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How long have you been CDing??

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I can't believe it's been almost 8 months! I started when DS was about a week old ( I had a really bad delivery!) But his cord didn't fall off til he was 5 weeks so I only had a few (about 4) diapers that went under his stump. At 5 weeks we jumped in with both feet! I have tried sooo many different diapers, but have come back to a very simple stash of mainly MEOS and a couple WAHM diapers, and a dozen prefolds to use on wash day. I have been fortunate enough to be fairied some cute diapers (thank you fairies!!)but most of my dipes are pretty plain. I discovered wool about 2 months into CDing and I LOVE using it, exp. because it's super hot here. I have spent more than I would have liked to, but it's not too bad! LOL!
How long have you been CDing??
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A year and 8 months! I started when DD was a few weeks old. I've tried so many different dipes. My current stash is a nice combination of WAHM AIOs and fitteds.
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I started in Dec 2000, when my first dd was 7 mos old and began with Wahm dipes. Now my second dd is almost 16 mos and we're still going strong. Things sure have changed in Wahm-dom since then!
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Well I CD'd DS every once in a while after he was born, but he spent most of his time naked or in a pamper. I wasn't allowed to CD him until our room was finished. We were living in a tiny room packed with stuff and CDs would just add mroe to it, so that was a no. Our room finaly got done in late feb-early march and that is when i started. He was 8 months old when I started CDing all day and 9 months old when we started full time(adding night time diapers). So I guess we have been CDing full time for almost 2 months.

I remember wanting to CD from birth because my mom had CD'd me and my 2 siblings, so I just felt like I should.
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It will be two years in August for me . It could of been just over two years if I had of known it was still done, lol!!
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Hi, my name is Claire and I'm addicted to cloth.

I first started CDing my son at the end of 2001 with simple whisper wraps and gerber prefolds. I liked them ok, but then around age one he started pulling them off. I gave up cleaning pee and poo from the floor and went to sposie land.

This time around I'm discovering the much bigger world of cloth diapers. I started with the same G prefolds and whisper wraps. Then was given some used Little Lambs AIOs and then I began to explore the world of AIOs. I like many other AIOs. Now... I was fairied with my FIRST EVER fitted. It's for night time. What a grand idea! i love it! I wonder what else I need to discover!
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If you're just talking about my own kids, 3.5 years. BUT, I CD'd other people's kids (namely, my younger brothers and sisters ) from 1978 until I moved out in 1987 with good ol' curity prefolds, pins and gerber plastic pants. I think I can count that time, too, since I even washed diapers then - toilet dunking, wet pail and all.
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It will have been 4 years in July Between 2 bums.
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Originally Posted by todzwife
How long have you been CDing??
With this child, I have been c'ding 20 months now. I did part-time with Garrett, but there really weren't the cute and easy choices there are now, and I did not sew diapers for him (or anyone else, for that matter) in 1992.
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Since last August or September.
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We started when Liam was about 7ish weeks old, so just a few weeks shy of a full year. We had to take a break when we moved, though, so in reality it's more like about ten months.
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Since Anna was born in 1996. I CDed them all from birth so on & off for 7 and a half years I guess.
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My youngest Since Oct. 2002 then I started other son right after that, he was about 15 months.
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For about 9months or around there!!! My friend Megan got me started on cloth and I haven't looked back!
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21 months. my boy is 21 months! someone stop time for us will you.

i am about to have 2 in nothing but soft cloth. i love it.

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Full time for a little over a month, part time off and on the past few months while I built up a stash and convinced dh to do this.
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Originally Posted by todzwife
his cord didn't fall off til he was 5 weeks so I only had a few (about 4) diapers that went under his
WOW! 5 weeks! that's one stingy cord, lol!

I cd'd my son but he's 5 now so that was a while ago. I have been cding Stella from birth back in December, so I guess it's been about 5.5 months! She's my last, I don't want it to end!
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I have been cloth diapering ds since he was 7 weeks old. He is now 17 months old! I can't wait to have more babies to cloth diaper! :
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Since 1982

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6 months for me and Willa
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