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Dear Diaper Faery,

We have been really really good this year, not buying as much as we used to. What I would really love is to try a trickle-free trainer (size 2) as my 2 yo has decided she wants to potty, but is not having the best luck.
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O' Fairy O' Fairy,

My baby is in need of some covers- We are using plastic pants (yuck!) She has a cute little bum about a size M/L she is 21lbs 1 year old and pretty thin. She has been very good this year, she has gone from little movement to walking- I say that is progress! She has gone from no words to a mouth full! She can even sign dirty dipie- I mean, really- how cute is that??? We have been good trying not to spend too much money- Mama has made nearly all of Raineys dipes and we are just now venturing out into the world of WAHMs. We are *FITTED* lovers around this house! Thank you diaper fairy! Thank you.....
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Dear Diaper Fairy,
I have not expected anything from you, thanks to the outrageous cost of shipping to Finland from the US, where I believe most fairies live.
But..... if for some reason there was a fairy willing to brave the extra dollars it would take for a gift to get to me, I would be happy with anything. Especially plain t-shirts for my son to wear this summer with his wool! (I can't seem to find reasonably priced cotton tees in 12m size around here...only fancy euro boutiques, no wal-mart type places with baby clothes) Or even a fancier shirt with something painted on, like this gorgeous elephant: http://www.elliebelly.com/animals.html scroll down the page a bit.

Angelica, lover of all things cloth for baby!
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Is this for people who have NOT been faired??? :
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Dear Diaper fairy,

Hey, how's it hangin'? Really? You should get that looked at. Anyways, what I want more than anything is the impossible to get. A Blue Cow print bumkins AIO in a large. I have been a very good girl! I would also like a petite toddler fuzzi bunz to try, and more wipes. I promise, however, that anything would go to a very loving and welcoming home. It will have a wonderful toddler to poop in it, and pee in it, on a constant basis. It will be in the pail with other pooped on pee'd on loved diapers, and thrown into the wash with just the right amount of detergent. When stained, it will be hung on the clothesline in the Oklahoma sun. Thank you so much diaper fairy, if you bring us together.
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I haven't seen a fairy around here in a while. If she were to make a stop I think Caleb would like some preimuim sized TDD prefolds, a nice bright soaker (10'' thigh, 20'' waist, at least 18'' rise), some size 12 or 18 month cloth/AP/babywearing/intact advocacy clothes, and anything else a kind fairy would like to drop on by. Caleb says he is 20 pounds and 7 months old.

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Dear Fairy,
I would love some fitteds, any would be fine. Wool is awsome! Wool measurments are Waist 20, Rise 20 & legs 9.5. Used is fine too! Girly is nice, but not needed.
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Deaw Diapew Faiwy,
My mommy hasn been vewy good but I got a big owie on my tongue ana tweat would be vewy fun.....just no food cause it huwts to eat. I wike puppy's and kitty's and fiahtucks (firetrucks) my favowite cowor is yehwo (yellow) and owange (orange). Mommy says I need some wawge (large) fitteds cause I'm a big boy and she says woow (wool) jewsey covews are fun. Now dat my mommys done with HER wish wist I want....some bahs (balls) and bwocks (blocks) and I wuve baff (bath) time so any baff fwuff is fun.

Fank you,
Nafan Peanut
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Dear Fairy,

Please send Giraffelovinmama a beautiful Mosaic Moon soaker for Maggie. If I had gotten one in the last stocking, I'd have fairied it to her myself, but, alas, I missed the stocking.

When you're done with that one, if you could get the Canadian retailers to start carrying Downey Advance, that would rock. I'm sending some to some mommas up there, but it would rock if they could get it themselves at the local grocery store.

I also hear that Leslie at KHW is busy putting packages together for the orphans in Haiti... maybe you could bring some diapers to her and then bring back one of those adorable babies for me??? I can always find room for one more in need.

The only thing I can think of that I *need* is the time to learn how to practice learning to knit so I can make my own soakers someday??? Oh, and more patience so I don't get so overwhelmed LOL!!


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Dear Diaper Fairy,
I tried to drop a letter to you at the Post Office, but the mailman said he didn't have the proper address. He recommended that I put it in the "Santa" box, but I knew "Santa" wouldn't be able help me out. He also recommended the "Tooth Fairy", but I was afraid the she would get confused and send me FLOSS instead of FLAGS. Ahhhh well...imagine my happiness when this thread popped up this morning. :LOL

Edited: We have so much and other babies have so little. Diaper Fairy, please give to http://www.aidfororphans.org/diapers.htm instead.
Thanks diaper Fairy, and keep up the fantabulous work!
Tina and Truman
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Dear diaper fairy,
We would love to try some velour WAHM wipes Or a wool soaker hand made would be great we love blue and green and even orange......Ryan is a short toddler who loves motorcycles and blues clues..... I Would love to try some all PUL AIO's or pockets..... any thing is fine used is great to..... I can not wait to fairy some one else....Thanks diaper fairy this has been fun.....
oh and he has a 19 in waist 17.5 inch rise and 11 inch thighs....
Christi and Ryan
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Dear fairy,
I am pretty new to the list and I too have been a good girl... I'm really trying hard to help educate H's dad about using cloth so when he takes him every other weekend, he will put him in a CD. That being said this is what I have on my wish list (AIOs to make it as easy and appealing as possible for him to actually DO)
1. FCB size 2 AIOs
2. FMBG serged AIOs

As for MY list....
1. ANYTHING FMBG (looking for fitteds in particular)
2. ANYTHING RB (FLAGs or fleece/wool shell sets)
3. Handmade wool soaker... from anyone. I would love to get one from someone who made it with my little guy in mind and just because. THAT would make my day!!

My son is 20 months, 24 lbs, slim but in larges or size 2's

ETA: another poster reminded me that anything Toy Story (Buzz or Woody) would be AMAZING!!!
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Oh Lo! You are so sweet!

Dear Diaper Fairy,

We don't NEED anything but baby ds would love to try a Sugar Peas size 2 or other natural fiber diaper. A hemp prefold would be nice too. We don't mind used and loved items. Ds is 7 months and 21 pounds, size large.

Thank you fairy and thanks for making everyone's day a little brighter.
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Originally Posted by Spark
For those of you who have not been fairied AND are on the Fairy List, please post your Fairy Letters here.

Well, Simone could probably use some more fitted diapers, and I would love to try out some other wahm's diapers besides mine. However, we don't actually NEED anything right at the moment, so anything really is just a 'want' for us.

It would be wonderful, though, to do something like this, since Simone is always quite concerned about other babies having enough clean, comfortable diapers - scroll to the bottom of the page for diaper donations:

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Dear Fairy, I'm sure you are cracking up at all these letters, I know I am. Sadly we've been cut off from fun diaper buying lately. So the fluffy-mail is very few and far between. Braden loves fleece lined anything. He is 10mos. old and about 21lbs. and a M/L. We use everything pretty much, but I cannot figure out our Snappi. Maybe with the correct thing to Snappi onto his bum, I might be able to work a pretty prefold onto him! Getting anything in the mail would be fun! If I had to state a need, it would be for Large solid Happy Heiny's. We're taking a few long car trips this summer and I know HH work the best, solid colors especially. We only have one solid.
Love, Heather & the little man
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Dear Diaper Fairy,
I know you are very, very busy-but my ds loves LOVES getting fluffy mail, he is so fond of packages-but we haven't gotten any for a while now. He loves trim fitting anything-and his little bum would love to try an El Bee (haha) but settles for whatever he gets He looks especially cute in tye dye-and for summertime prefolds are wonderful. Of course, my little dude usually wears the ones I make, but he does get bored, so any type will work as long as it will fit a really rotund 35lber.
Thank you diaper fairy, for spreading the cloth diaper love!
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Wow! Talk about some busy diaper fairies! i'm loving the letters and think I might be feeling a pair of fairy wings sprouting as well. hehehe

I bought most of my kids diapers used so we haven't tried any of the hyena diapers. I learned to knit soakers for my kids but would love to try a wool fannel or jersey cover. Side snaps fit my kids the best, front snaps sag off( major plumbers butt) since my kids seem to be hipless.lol My little ones out pee most covers so we switched to wool. i think i knitted myself a nice case of carpal tunnel and knitting is a 'no no' for awhile. My 23month dd is thinking about using the potty so some trainers would be great as well. She's a skinny lil thing. Here's measurements for both kids~
Willow Gavin
rise 14 rise 12.5
thigh 10 thigh9
hip/waist 16 hip/waist 14.5

We're not picky used, homemade ect. is great.
P.S. Who's collecting for orphanges? I have a bunch of diapers that need to go there!
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Dear diaper fairy

i hear you have been doing some wonderful work
we are doing ok with our diaper stash so dont really need anything, but if u feel the need to fairy in canada, anything to liven up our boring white MEOS stash with a bit of cute fluff would be greatly appreciated, or soft wipes for his ever so tender little bum.

keep up the good work as i love to read about how many days u are brightening.

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Dear Diaper Fairy

If you are thinking of fairying me and my son Alek, please fairy this place for us as we know these children are far more in need then we could ever be.

I made a $20 donation today because I was fairied recently and decided to pay it forward to this place.
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

We are going on two big trips this summer and mom is a little scared about taking cloth, though she says no sposies will touch my little bum. We are fitteds, cpf's and wool users here ... though sometimes mommy has to snappi the cpf across my bum because I turn over mid-change. I know she has been trying to find some nice flats to add to our vacation diapers as one trip involves a plane and hotel and the other involves our mininvan and tent. She's also trying to find a nice, good wetbag to take with us to store my dirties in. I'm kind of a chunker - not quite 6 months and over 16.5 lbs. My thighs (9 1/2") are about the same size as my 3 year old brother, or so mommy says. Usually I wear a medium. And, if you would rather, you can also fairy a little baby who has so much less than us - we know we are blessed beyond belief and would love to help others.

Thank you diaper fairy!

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