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Question for those expecting twins

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When and how did you find out you were having twins? I'm 19 weeks and have been having dreams and "hunches" that I am having twins since 8 weeks.

I've gained 20 lbs so far and was lamenting this fact to my mom, and she said, "Maybe it's twins...". I said it was highly unlikely since I didn't take any fertility drugs and there's never been twins in the family, and then she tells me that I was a twin , and so was my youger brother!!! Our twins miscarried (mine at 13 weeks, my brother's around 6 months), and she never told anyone! (Sorry, hope miscarriage talk doesn't upset anyone. )

I have my first sonogram this week, so I guess I'll find out! I'm still reeling from the news that I was supposed to be a twin. I just found out today. It's weird...
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moving this to Parenting Multiples...
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What a shocker! Sorry for the loss of your 2 siblings. s

What a burden for your mom to have carried that around all this time. I am glad she got it off her chest. Certainly some people must have known when she lost the 6 mo fetus at least, tho. She just never told you kids?
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I too am sorry for your Mother's loss. I can't imagine losing any child at any point in their lives.

I found out at 9-weeks that I was carrying twins. I was bf'ing my dd when I got pg again and was not using any type of fertility medication. There is one other set of twins in my family (my great-grandmother and her brother are fraternal twins) but my girls are identical. Are you measuring ahead of schedule? Most twin moms measure at least 4 cm's ahead of where they should be. For example, if you are 14-weeks pg then you would probably measure 18-weeks or so. There is a twin mommy here who did not know she was having twins until she was pushing out #2!! Please keep us posted!!
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The ability to drop two eggs a month and thereby have fraternal twins is hereditary. Identical twins are a 'freak of nature'. They just happen, when the cells divide differently.

I tell my two youngest they're 'freaks of nature' all the time. THey just laugh. It's so cool.

I lost a twin to my oldest daughter. At the time I didn't know it. I figured it out when I got preggers with my youngest.

Good luck! I wish I could visit every mother of twins and teach her what my best friend, also a mother of twins, taught me. How to pick up two tiny infants at once!!!
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I found out at 15 weeks, at my first sonogram. Though we had prayed for more than 10 years that God would give us a son first, then identical twin daughters with blonde hair and blue eyes.

There were a couple of earlier things that made me suspect our prayers had been answered: 1) I was charting my cycles, so I was amazed by days 5-7 post ovulation that my temp was three times higher than usually was when it leveled out after ovulation!! (1.5 degrees higher instead of 0.5). When it began climbing again 3 days later, I knew I was pregnant and already wondered about twins... 2) The week before my sonogram was my first OB visit. With the yellow tape, my fundal height was 23 cm. That meant when I was 14 1/2 weeks along, I measured the size of a 23 week pregnancy, nearly 9 wks ahead of normal! With my first, I was always right on track.

edited to add: Oh, but I've not gained much; right now I'm 24 weeks along and have gained not quite 14 pounds.

I can't wait to hear what you find out this week!!! Good luck!!!

And, that is SO AMAZING that you and your brother were twins! It's sad that your mother never allowed herself to properly grieve. I would definitely start doing some research about the details, whether the twins actually miscarried and were expelled or if they were reabsorbed, etc. Two weird stories:

1) It was in the news recently that a mom found out after needing the whole family's DNA checked for a match to one of the children's illnesses... that one of her children didn't even have her DNA!!!! After researching, they figured out that she had been a twin and that the vanishing twin's DNA was in the egg that made that child, instead of hers.

2) A friend in my homeschooling group is right now in Maryland as her daughter (10) goes through her 10th surgery to correct gyno/urinary malformations that were evident at birth. When I asked her the details, I was fascinated to learn that the daughter had been a twin... The twin died (at 12 weeks) and was reabsorbed. But her daughter ended up being born with two uteruses and two vaginas! So they have done multiple surgeries to correct it. She hasn't told the daughter yet that she was a twin, but plans to once it's all fixed and behind them; then she will know why all those surgeries were necessary.

I even heard one doctor speculate that a MDC friend with lots of moles all over her body may have had a vanishing twin, and that the moles are actually parts of the twin that didn't absorb completely. Isn't THAT freaky!!!?
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Thanks, everyone, for your replies. My mom was really embarrassed that she let it slip that I was a twin - she never intended to tell me. She was afraid it would "warp" me in some way.

She said she wasn't too upset about it at the time because 1) she didn't know until the miscarriage that there were two babies, and 2) she was just so happy to find out that she was still pregnant. She lost my twin after being in a car accident.

With my brother, she had problems throughout the pregnancy. She was considered to be "too old" to be pregnant (this was almost 30 years ago and she was 38), and we lived in a small town with a tiny ill-equiped hospital.

When she started to miscarry, her doctor shrugged it off, like, "What do you expect?" So she called another doctor and he checked her in to the hospital and gave her something to stop the contractions. She is eternally grateful to him for saving my brother's life, and made him my brother's godfather at the baptism. Incidently, my brother ended up weighing 12 lbs at birth (42 weeks), so I think his may have been a case of one twin thriving while the other doesn't grow at all. (Don't know the medical term for it.)

Anyway, I'll find out this week at the US if it's twins. I'm starting to think maybe not, because I haven't measured a huge amount larger at my appointments (just heavy!). Just enough for the CNM to question if I really know my dates (I do!), and she's mentioned moving the due date up. It may just be a big baby.
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We found out we were expecting twins at my first appointment at 11 weeks. Doctor checked the heartbeat and it was REALLY fast (something like 188 beats/min) so she decided to do a quick ultrasound which resulted in finding twins. I too felt HUGE from the beginning, but I chalked it up to it being my second pregnancy and getting bigger faster. It is possible to concieve twins even without a history of twins in your family. I'm a good example of that as there are NO twins on my side or my husband's side. I'm so sorry to hear about your mother and her losses; however, it IS quite possible you could be carrying twins. Good luck to you!
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Had the ultrasound today..... No twins, just one perfectly big healthy baby! I'm a little relieved. From kidless to twins would be quite a big change!
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