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Originally Posted by 2girlsmommy
Speaking of position..... On my little card that has all the information from my prenatatl visits there is a spot that tells position. Today the midwife wrote C, I know what V and B mean but C????? Anyone have any ideas what that might mean???

"C" typically is substituted for "V", it means cephalic, or head.

I will be gone at the LLL Conference from tonight until Monday night. With luck, I will be able to check in on Monday when I get home.

Seedling, sorry for your vent!!! People......

Good luck to anyone who goes into labor while I am gone....and PLEASE send me "no-labor-baby-stay-in" vibes! :LOL
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Originally Posted by seedling
she wanted to know when I went into labor so she could come SIT IN MY DRIVEWAY.
I wonder if your Mom and mine are cut of the same cloth. My Mom said that she is going to come and sit in the parking lot of my complex while I'm in labor. : She kept asking if I was going to need a photographer at the birth. I told her that I really only want dh, and birth professionals here. My mother is not the kind of person that I want around, she wears too much perfume and despite my asking her not to wear it around me, she does anyway. She is not comforting to me. When I was little and was sick, my Mom would go about her day and just keep me full of baby asprin or dimatapp. So...she's not the most nurturing person. So, I finally told her that only birth professionals and dh will be here. No one is allowed over after the baby is born for 24 hours, except her. I decided to give her something "special", this got her to shut up. I totally understand where you're coming from.

Sorry you are feeling so frustrated!!! to you sweet Mama!
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Thanks Erin! I am going to have the u/s next Tuesday at 1:00. I really think that baby is head down, but I want to be sure. Having had a breech baby before, I think I am extra cautious this time. Anyway, I will know for sure next week!! I am SO glad your baby is "heading" for the exit...that is great!!! :LOL
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The reason that I do WCC's is that I plan to homeschool, and I don't know what grade Eli will be in when. PA is the second strictest state in the union when it comes to homeschooling laws, and many of the laws deal with medical care which is, oddly enough, organized by grade instead of by age. So, for example, a child in first grade is required to have a hearing test, vision test, and a dental exam. Since I have no idea when Eli will be in first grade (maybe next year, maybe when he's four, maybe when he's eight) I've elected to keep an anally precise and meticulous baby book with all of his info until he outgrows it, and then to keep a notebook equally meticulously as he matures. I do not want anyone to have anything on me at all when I decide that Eli's not going to school, or any of the other strange things I decide to do. I'm totally paranoid about CPS, probably because that was my mother's favorite threat when I was a child; "If you don't do x,y,z I'll call CPS and they'll just take you away, they'll split you all up and put you in foster care and if you think this is bad, just wait till you get into a foster home." : At any rate, Eli's regular doctor is great. Like I said, he thinks I"m a little strange, but he's a smart guy and he listens to reason. I'm also not remotely afraid of doctors, because the rule which applied to all grownups has always applied to doctors too. They've got degrees, but that doesn't mean that they're smarter than I am.

My mother asked me if I wanted her at the hospital when I had Eli, and I said heck no. Then Mike asked me if I wanted *his* mother there. It was like, I don't want my mom there, why would I want yours?! In the end, MIL was there and I was glad for it. The whole thing was hell on wheels. My mom was there for a few hours, but she didn't stay for the whole thing because she had to go home and watch my nieces while my sister went to work. Geez, it was a long freaking day!

This time, Mike's mom specifically asked if she could keep Eli and keep him out of the delivery room. :LOL She was trying in her very sweet, super polite way to say "I want to be helpful to you guys, but I cannot go through that again." I totally know how she feels, although I have to say that I was much more afraid of this labor before I got pregnant and early in the pregnancy than I am now. I think that being so close to the end and not feeling like grim death is very relaxing, and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that labor will follow the same pattern as the pregnancy has. : My only concern now is that NewBean will come on a Friday night or Saturday, and that MIL will want to take Eli to church with her Sunday morning. That's so not gonna happen!!
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Thanks for letting me vent (and supporting that I'm not some mean cold hearted daughter/sister). Now I need to vent just a little bit more. Okay, so I called my mom back. And I told her "Mom, I don't want any houseguests from now until after the baby is born". And immediately she went to the dog with tail tucked between legs voice/attitude. So then of course I was like "I really appreciate the offers of help but..." Anyway, why do I feel guilty? And why does that guilt make me feel so freaking angry? So she was like "what about seeing you on Sunday" ... "Well Mom that's DH's birthday and we have plans for church, followed by swimming with some of his friends, followed by dinner with HIS parents". What about Monday? "Well Mom, DH & I both have to work and I have a play date lined up for DD and I have birthday party to go to that night". I mean, I DO appreciate her coming to see me. This is not a normal thing for her. Usually, it's nag nag nag about coming to her house.

But I so want space right now and I just feel like she is suffocating me. So of course after all that rejection lumped on her I got the whole song and dance about how tired she was and how her business was really taking a lot out of her right now, etc. Poor pitiful me routine. And you know what, part of me wants to scream "You are the one who buys stuff constantly and has three cars (for one person) and can't downsize so that's why you have to work all the time! Don't talk to a woman in ther ninth month of pregnancy who is sole care provider for her child and who works half time about how tired you are!"

Anyway, the deal with me not wanting her around is that she's a total drama queen. Somehow most everything gets turned around so that the spot light is on her...so when I was pregnant the first time it was all about how hard labor was, about how I would never be able to breastfeed b/c she couldn't and the women in our family were "too high-strung", and about how hard pregnancy was for her, yadda, yadda. So with all that negativity, I didn't want her around. Plus she is a complete man-basher and I didn't want her interfering with my DH's support role. So when I had a wonderful birth experience, succesfully breastfed, etc it was all about how I shouldn't have any more children...that it'd just be too hard on me cause it was on her (and I'm the second freaking child). So when I got pregnant and like an idiot called to tell her first she was so pessimistic and downright ugly about the whole thing that it blew my mind (cause I'd been telling her for two years I wasn't having an only). Well, I got her to shut up about that a few weeks into the preganancy by telling her that all the talk about what a mistake I'd made left me feeling like I was an unwanted child b/c I was her second child. Well, so now the whole drama about her wanting to be here is about how difficult it was for her to get here when DD was born b/c there was a storm, and she didn't know where she was going, and it was TWO hours away (OMG!) and my dad divorced her when I was seven and she had to drive all by her pitiful self. I am NOT exaggerating here...the Dad divorcing her WAS part of her reasoning. She's freaking crazy.

Whew, I feel better. I think I might be able to sleep getting that off my chest. Thanks!
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Oh, and Sandi, I can't believe that bit about your brother getting peeved with you about not watching his kids at 37 + weeks!

People just amaze me. I'm so not good at setting boundaries but I find I have to constantly with my family or they'll just run all over me.
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I'm starting to think it won't be a good idea to have dd here for the birth. My sister is available to stay with her, but there are several reasons I'm not sure it would work:

- DD's speech is sometimes hard to understand. Dh and I are always telling people what she is saying. Ella wouldn't understand it and Linda would be frustrated.
- Linda doesn't know Ella.
- I don't want to deal with Linda at all. If she is home, she is going to want to interact with dh and I even if Ella is there to distract her. I don't know if I want Ella taking Linda out of the house, since I'm not sure what kind of driver she is (she's 21). And if I don't want to deal with her, what's the point of having here there? If I just want her to sit in another room and watch TV, she can go to dh's parents.
- It will make the house crowded.
- I want the house to stay clean and uncluttered. Unless Linda plans to not play with any toys or eat anything, I don't see how that will happen.
- It will put Ella in the role of disciplinarian, having to make Linda stay away from us.

I don't know why I thought this was going to work...now dh is disappointed that I want to send her away.
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Wow, it took me a long time to read all the posts! That's what I get for not being able to get to the computer until now! I twisted my foot this past Saturday while changing ds's clothes and pull-up in the middle of Manhattan. Boy did I do a number to it. I couldn't walk or put pressure on it until yesterday. I could only get around using the walker my dad used after he had a stroke. (Talk about feeling like an old lady!) :LOL Anyway, I finally could make it down the stairs to the computer.

Yesterday I started to have some weird contractions that lasted about 30 sec every 5min a few hours. The felt like BH, but after a few hours, I felt like my cervix (or something down there) was being pulled open. Of course the contractions stopped once I called my mw to give her a head's up. I remember my body doing the same thing with my preg with ds. Oh well! I'm kind of hoping that the baby will come this weekend, since the tenants upstairs are moving out today, and the new ones won't be moving in until June 1. (This way I won't feel self-conscience about sounding like a moose during labor. ) And after that, my mom, whom I want to be present for the birth, is going away to a conference June 2-4. Anyway, I know that the baby will come at the perfect time.

Oh! And about having mom's at the birth, obviously, I don't have a problem with mine being there, BUT MIL keeps asking DH if she could be there. I'm like, 'Lady, I didn't want you there the first time, what makes you think I want you present for this one?' If she wants to be around within minutes of the birth, she could rent a hotel room. (But she only lives 1.5 hrs or so away, traffic permitting.) At least I know that my mom will be useful, and watch ds if necessary, and she knows how to comfort me and knows when not to talk to me. MIL, God love her, asks too many questions at the wrong times. Okay, enough of that.

I do have 2 questions for you guys. 1.) I already have the Nojo baby sling from ds, but I didn't really like it. Have any of you tried the Baby Wrap or heard any comments about it? I want to wear the baby, but I would like to have both hands free whenever possible. With the sling, I always felt the need to have at least on hand supporting the baby.

2.) Co-sleeping.....this is a topic DH and I are having some slight differences about. Dh really wants ds out of our bed to make room for the new baby bean. I suggested side-carring the crib. Dh feels that ds had 3 years of sleeping between us in our bed, the new baby should have the same. I just feel a bit guilty "kicking" Jared into his own bed. I suppose that I'm concerned that it would negatively affect him in some way emotionally. And I don't want him to feel that we are pushing him aside and putting the new baby first. KWIM? : So, for you second/third/or more time mamas, what do you suggest?
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Grease-I don't think it is bad to not want a young child at your birth, even if it is your own child. The best situation is one in which you can labor the way you need to and your child is safe and happy. Maybe explaining to your dh how it would be from Linda's POV might help? We are planning for Tain to be home for early labor, but as soon as I can't mother him dh is going to leave the house with him. I will miss dh but I have my mom and bf coming to support me and Tain really doesn't know anyone. It is the same story-his speech is REALLY hard to understand, he doesn't know anyone, he makes huge messes, he is demanding. He is 2, what else can we expect?

As for relatives, luckily we don't live near any. My bro has been living w/us, but he moved out for the summer and he is relieved to not accidently be here for the birth! LOL Everyone else lives at least 2 states away, if not farther. My mom is coming for this one, she missed Tain's and I am excited, but I am not sure what the support will be like. I am not apprehensive, per se, but it has been a long time since we lived near each other and I am not used to using her as a physical support. I don't anticipate things going badly, though. I am glad we are far from the IL's. They are nice ppl, but with Tain's birth I was lying naked on the living room floor, placenta in a pot and still attached to Tain and I told Matt to call his parents and let them know he was born. They lived about 5 mi from us and came over right away. It was really awkward and IMO rude. So we had to figure out how to get me to the bedroom to check me for tears, etc without flashing me to FIL, cut the cord, do the vit K shot, etc and we really didn't get to spend much time alone with Tain. Now they live 2 states away so that won't be an issue. MIL told me last time I saw her that we were to call "the minute you go into labor". What for? I am not calling them in the middle of the night to tell them I am having ctx. I highly doubt they will be on my mind at all when the time comes. It was such a bizarre statement, I mean, we live in CO and they live in CA. What would be the purpose of waking them until the baby is born? I think we aren't going to be so eager to tell everyone this time like we were last time. I want more intimate family time this time around.

Rynna- I wasn't suggesting you were doing anything wrong by taking Eli to WCC. And knowing you, I was certain you obsessively researched your decision. LOL Mostly I am just overly defensive of why I don't. And this is a recent decision for me in a climate that assumes I am somehow abusing my child by not doing it. So I hope I didn't come off sounding like I was attacking you.

Man, I have a lot of bh! And Rowan gets the hiccups ALL THE TIME...LOL
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Crap, MDC ate my post again.

question 1) Are you talking about the Baby Wrap or the Ultimate Baby Wrap? The Baby Wrap is an African style sling that does not go over your shoulders www.babywrapinc.com and the Ultimate Baby Wrap is a wrap around sling similar to the moby wrap and hug-a-bub. I haven't been able to tell what it is made of, though the pics look like it is jersey like the moby/h-a-b. I don't have experience with either, though I have recently purchased a hug-a-bub and plan to use it with this baby. I can't tell how it is going to work out yet, though. I good site for comparisons is jenrose.com. She has tried A LOT of slings and her site lists pros and cons of each. I did want to mention that the Baby Wrap goes around your chest and LLL cautions against anything like that since it can cause plugged ducts if it is too tight. I personally don't like it, but mostly b/c I know I would make it super tight to ensure the baby wouldn't fall out/the sling fall down. It also doesn't work that well on a man from what I have heard (no breasts to help it stay up). I got the hug-a-bub b/c it looks really secure and comfortable. I had a kangaroo korner adjustable fleece pouch for Tain. I used it exclusively and never felt that he would fall out or that I had to hold onto him. It definitely got it's share of use!

Question 2) We have been debating this as well. We came to the conclusion that it would be too traumatic for Tain to be forced out of our bed. Having the crib as a side car is still a good idea, more room is always nice in the family bed, but I wouldn't force your ds to sleep in it exclusively. I think of it this way: my ds needs us both at night, but our newborn is only going to need me. So it makes more sense that our ds continue to sleep between us while the new baby sleeps on the other side of me. We are gradually teaching ds to seek comfort from dh at night instead of me. If this works, eventually he can move to the other side of dh and baby can move to the middle. It should work out so that the new baby is in the middle right about the time it would start to benefit from both parents. Prior to that, there isn't a whole lot dh can do for it at night so there isn't any point in making ds suffer for something the new baby doesn't care about anyway. If you have the sidecar on your dh's side of the bed, your ds can roll onto it in the middle of the night when he needs more room (before that you can have it on your side and baby can sleep in it for more room. It sounds lonely, but if you have it level with your bed, you can sleep on the edge of the bed and baby is still touching you without anyone feeling like they are going to fall off the bed. It's great if your toddler squirms or likes to sleep perpendicular to you). I have also struggled with my conscience, wondering if I can give the new baby everything ds has had, if I can prevent the new baby from being "cheated" of something. But I am trying to look at it differently. This baby will have a great older brother, something our ds has not been able to have. This baby will not know lonliness like ds has. And when it is time for them to sleep in another bed, they can go together instead of each by himself so keeping everyone in the bed is a gift to both, in a way. Of course if your ds likes to sleep in the sidecar, or doesn't care this is all a moot point.

I am obsessing about fairness. Rowan's blanket should be just as good as Tain's. Rowan should have just as many special things made for him as Tain did. I think this stems from me being a 2nd child that was no big deal to our extended family (and I am a better person than my older sister, IMO). I am working on not thinking about it so much. No, Rowan will not have as many things made for him as Tain did. But it isn't b/c ppl don't love him, some circumstances just suck, like relatives being too old and sick to do the things they did for Tain. And my sewing is much better than it was when I was pg with Tain so Rowan may not have as much, but it is more well made. So I guess I am still balancing it out in my head, weighing everything against each other-the quilt Aunt Shirley made for Tain against the hand made announcements I am making for Rowan. Tain's complete crib set (which is useless since we don't even own a crib anymore) against Rowan's much better made quilt. God help me...
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Anyone else keep getting "this document contains no data" and "invalid post" messages?

All I tried to do was add a www to the front of a web address in my post. Usually I get those if my post is really long i.e. it took an hour to write it or something.

Anyway, the link is www.jenrose.com.
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Tricia, I've been having those same kinds of contrax and I see that we have the same EDD, must be those getting ready kind of things About the co-sleeping, everything I have read says to not do anythign drastic like that within 2 months on either side of the new arrival, it is just too disruptive to the child and can cause lots of problems. We added a twin bed next to our King about 18 mo ago, mostly cause Ben was taking up way too much room and also in preparation of eventually having another baby in the mix. It works really well because it basically makes for one big bed, but he actually has his own space and we have ours. The new babe will be in a Snuggle Nest in the middle of us, and I think we'll eventually move the two of them into a full size when we ever have room for that. Oh, I have a friend who has a Baby Bundler and loved it until her DS got too squirmy to stay in it for long I recently made something like it, but with rings in the back ring wrap sling I obviously haven't used it yet, but I really love the concept. We used a Baby Bjorn with Ben for the first few months and I really loved the security of it though I hated the skinny crotch and would never ever use something like that again since they are so bad for babe's backs, so I wanted something that gave the closeness but was better for babe. I'm also planning on getting a Sutemi Pack to use when he's a bit bigger. Oh, and I really loved my HipBaby with Ben, it gives a lot of support and I could still carry him now at almost 4 and 42 lbs. It was the only carrier I ever used where he would cuddle up and put his head on my shoulder

Is anyone else having a really hard time showering?? I thought I would fall over trying to wash my ankles, lol! Hopefully this babe will arrive soon and I won't have to try and manage that again!

Oh wow it's late! Better finish up! Hope you're all having a restful night!
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I need to stop posting...

but I wanted to say that that sling looks really cool, Robin. do you use a stretchy fabric like jersey or just a regular cotton? How do you get it through the rings without being able to see? The site's instructions are kind of confusing...
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James decided to wake up at 4 am PST, after we went to bed around midnight. I have no idea why, adn whatever he is doing is causing me a bunch of what my dh calls "cooter pain," i.e. nonspecific jabs of pain in the vaginal area. Ow.
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Robin, it's so funny you should mention showering! Last night, I tried to squat down in the shower to pick up Eli and I slipped and got stuck! We don't have a bathtub, just a shower stall so I was kind of wedged in there until Mike could come and lend me a hand to get up again. Poor Eli was so sweet about it! I told him I was stuck and he kept hugging me and patting my back, and he stopped asking me to move. He was such a doll about the whole thing.

I'm hoping that this birth is much easier than Eli's was, but even so the plan is for MIL to walk with Eli around the hospital and/or the mall (which is about half a mile up the road, if that, from the hospital) until right after NewBean is born, and then to bring him in to say hi to his sister . I told Mike that I want NewBean's first nursing session to be all by herself, because I think that's only fair; I know that if Eli is there and he sees me nursing NewBean he's going to want to latch on too. And then, of course, there's the fact that Eli can't stand to see me in any kind of pain or distress. He's having an easier time dealing with it than he was a few months ago, but I'm still not confident that he'd be able to deal with labor. I'm not worried about his speech; his grandmother doesn't understand as much as we do, but Eli gets his point across very effectively. Plus, he knows and loves his grandmother. In fact, if grandma is holding Eli and I go to give him a kiss, he wraps himself around her more tightly as if to say "Don't take me away from grandma!!" (Unless, of course, he wants to nurse. Then it's mamma all the way! :LOL)

Julie, I know what you mean about trying to make sure that #2 has as much stuff as #1. I'm totally there. Last week, I bought NewBean's baby book (my older brother has one, I don't) and filled in all of the information I could; NewBean's birth sampler is the same size as Eli's and while it's a different pattern it's on the same kind of fabric and it's about the same level of difficulty, and it will have the same amount of information on it. The big problem I'm having is that it was very easy to knit and crochet for Eli because he was born in the winter; NewBean, being a summer baby, has no need for hand-knitted infant sweaters or bonnets or booties, to say nothing of a bag-a-baby or heavy blankets. I guess that stuff will have to wait until I know how big she will be over the fall/winter. At any rate, I've got a nice, somewhat lightweight blanket that I started to crochet for her. I don't feel too badly that it will never get finished, because the one I started for Eli didn't get finished either. :LOL

I have a Baby Wrap, and I think it's really neat. I haven't been able to use it, though, because I can't get it around my belly. I'm not terribly concerned about plugged ducts, because the band that goes around the boobs is very wide and padded, and I'm really looking forward to being able to carry Eli on my back with NewBean in a regular over-the-shoulder sling. The design makes it look like double slinging will be fairly easy that way. I'll also be able to carry NewBean on my back while I cook or do laundry, which will be very nice.. I had a hard time trying to eat with Eli in a sling or a Baby Bjorn, because my arms are short and I had to turn my head sideways. It was a real pain in the neck! At any rate, I won't know how well it works until a few weeks pp, when my belly is just a big old jellyfish instead of a big, hard beach ball.

I was talking to a good friend of ours (Eli's godmother, actually) and she's guessing that NewBean will be born on 22 June and be 6 lbs, 6 oz. I'm thinking either 20 June and 7 lbs 2 oz or 4 July and 8 lbs 1 oz. I haven't asked Mike, but I suspect he'll go all zen and say something like "The baby will come when she is ready and be as big as she needs to be." He's no fun at all! :LOL
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Yesterday I got all upset with dh because he was talking about wanting to take dd to the airplane museum. He said he didn't think I'd be interested, and I said no, probably not, but you can take her and it can be something fun just for the two of you. He said he also wanted to give me a whole day where I wasn't responsible for her. But I asked him when he wanted to go, and he said this Saturday, my due date! I thought maybe he meant sometime in a week or so. I went off about how he is not taking this seriously, the fact that we might have a baby any day now, and instead he was going to leave town on my due date. He said he'll drop everything and come right home whenever I call, (it's only an hour drive) and that he doesn't want to just sit at home waiting for something that might still take weeks to get here. I said, "Well, that's what I'm doing!"

I remembered when I was in labor with #1, right before we went to the hospital he was on the phone with the Red Cross making an appt to give blood! I really blew up over that one. "What do you mean, you're giving blood tomorrow?!" I just want him to take things seriously. I don't bother making plans, so it somehow seems unfair that he should get to plan fun things to do.

But later I told him that I didn't expect him to sit at home waiting, and that if he wouldn't be upset with possibly having to cut his trip short then it would be fine with me if he went.

But today I started having more b/h, and without doing anything to bring them on! So maybe his trip to see the world's largest airplane will be ruined after all.
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Originally Posted by Smithie
I have no idea why, adn whatever he is doing is causing me a bunch of what my dh calls "cooter pain," i.e. nonspecific jabs of pain in the vaginal area. Ow.

I am adding this to my list of funny pregnancy phrases!

I have vulva pain. It is so weird, like I've been having rough sex every night or I just gave birth. I don't get it. Trust me, I have not been having ANY sex in months, let alone of the rough variety. And the baby is still in there...

I don't like the way babies legs fit in the Baby Wrap, either. I know that they are really flexible and all, but it seems so uncomfortable to have your legs splayed like that over long periods of time. I don't think it is a bad sling, I just find that I can't get over my adult dislikes of it, if that makes any sense. Rynna-is yours an official Baby Wrap or some other brand? Just curious b/c on the website it looks like the strap across the chest is 1-1 1/2" webbing. That doesn't look wide at all. If it isn't, they really should update their pics!

So sorry you got stuck, another joy of pregnancy! I don't try to wash my feet very often in the shower. Any kind of soap makes my legs itchy and how dirty do they REALLY get anyhow? I am bummed about not bathing with Tain. It was such a good way to "reset" him when he was having a hard time and it didn't require any energy on my part. But I really think I would be unable to get out in another week or so. Why don't they have a sad smiley? I'm not crying over it and I don't feel guilty, just a little sad.

My back is really hurting all of the sudden. When we go to bro's house there is a field across the street they play frisbee in. When we take Tain, we each hold a hand and run across the street while lifting him off the ground. The last time I tried to do that (2 days ago) I thought I was going to collapse. Literally. My back just decided it was done and the running (more like fast walking) combined with carrying half of Tain's weight combined with my belly was just too much. So I've been a cripple. It sucks.
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Boy, after hearing all these stories about moms and MILs, I sure feel lucky. Neither have shown any interest in being at our birth. My mother will be meeting us at the hospital to take care of dd though.

Grease, I originally wanted dd to be at the birth too. After being at all of my mw appts and freaking out when anyone touches or looks at me, I've changed my mind. She would be so upset by it. She gets very upset when I get my haircut! She will be at the hospital so she can come in soon after the birth though.

Ok, I had a mw appt. this morning and my mw wasn't there. Another was covering for her. She really got me worried over some things so I'm looking for a little support and reassurance. I am 36+4 weeks. I measured 38 weeks today. For the last several months, I'd been measuring 3 weeks ahead, so I'm starting to catch up. She said she would refer me for a u/s to check the size of the baby, that way if it looks like I'm having a 10lb. baby we could discuss whether or not I would want a c-section. I told her I absolutely wouldn't want a c-section, so I declined the u/s. She went on to talk about shoulder dystocia and how that can happen with larger babies and such. It really made me kind of nervous. I know that my regular mw would not have even brought anything like that up. Now I'm all freaked out that I'll end up with a c-section or something. Also, baby is OP and she showed me some exercises to do to get him to turn around. Dd was OP also, but she turned while I was in labor. Any positive OP birth stories out there?

ETA: BTW, if Gwyneth Paltrow can deliver a 9lb11oz baby, certainly I could deliver a baby 10lbs or more!
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Originally Posted by wildthing
PLEASE send me "no-labor-baby-stay-in" vibes! :LOL
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Just got back from my MW's. My GBS came back neg. and everything else looks/sounds good.

She told me I can go ahead and have this baby anytime now...but not tonight because they are having a big surprise party for my other MW who is joining the Peace Corp.

Smithie ~ I'm having "cooter pain" too! :LOL Sometimes there's so much pressure down there...I feel like the baby is just going to fall out! (If only it was that easy, huh?)

Oooo...I scanned the photos in from last week. I put all of the professional ones at the top (they are all black and white and look a little different from the belly shots my DH has been taking! ) We're really happy with them. I did some nudes too...but eh...not posting those on the internet!

Preggo Photos

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