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Sunflower Derrieres

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I just made my first purchase of AIOs and wipes from this new WAHM and they are wonderful. The customer service is terrific and the product is very high quality. She has great prints and pays extra attention to the details. I will be a repeat customer!
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I got some beautiful dyed prefolds from Sunflower Derrieres www.sunflowerderrieres.com , an AIO and some Bummis covers. she has great prices! She let me know when my order was shipped, and it arrived here only a few days after ordering.
I love the dyed prefolds, the colors are great, and I didnt have any bleeding problems with them even though they are bright colors.
When I emailed her with a problem with my AIO, she promptly sent me a brand new one! Great customer service and a really nice mama!
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Love my dyed prefolds! Great vibrant colors, no bleeding and good prices! Thumbs up!
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I have had two positive purchases with Sunflower Derrieres now. The products were all great as was customer service. As a bonus the packages went out super fast!
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I just received my AIO from Chelsea and it's quite nice! Very Very soft which really impresses me! I love the idea that it's organic cotton!!
I'll definitely order from her again.

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I just recieved my first wool soaker from here yesterday. I LOVE IT!! It is so soft and it looks so much more comfortable on dd than velcro covers. It was washed and lanolized before she sent it so it was ready to use when it got here. I will be back for more.
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OMG! Sunflower Derrieres hand dyed PFs! OMG! I'm in love! They are such gorgeous colors! OMG! Love love love! Bright, bold, mellow, soft, intense, pretty! I love them!

And, Chelsea is just amazing!!! She's great! She's the type of WAHM you really WANT to support. Yay, Chelsea!!!
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I picked up six of the hand-dyed prefolds in infant size when my dd was a newborn. They are gorgeous, soft, don't leave any dye on other dipes and they are bright and beautiful. They are such a joy to use. I wish I needed some in the larger sizes.
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Sunflower Derrieres

Raves for Sunflower Derrieres!

Wow, superfast shipping, order right, and those dyed prefolds are so darn cool! Great colours! I got a dozen, and they will be fun in the diaper stack mix.

Thanks for the tips y'all!
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I have a dozen hand dyed premiums from SD. They are dyed wonderfully. They did/do not bleed dye. They shipped fast, too.
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I thought this front snapping size 1 had really small snaps and not enough absorbency without using the doubler, which was reallllly thick and square and I couldn't figure out how to use it. I love Chelsea's dye work with her prefolds and flats, however, and will buy again!
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I have to rave about the excellent experience I have had with Sunflower Derrieres. Everything was top notch, and overall is was a wonderful experience. I will be back!

My custom dyed prefolds were gorgeous in color. They arrived quickly. The customer service is outstanding. I Sunflower Derrieres. I will buy my dyed prefolds from them in the future.

Bonus is the bulk discount, so I feel like I got more for my money.
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Chelsea is such a sweet wahm! I bought a dozen UBCPFs and a dozen dyed ones. She has the best package deals!! And the dyed ones? ~Beautiful!! I'm addicted to these colors! Highly recommended!!
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I ordered 15 premium prefolds and bjm marketplace longies and she was too nice Fast shipping. A nice WAHM and a nice transaction
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I am IN LOVE with my hand dyed prefolds from this site. They are just awesome! The colors don't bleed, and they are just beautiful!
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I just purchased a few AIO's to try and I LOVE them! They are reasonably priced and she has a big selection of fabrics to choose from. The communication was great, and it was the fastest custom order I have ever recieved. The total turnaround time was slightly over a week:-) These diapers are really absorbant (I purchased the extra soaker) and pretty trim fitting compared to others I have tried. I will definately buy from Chelsea again!
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I have a dozen of Chelsea's size 1 Sunflower Derrieres fitteds and I love them!! They are made with excellent quality workmanship and are oh so cute!! These are made with organic cotton and I chose to have prints for the outter layer. She has tons to choose from. I was starting to have a hard time finding a night time solution since my dd started peeing more and SD fitteds provided the answer! These dipes hold a ton of pee!! Chelsea is so sweet and will work with you if you want a feature a tad different from her originals. I asked her to make the soakers into long ovals and she did. I have now ordered 18 more size 2 and I have requested the same plus a cross over snap and the cute little notch that she puts on size one to be on size two. She is doing that also. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the customer service!! You can't beet the price at an average of $10 each!!!!!!!
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I have to add to the raves about these dyed prefolds. Wonderful! Beautiful! I just love them! And the shipping was very, very fast. I will definitely be ordering more.
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Sunflower Derrieres Review

I just purchased 3 large organic cotton velour AIO's from Sunflower Derrieres and I love them! They are soft inside and out. They seem very comfortable. They fit great. My daughter is a tall, skinny toddler. They fit on the tightest setting for width and the rise is great because it is 19 inches. Some other brands have too short of a rise for a toddler, even in the large. this rise is great. She even has a little snap to use to prevent wing droop on the tightest setting. the sewing detail is awesome! the prints are great! i love the fact that she puts the cotton print over the pul. a lot of other brands use cotton laminate and that simply isn't as waterproof as pul. her prints are as waterproof as her solids. i have been using these as overnight diapers. i also got doublers, but i haven't used them yet. the snap in soakers have been enough absorbancy. i got two prints and one solid. no wicking at all on any of them.
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I ordered 3 fitteds from Chelsea. They were a bit slow to ship but she had sick kiddos so no problem. Chelsea was really nice to work with and answered all my questions really fast. I had some special requests concerning shipping to europe and the fabric choices - but no problems there. Chelsea helped me all the way through and fulfilled all my requests.
Now the diapers arrived and I am very happy with how they turned out. They are well made overall. I am not too great a fan of the double fold soaker - I dont like the edges on one side with a fold in the other - would have preferred a slimmer trifold soaker or a thicker single soaker. But they work and the fit on my daughter is great.
They are so reasonably priced and the natural organic cotton that she uses is very soft and absorbant.
I really recommend these diapers because of the nice sewing, the good service, the huge selection of print fabrics and the very reasonable price.
I will be a return costumer..
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