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You're on the Fairy List, but haven't been Fairied yet

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For those of you who have not been fairied AND are on the Fairy List, please post your Fairy Letters here. (think "Dear Santa..." sort of letters) Don't be afraid to ask for the sky... but also include some more grounded wishes, too. You never know who will read this thread!!!

For information on what the heck the Fairy List is, check out this link: http://home.earthlink.net/~jmofarrill/diaperfairy.htm
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I edited out my letter. As I was reading through these posts to find someone to fairy I clicked on the link for orphans that Heather the Feather put up and I decided to fairy the orphans with paypal. I had read that page before a while back but had no paypal.

My dd had plenty of dipes to cover her bum through potty training so I'm taking out my letter. Please fairy the orphans. Thanks, Corrie
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Dear Fairy,
I have been so, so good with my cd'd son and have bought him a little of everything, but I am still working on what will one day be the most beautiful diaper stash ever.
I love AIO's and fitteds and wool covers. Nothing specific and fancy... lol
I like fuzzy buns too and will be having to buy regular-sized prefolds because they are getting too small for my big 3-month-old.
I am fairly new to the cloth-diapering world so anything that I can try out will do!

Thanks diaper fairy! Can't wait to be fairied!
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Dear Diaper Fairy~

I have been so good and haven't bought hardly anything for a while and I gave my most beloved FCB newborn embroidered covers to my neice so she would look pretty. I also have given all of my pretty mediums away to her. Now I don't have any pretty covers for DS I am so sad. I would love for you to bring me a medium boyish FCB aio or cover, anything military-ish, or anything that my dh wouldn't complain about putting on b/c it is girly. Or maybe a kiwi pie that is blue! I like fitted diapers, wool, windpro, you name it I like it! Oh fairy I would just like a diaper pick me up. And after payday I will help you make somebody else happy!!!

Thank you fairy!
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I think this could make Santa jealous! This is great! Keep 'em coming!
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Once I get the okay that I can be on the list, I will add mine to here.
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Dear diaper fairy,

I have two kiddos in diapers one super big boy in XL (18 months, 33.5 pounds, 13" thigh, 23" waist) and one stocky but normal toddler girl (2.5yo 32 pounds, 12" thight 20.5" wasit)

I'm not picky, it doesnt have to be new and it doesnt have to be expensive. Of couse I want to try the popular stuff, but I love to try anything. I have a new love for wool but still rely on pockets- my favorite thing! I'm not in desperate need since 95% of their diapers I've made for them (so no worries of my naked children)... but I'm a greedy little girl and want some fluff in my mail too!

feeding the fabric addiction works too
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I love this idea!!!
I have been wanting to fairy someone so bad. Now I'll know who hasnt been faired yet!!

my baby boy was born Sunday and we have mostly all fuzzy bunz, I would love to try anything new!

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Dear Diaper Fiary,

I also have two in diapers. Alexander is a L/XL and Holden wears size medium. We're not picky either, and new isn't at all a big deal (heck, I can't afford to put my two in new when I buy them, so I hardly expect a new gift, if that makes sense). I only have one specific wish (if I'm shooting for the stars here) and that would be to find a wool soaker to fit my Alexander. I can't find soakers for a 3 year old bum anywhere.
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

I don't need much so I'll make my list short. I love fitteds, but my little boy needs some more covers. Maybe a cute little boy wool soaker. But the one thing I really really want is Wool wash! As crazy as it seems, I don't have any and I just can't decide what kind I want. So maybe you diaper fairy could chose for me.
You are doing such wonderful work, keep it up!
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I'll play

I have 2 in diapers (and 3 still nursing if that makes you take pity on me :LOL). Sarah is a petite 2yo. She wears a medium or a large. She loves Dora, Spongebob and puppies. Becca is 9 months and wears a medium. We love most everything except pockets. I do not have good luck with them. I love to put them in real girly AIOs. We also love fitteds. We love Daisy Doodles, FCB AIOs or Fitteds, and pretty much anything else.

*****ETA we were Fairied!*****
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

I have two beautiful girls, a 6 month old in diapers full time, and a 3 year old who wears them just at night. We are not at all picky and would anything, used or homemade is great here too. We wear mostly M/L snapping fitteds and wool covers, premium prefolds and the occasional pocket for going out. We love bright prints, hand dyes, and natural fibers. And, would be just tickled with little treats like wipes or good diaper pins or soap.

We love the diaper fairy!!!

ETA ****we got fairied today******
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I will leave buckwheat cookies and organic milk out for you
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Hello to all, I'm a diaper fairy in training, and would love to surprise someone with a wool soaker, shorts or pants.

It seems a lot of folk are looking for wool, but could you please post the measurements that would fit your little one? I'd hate for it to be too small!!!

Thank you and keep watching for the mail man!

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This is a great idea! So many of us with two in diapers, as well! Well, I will bite,

Dearest Diaper Fairy,

Hi there. I have been so very, very good. I have been super frugal in looking for bargains, but have not been having much luck finding anything that works for us. Pleae oh please come to our aid!

My eldest is a M/L and my youngest a medium. I am realizing that my toddler really needs side snaps because he keeps getting skinnier-Shooting for the stars, we would love a RB or BBH WIO or a FLAG because they fit him perfectly, but I would love to try any other natural fiber side snap on him. He is seeming more aware his elimination so I am trying to change him every time he is wet to encourage this, so we are pretty short on diapers, even a couple premium prefolds would be a help!

Both boys need wool covers/soaker, and AIOs for the church nursery, which is not shall we say, accustomed to cloth. We love bright colors and animals and cars and other vehicles are favorite toys. We aren't picky about things being brand spankin' new, either.

We promise to be very good to any gift you give us, and sprinkle some Diaper Fairy dust in return. Oh, and my sweet dh makes FABULOUS berry coffee cake which I am sure he would leave for you in order to spare his paycheck some diaper expense. .

~ETA that we got fairied with a couple of scrumtiously soft prefolds. THANKS!~
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Dear Diaper Fairy,
I switched Wiley to cloth at almost 4 months with diapers I bought used before he was born. Our stash is tiny; 18 unknown contours, 5 Nikky covers that fit (and 5 still too big), and 5 Bumkins AIOs. We would really like to round out our stash and try a few new things. Especially ones that keep us both dry at night!! Here is my list of things I'm interested in trying:
-hemp fitteds
-a firefly (M/L)
-a snappi diaper
-Bumkins AIOs or covers (prints)
-WAHM AIOs with a trim fit
-Sugarpeas wool with snap-ins (M)
-the time to knit a soaker

Wiley prefers interesting prints and colors over plain white. He is especially fond of sheep and monkeys, as well as frogs. He's really a wild little Tarzan at heart! Thanks!
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Dont really "need" anything. But fitteds are nice to have... especially ones with no polyester in them. If he wears Poly too much through the day he gets a raw rash.
measurements for wool would be waist 20, rise 18, thigh 11.5
We love bright colors here, too.
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Dear Diaper Fairy:

I've been so good this year! I've been getting rid of some diapers that Saige no longer wears and a lot of them have been hyena diapers. This way other babies get to enjoy the great quality.

I currently have 1 in diapers. She is roughly 26lbs. She gets rashy when we have tried wool except for the one time we had a wool soaker, but it was too small. I think she has problems with wool flannel. She loves Dora and anything with princesses on it.

Her and her sister are expecting to have a brother in early Aug. I have gotten him a bunch of newborn sized diapers, but could really use some covers in the newborn size. He also doesn't have much in size small. So anything in size small would be great!

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Dearest Fairy,
I will not say that I have been a good girl-because of course I have not! But, my actions should've reflect on my daughter's diapers. We would love just about anything. Homemeade, used, stained-we don't care! :LOL She is a sweet little girl, so maybe something girly?? The only thing I haven't tried are AIO, so I don't know if I like them-but we use mostly FB and sherpa fitteds, but would love to try something NEW!!!
I don't cook, so there will most likely be no milk, cookies, coffee or any of the like.
Just my whole heart full of appreciation!!
Thank you!!
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Dear Diaper Fairy,
I wanna be a hyena when I grow up. Really I do. But I don't have the cash to spend ...and i'll admit it.... i wouldn't know where to start! Right now we have some pocket diapers and a few fitteds and our first wool soakers and shorts. I am feeling the love of wool right now and am constantly stalking the tp to see if anyone will trade wool for pockets or silks. I'd love to get away from pul entirely at some point.

Reaching for the sky I'd say we would love to try any of the incredibly hyena dipes and wools we've been reading about. dh is scared of covers and fitteds so wio's would be awesome... and i've recently seen the fuz. Oh, how i've drooled over the fuz. and since i'm all about silk the new luxebaby silks interest me. Sugarpeas, righteous babies, cloud nine softies - any cute boy fitteds would be so wonderful. And of course any wool. soakers, soaker shorts and if i might be so bold to say it - longies. I love the embellished and embroidered stuff out there but will never be able to buy any of it. I mostly live vicariously thru you all on mdc by looking at your pics and smiling.

anyway, dear diaper fairy - Roman is a year old now and about 23lbs. He has chubby thighs and wears a large in most diapers and covers. The last time i measured him his thighs are 12", the rise with a fitted was 18" and his hips/waist were 20".

Thank you for considering us diaper fairy. And i know i'll be able to pay it forward at some point.
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