe and whether or not it made a difference (I didn’t notice one). It became a little joke about my breathing and taking a cleansing breath at the end of the ctx so everyone else could tell I was done. I exaggerated it a bit and it helped keep the mood light. I don’t think the whole breathing thing really mattered physiologically, but it did help me stay on top of the ctx by not focusing on them so much. Mom also wanted to make sure I wasn’t shutting my eyes-she asked me what I was focusing on after one ctx and I told her “did you know that there are 15 calories in a teaspoon of sugar?” I had been reading the sugar bag on our counter. Everyone laughed. It could have been annoying, but it wasn’t. It was nice to have these women that knew me so well with me when things got intense. There was a feeling of ease and happiness in the room. Though I didn’t want them touching me, having them there to laugh with and talk to, just to know they were in the room, kept my labor so serene.

At 5:15 pm my mom called Lori and told her she should probably come over and check things out. My brother came over and we decided to have him take Tain for a while since he had just woken up from his nap and my labor was getting heavy. A little before 6:00 I told my labor support to call Matt and tell him to come home at 6:30. Right after that Lori arrived and told me she only had to do 2 things: listen to the heartbeat and check me to see if she needed to call her assistant. I asked her if I had to lie down and she told me yes so we waited out the next ctx then raced to the bed. She listened to Rowan’s heart, then I got up through another ctx, then back down for a quick check. I was at 9 cm!! I felt so glad since the ctx had started to make me shake and I wanted to cry after every one, though I couldn’t figure out why. It wasn’t the pain or even the memory of the pain, just a strange raw emotion that I still can’t describe.

Matt got home at 7 pm and I felt such a sense of relief. I had no idea I would want him that badly, but I can’t express how much I needed him when he walked in the door. He held me through a couple ctx, telling me how strong I was and that I should welcome them and say yes (thanks, Vanita). Then he said he was going to go be with Tain and I almost lost it. I KNEW Tain was fine with Dale and I knew I couldn’t do the rest of the birth without Matt. All that came out was “Please don’t leave me. Please.” He stayed. I had him sit in my chair and I got down on my knees, leaning on his lap. I had a few really strong ctx and I just had to push to get through them. The pushing was harder than it was with Tain, I felt like I was splitting! I think that I wasn’t quite as ready as I was with Tain or the position I was in wasn’t as optimal. The pushing itself helped with the pain, but I didn’t allow my body to relax and open as much. Silly, since I had planned my whole pregnancy to take the pushing with this one slower. One ctx and I could feel his head come out, Lori had me wait while she checked for the cord, then another strong push and his shoulders were out-they were hard to push out like the head was. But suddenly he was out and my body felt so released! They told me to reach down and get my baby and there he was under me. With Tain, I couldn’t feel him progress out of me, when they told me he was here I thought they meant his head, but with Rowan I could feel him move down and then each part of him come out. It was amazing.

I was only holding him a few minutes when I felt the placenta slide out. I didn’t have any ctx or pushing for that, just this slippery feeling as it emerged. I said “Here comes the placenta” and I handed it to Lori who was still right next to me. She said that was the first time the mom had ever handed her the placenta. She also said that it was the healthiest placenta she had seen in a long time. I felt pretty proud. I was introduced to Jan, the assistant, who had come in sometime after Matt got home and before I started pushing. It was the first time I saw her face.

I held Rowan and he nursed right away. I loved being able to fully look at him instead of lying down and not being able to see him on my chest well. I loved being able to look at Matt as I held our new son. Eventually I turned around and leaned against Matt’s legs, and Tain came home. It was perfect timing, I wasn’t even dressed yet, but all the birth stuff that would have scared him was over. My mom stalled them at the door while I put on a nightgown (my brother was still with him) and then Tain got to meet his brother. He was fascinated, pointing out his eyes and ears and mouth, his hands and feet; giving me drinks of juice and in general being very lovey.

After a while they transferred me to the bedroom and checked me out. One tiny tear not worth stitching and two small skid marks. Not bad for fast pushing. Lori started going over the postpartum instruction sheet with me. About halfway through, I just glazed. I was suddenly so tired. It was about 8:30 pm. I thought I would want to dress Rowan myself, but I am so glad someone else did it for me because I was in a total fog by then. I invited my mom to cut the cord. She was so delighted, out of five children and ten other grandchildren, this was the first time she was cutting a cord. I was so happy for her I thought my heart would burst.

We were finally able to sleep around 9:00 pm. Later on Matt and Tain came to bed and we all slept together as a family for the first time.

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Beautiful stories!!!
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I finally finished writing out my birth story. I've posted it on a webpage, it's super long

Kieran's Birth
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Wow Robin! That was incredible!
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Just thought I would pop in and announce the birth of my beautiful son, Michael Banyan. Banyan was born at home June 29th and weighed 9 lb. 15-1/2 ounces. I didn't have to resort to b/b cohosh after all...he just came when he felt darn good and ready. Thank you all for such a great experience as we awaited our little babies together.

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Congratulations Laura!!
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Congrats to all of you, and what beautiful birth stories to read!! As tough as some of the births were, the stories are so positive. They are full of strong women taking back the power to birth the way we want, making tough choices when events go differently that we expected, and coming out even stronger. I am so happy to have shared this all with you.

I posted the link to my birth story on the Life with a Babe forum. It took quite a while to write and will take a while to read, too, I suppose.
I wanted to post it here, officially on our birth stories thread...
www.family.mother-birth.com (Braden's birth story)
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