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Well, today is my due date! I don't think it's gonna happen, though.

I remember when I first started the Brewer diet, him saying that most women who follow it go 10-20 days overdue, but I had pretty much abandoned it these last few weeks so I didn't think it would have that effect. I'm going to try starting up some kind of modified version of it (the same stuff, only less of it) because if this baby is going to hang around, I better be giving it some better stuff. Yesterday I only ate ice cream, juice, cake, crackers, and two cheese sandwiches! What the hell kind of diet is that?!

I'm actually looking forward to all the moronic comments from everyone I'm sure to hear if I go more than a few days over!

Smithie - I'm also a CD moron. When I can't stand not knowing something anymore, I post a question in the diapering forum, but it's kind of hard to relate to everyone there. First, I don't cd exclusively; I just like cd's because they're cute and look comfortable. And I don't spend hundreds of dollars on e-bay getting the most expensive diapers; I don't like to spend more than $10 on one diaper (AIO or pocket) at all. I find a lot of good stuff on the TP. I only have a small stash for the new baby and 3 for dd. I'm expecting a few more in the mail, so I can play the waiting game again - which will come first, the baby or the diapers?

Dh does not approve of cloth. He thinks it's gross and that I won't get them clean enough without all the chemical sanitizers. So I'd been cding dd in secret but he came home yesterday and she was wearing a Bumkins AIO with fish on it and he said, "Uh, did we run out of diapers?" And I had to explain my plan to cd her while we were at home.
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Originally Posted by Doodlebugsmom

Sandi, why would anyone think you're nuts for wanting a belly cast? That seems odd. I love my belly cast that we did with dd and we're doing one on Monday for this baby. Also on Monday, we're getting professional photos taken. A photographer who works with dh is in town from L.A. for the weekend and he'll do them for free. Yippeee!
Why well... most of my "friends" think pregnancy is something to just get through and not enjoy, therefore they want NO reminders of something that horrible. I live in a very conservative world. sigh!

[/QUOTE=Doodlebugsmom]I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Today my parents are coming to get dd and take her to her great-grandmother's for the night. It's a 2 1/2 hour drive. I always get anxiety when dd leaves. I'm so afraid something will happen to her. Do you all think that's weird. This will only be the 4th night she's spent away from me. Fortunately, she loves her Grammy and Poppy and I know she'll be fine without me. When they're around, I might as well be invisible![/QUOTE]

I have the same problem. I worry all night when my oldest stays w/ my mom because I'm so afraid that something is going to happen. My mind makes up the weirdest and worst things possible and I ususally end up calling before bed and first thing in the morning.
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Grease, happy due date day!

I think we might actually attempt the belly cast tonight if nothing comes up. Tomorrow is DH's birthday and I've got to do some running around this afternoon to prepare for that. Tomorrow looks like a super busy day. And Monday does too.

I'm so tired all I want to do is lay in bed. I worked a whopping total of 13 hours last week (supposed to work 20) :-(. I just don't have any energy anymore. Yesterday I went to just lay down for a bit at 8:00 and didn't get up (other than to pee) until 7:45 this morning.

But on the happy news front, DH took DD out late morning today to get an oil change and run some other errands (poor DD) so that I could finish my project for work. I've done that and am glad the car finally has fresh oil to boot. So this afternoon I'm going to try to clean up my pigsty/house and hopefully get DH to clean out the car and install the baby seat.

I'm 11 days from my due date and DD was born 4 days early. I hope that means I only have a week at most left. I'm really weary and I've had a major increase in BH ctx this week. I didn't really have any with DD so this is a totally new experience for me and I don't like it. I don't know if it's b/c I've not been diligent enough with my water intake or if it's b/c I'm getting close.
What signs, if any, are you guys having? I don't remember being this anxious for the baby to get here with DD. I'm kind of driving myself crazy.

I think a large part of it is I'm so tired all the time and I'm ready for two months off from work and for DH to be home for the month. He's just got to work Mon thru Wed though so I guess I can hang in there until then. I just hope he's actually helpful instead of just wanting to go do stuff all the time or watch movies. He doesn't do real well with unstructured days so it'll be a toss up to see if he is focused enough to really help out. I know he will help after the baby but he might be slack before hand.

Well, I'd better get off the computer. Happy Saturday.
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The only sign I've had is that the baby is getting lower, but not totally engaged yet. I was measuring a consistent 3 weeks ahead and at my last visit it was 4 weeks behind, so it's getting down there. I declined the internal exam but if I make it to the 41-week appt I think I'll ask for one.

I've also had a few b/h yesterday and today that were not brought on by any walking; I've never had that before.
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Happy due date Grease!!

After several days of more painful stuff I actually feel pretty good today. And I am actually a little bummed out by that Though I went to show Ben how it's his birthday in one week (as is my EDD) and thought it would be nice to get through the week and be able to celebrate with him at school on Friday and do something fun on Saturday (we are planning a party for the week after, maybe) I didn't realize how stressed I would feel at being due on his birthday, it's really kind of bothering me. I am happy to not have many contrax today, though, it's much easier to continue being pregnant when I'm not in pain.

OK, I'm gonna cut this short cause my hands are really tingly today and the typing is making it worse. I hope you're all having a great saturday!!
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Hello all...

I can totally relate to the shower thing... We actually have a kinda big shower, big enough that DD (4.5) DS (2) and I can shower together with the kids playing on one side and me under the water. That is, big enough when Im not HUGE, LOL... The last couple of weeks every time they move they bump into my belly or run into me. I have to squat down to clean them both and its getting tougher to get down and back up again. I can still wash my legs and feet, courtesy of the built in shelves on the side (the shelves used to be big enough for me to sit on so I guess they are really seats, LOL!!). Sad to say, the shower is the nicest thing about this house =)
Im planning on laboring in there quite a bit... The floor is big enough to hold a birth ball, but we have to deflate it to get it in and out of the bathroom, LOL.

Im feeling pretty monstrously huge (I guess at 39 weeks I should) but Im still surprised at the things I can do... Like carrying my 27 lb 2 yr old son up a flight of steps to get to my midwives office, or getting down on the floor and up again to change and chase and play with the kiddos... The belly definately makes it tougher, but not impossible to get back up, as long as I have enough room.

Im also surprised that Im not a tremendous b!tch this time. Except when I get behind the wheel . Im a total road rage case... The funny thing is that when I rationally look at what it is that pisses me off constantly when Im driving, Im convinced Im just an idiot magnet when Im pregnant. People do the stupidest things all the time around me... :
Ive been irritated at my DH, and I know Ive been more strict with the children lately, but I havent been nearly as bad as my mother on a good day =) Besides, is it really so bad to expect children to listen to you, help pick up their toys, or stop dumping out the toybox? I love my little ones, but sometimes I wanna chuck out most of their toys... I get so sick of picking up stuff they just throw around and dont play with...

Im measuring at 37 (at 39 weeks). I've been measuring around the dates, low by a couple or a few most of the time, then a growth spurt and I'll gain a couple. Its not really a cause for concern for me or my midwife.

I dont remember who (a few pages back) someone mentioned a midwife talking up shoulder dystocia. Its crap that big baby= dystocia. Fully 50% of the babies that get stuck are less than 8,5. And like someone else mentioned, weight isnt the big factor, its a combination of shoulders and pelvis. Laying on your back or semi-sitting increases the risk because it narrows the pelvic outlet. Turning the mom into a squatting or all fours position usually loosens a stuck baby by giving more room in the pelvis and using gravity like its supposed to be. True shoulder dystocia is rare, and usually not a problem (unless you have an epidural and several wires attached to you and a doc who doesnt know how to handle it).

I had a labor scare the other day (Thurs) . It really was a true scare cause I am not expecting this baby until the 13-14 of June. Im going 10 days late =) And because my prediction was spot on with Zack, I figured I have plenty of time for this one... YIKES!! Contx every 5 minutes for almost 5 hours... I was cleaning my bathrooms thinking I was in early labor, LOL... I was totally relieved when it finally went away! So this weekend, DH and I are doing the yard work and the last minute deep cleaning/dog bathing/mopping/etc. Next week, my mom is taking the kiddos for a little while and we are going to shampoo our carpets. Then all I have to do is wait...

Ive been having some... hmm... not exactly "cooter pain" ~ LOL at that!! But warm stretching uncomfortable-ness- not quite down there, but at the bottom of my belly. It really feels like my cervix, I remember this feeling from labor with DS. Usually it only happens when Im having a BH, or when baby is pushing down there, but last night it was constant for a few hours... I was ready to drag out my hot socks to heat it away. Im thinking I must be damn near complete already! Wish DH would check

On Monday I am going to a friends house and she is going to take some pics for me. Hopefully we will have time for a belly cast, lunch and a swim in the pool too Likely, we will get some pics before I have to run back home. I'm really excited about it though... I hope I turn out okay!! And Im wishing I had waited to cut all my hair off, it would have made a really great boob cover for some photos! (Now its on its way to make a wig for a kid without hair, so no great loss.)

Okay, novel over!! I gotta get here more often so I can post a little less every time!
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Brooke-did you ever get your birth kit? Just curious considering your labor scare!

Happy due date Grease!

I had lots of bh with Tain and it seems to me even more this time, though my memory with stuff like that pretty much sucks. I attribute it to a less in-shape uterus plus nursing. In the last couple days my ctx while Tain is nursing have gotten more intense. I usually only have one or two per breast, after let-down, so it isn't a big deal, but it does make me feel like my body is getting more ready i.e. it is more sensitive to the oxytocin that is released by bfing.

I made myself another dress today. It took a while, but now I have a pattern made so the last two should be quicker. It is so nice to have something that fits without making me feel like a sausage and isn't hot.

My announcements are totally done and now I just have to finish making clothing and hair for Tain's waldorf doll and I will have finished everything I really wanted done before the baby gets here. It will be nice to not have anything hanging over my head for the last 3-4 wks of my pg.
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Julie- I did get my birthkit. I ordered it a couple weeks ago, it got here the day before my home visit at 37 weeks, talk about last minute! LOL... My midwife hands out a list of stuff you are supposed to do before 36 weeks, I hadnt even started on it (or really looked at it) then. Most of it is together now, except the sheets I want to labor on, they are in the dryer

Im actually kinda surprised everything is done before early labor, LOL... Now if I could only get the energy required to mop the floor!!
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Hey, I think James might be ready to come out!

I'm having contrax less tahn 5 mins apart, that last for about a minute. The mw says this might be IT and I should stay up and about (since that's what feels best) and call again when they start to hurt more, at which point we'd go in to the birth center.
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Well, we're off to the birth center! Wish me luck!
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Good luck, Smithie!! New thread!!
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