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Susan, if your midwife thinks measuring 2cm big is bad, she'd have a fit with me, I'm measuring 10cm ahead!!!! I am having an ultrasound though, I am not having a c-section, but having had a breech baby before, I just want to be sure everything is good.
Erin~ I love love love your pictures!!! I am having mine done tomorrow and can't wait! I love the ones of you in your jeans, that gave me a good idea to do for mine too! I am already doing mine with a sarong and some with tank tops and shorts. It will be so great!!!
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Kim, I was wondering what your mw said about you measuring so big. Like I said, this was a back-up mw and I know that my regular mw wouldn't even have mentioned it. She just kind of scared me with the talk of shoulder dystocia, which I know my regular mw wouldn't even have brought up. I can certainly see why you're opting for an u/s, measuring 46cms. I'd love to see a belly pic of you! It seems to me that measuring 38 at 361/2 weeks is not that big of a deal. Like I told this mw, big babies are very common in my family and nobody has ever had trouble giving birth. Hopefully by tomorrow I will have forgotten everything she said and I won't be stressed about it.
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Susan - you can see belly pics of me at http://borchertbaby.aboutmybaby.com The most recent were taken earlier this week...on Monday I think. Yeah, I think I am just having a big big baby. My midwife thinks that I may just have a lot of fluid in there. We'll see in a couple days!
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Wow, Kim! What an amazing belly! Are you doing a belly cast? That would be so cool! And just how do you know you'll find out in a couple of days whether it's a big baby or lots of fluid? Do you feel like the time is getting near? I don't feel like I'm getting that close yet. Of course, with dd it all came on very quickly and I never would've suspected I was remotely close until my water broke.
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Wow Kim, that's an impressive tum!

I made an appt this evening at the Sears Portrait Studio. I wasn't going to have any pics taken professionally, but I changed my mind. I think I will pick up dh on the way so he can be in them too. I am going to wear a black skirt that I can pull down, a black tank that I can pull up (I don't think it actually goes very far "down" anymore, heh) and a white Oxford shirt.
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Kim, your belly looks a lot like mine did with Eli (only I um... didn't have stretch marks : :LOL) and he was born at 37 weeks. Taking into account that I'm barely 5'1", and you'll see why everyone was saying "Oh, are you having twins?!" from about 20 weeks on. :LOL NewBean sits closer to my spine, so I've got a cute, round little belly and can still wear most of my clothing, though my shortalls are too tight.

About shoulder dystocia: I'm not entirely certain that the size of the baby is really the determining factor. My niece was 8 lbs 6 oz and her shoulders got stuck; my sister herself was 8 lbs 15 oz and slid out in one push. I've heard of babies getting stuck who were only 7 lbs, and of babies who were born easily with no problems who were 10.5 lbs.

You should also keep in mind that using ultrasound to determine weight is guessing at best. Less than 24 hours before I delivered, an ultrasound said that Eli weighed 9 lbs 4 oz; he was born weighing 7 lbs 8 oz. That's actually one of the biggest discrepencies I've heard of irl, but stories abound. Lots of women have been told that their babies were huge or tiny, only to go on to deliver perfectly normal sized beans. Not only that: even if the ultrasound is dead on accurate, it says nothing about the size of the baby's shoulders. You might have a little linebacker in there who only weighs seven pounds, kwim? I guess what I'm saying is, it sounds like this other midwife is paranoid. I'd do a bit more research if I was you, especially if you're a low-intervention sort of person.

Mike just brought me a beer, and I have to tell you it tastes amazing. I don't think I'll be able to finish it, but the taste was, for some reason, exactly what I wanted.

I'm so excited, I'm getting my minivan tomorrow morning!!! It's too cool! It's got a cd player and a tape deck, so I'll be able to listen to all the books I want! Dual sliding doors, fairly low mileage, and because it's a 2003 I'll get the balance of the factory warranty on it. This is the first vehicle ever dedicated to me! I can hardly wait, I'm so excited! It sounds incredibly cool, and I totally trust the person we're buying it from (she's an old friend and Eli's godmother ) that it will do what we need it to do for at least the next ten years. I'm so giddy!
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If you want to prevent s/d, don't lie on your back. Sometimes it still happens in other positions but it doesn't last as long.

I don't have stretch marks on my belly, but I have three on each hip that I've had since puberty, and in the last week they have gotten redder and more defined.
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Jules, I used an organic lacoste jersey I got from PM Organics a while back. It has nice stretch but is pretty stable and beefy. I have it pre-threaded through the rings and I think I'll be able to leave it that way and just pull it over my head. You need the largest size rings, I got small ones and realized I couldn't fit 4 layers of fabric through there Unfortunately it's not quite long enough to get around Dan, the tails are really short, but he thinks it's a little weird anyway, lol! I'm sure he'll use the Sutemi a lot more than anything.

LOL at the cooter pain! That's exactly what I've been getting the past day or so. It's different than my pubic pain was, though, more inside like the muscles are just worn out and I think he's dropped more cause my obliques aren't bothering me so much. I had really bad pain all night, but I think it was digestion cause it finally got better after a bm (sorry for TMI!!). There is just no room in there for even a gas bubble to get through without killing me.

Erin, those are great! Your DH looks a bit like mine. I think if this babe doesn't come over the weekend I'm going to take Ben over to JCP and have some pics done as a Father's Day suprise for Dan. I'm sure they won't be a nice as yours but I want some rememberance of this belly 'o mine

Kim, I have a GF who's has measured HUGE with her last 3 babes and it turned out it was mostly water, cause they were all around 7 lbs. She was really flipped out towards the end the first time it happened but with the next ones she figured it was just the same thing. I hope the U/S shows all is well and puts your mind at ease

Susan, poo on that MW!! She sounds like my yucky OB from last time. And Rynna is right about dystocia, it's more about the width of the shoulders than the weight of the baby. I've been measuring a couple weeks ahead for months and nobody is worried. I have a really long torso and babe is filling it from top to bottom, as did Ben, who was under 9 lbs but almost 21" (and that was probably with his legs still mostly flexed). I'm sure you will have forgotten all her rubbish by the end of the day!!

OK, now that my hands are numb from the typing, I should probably finish this up I hope you all have fabulous weekends planned!! If it's warm enough, I think I shall float around in my little pool BY MYSELF!! (ah the dreams of the mom of a preschooler, lol!) belly rubs mommas!!
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Thank you all so much for your words of support! I already feel much better. I am confident that my body will be able to deliver whatever size baby it grows. I would never give birth lying on my back anyway, so I don't have to worry about that. I can't wait until my appt. next week to see my regular mw. I'll feel much better after I see her because she will let me know that everything is great and normal and that after my last birth, chances are this one will go smoothly also.
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are we really all the way to the top already? wow.

I've not been around but I'm jumping in anyway. It still feels like I have so much time, but seeing this group at the top of the forum is a bit of a reality check. *giggle*

I'm measuring two weeks ahead, too. Midwife L just laughed and said "well, you're not going to have the smallest baby, but with that pelvis you could pop out a ten pounder no problem." Even though in the beginning I felt a little uncomfortable with her (she seemed a bit too "medical" for me) I'm very happy to have her now.

lol at image of being stuck in the shower. have completely given up on washing my feet. they are enormous and frightening and I want nothing to do with them.

Sunny (who might have to go grocery shopping barefoot before long)
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Originally Posted by Doodlebugsmom
Wow, Kim! What an amazing belly! Are you doing a belly cast? That would be so cool! And just how do you know you'll find out in a couple of days whether it's a big baby or lots of fluid? Do you feel like the time is getting near? I don't feel like I'm getting that close yet. Of course, with dd it all came on very quickly and I never would've suspected I was remotely close until my water broke.
We're having an u/s on Tuesday. I need the peace of mind knowing that everything is ok. I am a bit of a freakshow this pregnancy...I guess with it coming right on the heals of Emma's death it is to be expected. Anyway....

I don't think I am too close...I dont' know why, but I am thinking June 17. We'll see though...I want to make it to at least 38 weeks this time. But, we will see!

Ryanna ~ You can come out from hiding...some women get stretch marks and others don't. It's fine with me! I actually love mine, they are my love marks! So, no worries!!!
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Kim--if those are bad stretch marks, there is NO WAY I am sharing my bare belly!! I swear, my stomach stretches in different directions with every single pregnancy! LOL...but I guess I don't look bad for having my 6th to term pregnancy oh yeah, and your belly looks great!!

Am I the only one measuring small??

So much for my May baby! I was soo hoping to have her in May so that all the kids birthdays would be a month apart. Now we have June, July, August, Sept and October...so May would have been perfect! :LOL

Go to see my OB on Wednesday..he will do my strep screen then and check me. I just wanna know what position she is in....hoping she isn't still posterior with this anterior placenta!
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Thanks for the input on the Baby Wrap. And thank you for the link, Julie. Yes, I was talking about the African version. I really want a sling that is very comforatable for both me and babe. With the Nojo, I felt that I couldn't get it tight enough around me. The ring also kept digging into my shoulder. I remember dh telling me a few times that Jared never really looked comfortable in it. (It could just be that I never truley found a good way to wear it.) I'll keep researching before I commit to one.

As for the co-sleeping, I'll talk with him about using the cirb as a side-car for the new baby. As I mentioned before, I just don't feel right kicking Jared out of our bed. He's an easy-going child, but I don't want to take advantage of that. Or risk him resenting the new bean.

Don't even get me talking about stretch marks. I have so many from preg.#1, and now have even more with this one. And that's even with applying moisturizers and other oils that supposedly help prevent the mark. As my first mw told me, it's mostly based on genetics. I guess she's right.

Those pregnancy photos are awesome! Those professional shots are so beautifully done! Simply beautiful!

Rynna - congrats on the new minivan! May you always travel in safety!

Taking a shower....boy am I looking forward to cleaning under my belly with ease after delivery! And drying off! Also, when I bend over to wash the feet and legs, I get a little lightheaded since I can't breath all that well in that position. Woohoo!

Today my mom asked me to talk to my dad out of taking her to going on a "day" trip to Md to visit by brother. My bro lives 4 hrs away from my parents, and at LEAST 6 hrs away from me. (And not to mention that this is the holiday weekend!) Both my mom and me are concerned that if I go into labor tomorrow, she probably wouldn't make it in time for the birth. (Dad doesn't want to be there, and that's fine with me!) He wasn't too happy about it, but I let him think that letting my mom stay home was his idea! Just so you understand, he hardly ever asks for input, and assumes that everyone will just do as he plans, even if it inconviences everyone else. He's a very insecure man, and I think that's why he does that.

Hey, does anyone sometimes hear a "popping" sound every so often in the uterus area? I hear 2 "little" ones in the past hour. I don't think its gas, but I'm willing to be wrong. I guess I really want to meet my new baby this weekend!

Anyway, I should go and get some sleep!
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Originally Posted by crunchywannabe
Am I the only one measuring small??
Nope. I measured 35 cm. on Wednesday and I'm 37 weeks tomorrow. I've been a little small the whole time, but the baby is actually right on schedule, according to the U/S. I think he's just really squished in there.
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I measure small, too - and I AM small, for term. I'm pretty happy about that, since moving and sleeping and such are not as challenging as they would be if I were bigger.
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whew! glad to see I am not the only one measuring small! I am measuring 2 weeks behind too....I think I worry more about it due to my lack of weight gain throughout my whole pregnancy.

I am determined that in order to avoid assault charges and jail time I just better stay home until Isabella is born. I am wayyyyy too hormonal! :LOL

It only gets worse as the days go by...but I am trying sooo hard to enjoy these last precicous weeks as this is my last pregnancy
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Ack! Invalid thread again! I am going to have to copy every post like I used to just in case.

Jaredsmom-I never really liked ring slings, either. I have an OTSBH and I only used it a handful of times and that was after Tain turned one. Now the one Robin suggested looks really cool. I think I am going to make it for dh, that is one that would be easy for him to wear.

So I finally finished the birth announcements! And I realized that I will be 36 wks on Mon (well, technically on Weds, I guess). Speaking of, how do you all turn over the weeks? My edd is on a Weds so I should do it on Weds but my u/s was 6 days ahead of my edd so I figure turning over on a Mon is perfectly reasonable and easier for me to keep track of. Kind of irritates me when I think of myself as 35 wks and my mw tells me I am 34 1/2. Just give me the 1/2 a wk for pete's sake!

Anyway, realizing that I am getting close to my 37 wk goal (I don't think I'll be that early, but that is the earliest I can have my hb so it has been my goal to stop stressing once I reach 37 wks) I did all sorts of fun birth stuff tonight.

I made my labor phone numbers list.

I double checked my birth supplies and smartly added quarters for the laundry.

I made an "after birth plan." Sounds kind of stupid, especially b/c I don't have a birth plan, but last time there were some issues that happened after Tain was born that I don't want repeated. Like putting the placenta in an old stockpot instead of the beautiful ceramic bowl dh and I had made when we got married. Or the IL's arriving before we were even cleaned up and dressed. Like everyone holding him right after he was born and the mw giving him his vit k shot when I wasn't even in the room (dh was with him, but still). This time I don't have to be saddened later and I don't have to try to remember anything. I just made a list.

Well, I need to get to bed. Have a peaceful night, ladies. Rest well and birthing vibes/staying in vibes to each of you as it fits.
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Morning everyone!! UGH! I've been up since 5:00 a.m., I just can't get back to sleep so after almost an hour of just laying there I decided to get up. It's not fair my kids are actually sleeping why can't I????????? I had this problem at the end of my last pregnancy but not this early.

I had a NoJO w/ my first and I thought it was ok. I never really used it until she was older, like around 6 months so I didn't have tightening issues. When my second was born I felt like I couldn't get it tight enough w/ a newborn because of all the padding and I bought a Maya. I LOVE my Maya. I have two now. One that I bought and one that my mom made for me. I cost less then $10 to make including the rings so I'll never buy another one again! I think I'm going to have her make me another one for this baby. I also have and absolutly love my fleece pouch from Kangaroo Korner. I don't like nursing in it but I love it for carrying the baby. It's so cozy!! I'm trying to justify buying a cotton pouch from KAngaroo Korner since this baby will be a summer baby but I'm having a hard time especially since I just bought a beautiful diaper bag from Whimsical Wears. I told dh that after 5 years of carrying a paln old diaper bag I wanted something nice! Actually in the end it was about the same price as the one I was looking at from lands end and I got to support a WAHM instead of a big company.

Dh & I are going out tonight for our anniversary! We will have been married 8 years next Wednesday. My mom has the weekend off so we decided to celebrate early. We haven't been out alone together in a while. We were making it a point to try and do something just the two of us once a month but lately it jsut hasn't been working out. I think the last time we were out alone was our night at the spa almost 3 months ago! My kids are psyched about spending time w/ grandma so it should be good!

Monday our doula is coming over and doing a sibling class for the girls and a belly cast for me! I'm so excited I can't wait! Everyone around me thinks I'm nuts for wanting a belly cast. But this is our last baby and I want something to remember this pregnancy by. She's coming over around 11:00 so I think I'm going to make lunch. I'm just not sure what to make. I was thinking maybe a veggie quiche. Any suggestions???

Alright I've rambled enough and now I'm hungary!!!! So I think I'm going to wander downstairs and find some food!

HAve a great one!
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James woke me up at 4 am, again. Anybody sensing a pattern? :

Anyhow, I'm just about to start a thread on this, but the first thing that came to my mind when my eyes popped open was "I must use cloth diapers." So please go look at my other thread in this forum, where I will ask some moronicly simple questions.

I was pretty happy with the way my "professional" preggo photos came out. By the time they are ready to pick up, I should be going back with James to have a photo shoot with his grandparents! Very exciting. I signed up for the Smile Savers Club, and now I can go in as many times as I want for the next 2 years with no sitting fees. My MIL is very happy about this - she's one of those folks who like 12-month collages and such.
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Good morning everyone! Wow, it's beautiful here today. After 8 straight days of rain, it's so nice to see the sun!

Sandi, why would anyone think you're nuts for wanting a belly cast? That seems odd. I love my belly cast that we did with dd and we're doing one on Monday for this baby. Also on Monday, we're getting professional photos taken. A photographer who works with dh is in town from L.A. for the weekend and he'll do them for free. Yippeee!

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Today my parents are coming to get dd and take her to her great-grandmother's for the night. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive. I always get anxiety when dd leaves. I'm so afraid something will happen to her. Do you all think that's weird. This will only be the 4th night she's spent away from me. Fortunately, she loves her Grammy and Poppy and I know she'll be fine without me. When they're around, I might as well be invisible!
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