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YES!!! Yay for #3!
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Congratulations and post pictures!

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Originally Posted by Queen of Cups

Killian Jameson was born on Tuesday May 25th at 7:00am. I awoke in labor at 12:04 that morning, went to the hospital about 1:45am, my water broke at about 4am, started pushing at 4:30am. Almost no interventions during most of the labor, and the hypnobabies worked wonderfully. Unfortunently, there was meconium in the water, and the pushing stage took a very long time. At the end I ended up with an episiotomy and he was taken to NICU for observation. BUT he was released w/i three hours and we were released from the hospital about 1pm today. Killy is doing great and is a very avid nurser! I'm recovering nicely and we're happy to be back home!
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Congratulations Queenie!!!!!

Oh my gosh!!!! Here come the babies!

Oh, this is sooo exciting!!!!!
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Congrats Queenie!!!!! : Killy!!!
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Originally Posted by Doodlebugsmom
I puncture two capsules and insert them vaginally before bed. If you would choose to do this, WEAR A PANTYLINER to bed! It can also be taken orally, but I chose to use it vaginally. It's so weird, if this baby is born when dd was, he'll be born next Thursday! We have the same due date and both of our other children were born at 37+3! Wow!
Ok, so when you insert them vaginally, do you insert the whole capsule or just squirt the liquid up in there? Sorry, I know that's a little graphic, but I am just trying to figure this out!

I know! I think it is so wild that both our babies were born at the same time and we are due the same time this time. A little twilight zoneish!!
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YIPEE QUEENIE!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad that Killian is here and can't wait to hear his birth story!!!! Congratulations Mama, enjoy your babymoon!!!!!
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I posted Killy's birth story in the June Forum... And here's a picture: Killy

PS- When discussing cytotec with my midwife, she said the dosage she gives is either 100 micrograms orally, or 25 micrograms vaginally (she prefers orally, though, because the smallest pill is 100 micrograms and you have to try to evenly divide it to get the vaginal dose, which isn't very exact). Sounds like a much more reasonable dosage than most practices, IMO.
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YAYYYYYYY! Congrats! DH says he's adorable, and I agree!
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OMG! Congrats Queenie! I'm so glad that you and Killy are doing well. He is just gorgeous! You must be on cloud nine.

Kim, I stick the whole capsule up there. They do dissolve. Like I said though, wear a panty liner because some does leak out and it's messy.
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Yay Queenie! What a beautiful baby!
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Oh Queenie, he is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I can't wait to be holding mine soon!!!!

Susan, thanks for the info! I'll have to go get some
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YEA QUEENIE!!!! I just knew that's where you were! He is abosolutely gorgeous and I'm so glad to hear it went well. Congrats Momma, enjoy your wonderful babymoon!!
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How much did he weigh? I couldn't find it...
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: Welcome to Killy! Is he ever beautiful!

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wow, i am tired! he's 7 lb 11 oz & 19.5 inches.... thank you, everyone for your kind words! I'm so looking forward to hearing about everyone else's babies!
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Congrats Queenie!! Happy BabyMoon!! I hope everything continues to go well!!

Yikes, three babies now!! We are getting so close!
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Yay Queenie! He's GORGEOUS!!! Heading over to read Killy's birth story now....
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CONGRATULATIONS, Queenie!!! He's just beautiful!!!

As far as the evening primrose oil, I insert the capsule vaginally and it seems to dissolve overnight.

Yesterday I was having quite a few contractions, but nothing to be concerned over. I felt just peaked enough to take the afternoon off work. I wish I could just work half-days or something, I'm soo tired!

We finally got the crib put up yesterday, we use it as a sidecar so we had to completely rearrange our bedroom. Hard work but we managed to do it all in a couple of hours. I've also gotten the diapers and some baby clothes washed, so I'm feeling much more ready. Now I really need to pack our bags!

Tonight I'm going to an A/P meeting. I've never been before, I just found out there is a group that meets at night nearby. The topic is Babywearing, and I've got about a million questions about that, so it should be good!
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