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Fairies of Wonder, Fairies of Might
Sending cloth through the Post, clean and bright
Fluff and stuff to keep clean the bums
O, Guide thy hands with loving light
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

I do need for much or any thing at all, but my mommy got a great deal on some El Bee's and now we can't find any covers trim enough (or cute enough)to go with them. I really, really want a cover or soaker that are as cute as me and my beautiful diapers. An El Bee cover would be perfect but any trim wool cover would be nice too. I really want some wool soaker shorts too.
I hope you are reading this, diaper fairy, wherever you may be.....
Hope to see you soon.

P.S. I am a size medium in just about anything.
my measurments are
16" waist
10" legs
15/16" rise
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Dearest fairy,
My lil chunk has recently outgrown all the we-use-these-pul-when-all-the-wool-is-wet-backups, the gerber style are leaving serious red marks that leaves him with 5 wool covers, being an exclusively breastfed baby prone to blowouts, we're not making it to wash day. He is getting too chunky for alot of mediums, yet he's too short for most larges it seems. All that rambling to say he could use some wool I'd love to get some knitted soakers for him. He loves bright brilliant colors, a shrek cover would be way too kewl. RB WIOs fit him great, he can wear 1s and 2s.

I've been having alot of fun making him recycled dipes as I clean out our closet and sort through the piles of winter things. This afternoon I brought out another pile of stuff to cut up for dipes, so dipes are fun not a need.

I would love to try out a FLAG, anything sherpa, non hemp firefly, bottombumper, celtic wool, anything Thomas the Tank Engine, Shrek, Celtic/Irish, LOTR, nautical, musical.

eta his measurements
nekkid waist is 15 inches, nekkid thighs are 10 inches, rise with a thin fitted is around 15 inches. He's 20+ pounds at 5.5 months old.
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Dear diaper fairy,

You are doing such wonderful work! I can't wait to see who you will fairy next. My DS would love size L AIO's from LHC or VK; or a serged FMBG AIO.

Edited b/c I just bought the cd advocacy shirt I've wanted for a while
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Dear Diaper Fairy --

Keep up the good work! You are making lots of mamas very happy If you decide to visit our house, I'm sure that anything you choose will be wonderful!!
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Dear Fairy,

My mommie has not been very frugal lately and is trying to hold back. But if you're in the mood to spread some fairy dust this way, mommy says she would like to help me learn how to use the potty this summer. Mommy says she's heard Tickle Free Trainers and Baby-Luv are good for little boys learning how to go potty, but I don't really care what I get as long as I can take it off and "get to know myself a little better!"

Thank you Diaper Fairy. I left you a little purple and white pansy today under the toadstools in my backyard. I hope you liked it!

Love, Alexander
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Yeah, We're not picky! Edward is 19 lbs, kinda tall and skinny. He fits into most mediums. I would love a homemade diaper art type of diaper. We've tried most of the industrial brands. I would love to try some new mama's work that isn't very well know.


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my new baby boy - cedar eyrie - is two weeks old today and would be so honored to be fairied! he is about nine pounds and needs fitted diapers and any kind of wool cover (we're at the 'washing our meager stash every day' stage . we love batik, earth tones, and those more 'mature' prints. we have tried and loved LHC fitteds, sellin threads, and fireflies- just couldn't afford quite enough I guess. we would be estatic to try anything! you're awesome!
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Dearest Fluff Fairy,

Ruby and I would so love to receive a gift from you! Ruby's first birthday is Sunday and her Grandma sent her a pair of soaker shorts already. That was so exciting because they were her first bought diaper cover, all of her others are mama made as are her fitteds. So anything not made by me would be so wonderful and exciting. Ruby is a big girl for her age, a healthy 30 pounds with a 20" waist 20" rise and 15" thighs. Thank you Diaper Fairy for spreading the fluffy love!
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Thank you Kathleen and other mamas for the Aidsfororphans link. I'm in tears here.
I had some prowraps and other covers that I was planning on selling on the TP to help drum up some diaper funds for ourselves but seeing that I have enough diapers to carry me through 2-3 days, my covers will be going there instead.
I wonder if they can use some home knit wool soakers too? My funds are limited but I can knit!
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Dear Fairy,
I am obsessed with cding. I have one more week (I hope!) to go before ds #2, baby Jack, arrives. I'm all about organizing right now. Finding the right diaper bag for 2 in cloth diapers, finding the ultimate changing pad, and looking at pretty pail liners. I need wool wash for the soaker/wool obsession that has been building in me for the past month. DS #1 needs some more large nighttime diapers... I was wanting to try Happy Hempys.

I am always looking for fun boy prints. My dh loves aplix and I thought he might enjoy some true AIOs. We love pocket diapers but have never had a real AIO. He loves to camp so it would be fun to find an AIO with an outdoorsy theme. Or choo-choo trains. Or monkeys! WIOs are intriguing too.

All I know, Fairy, is this pregnant mama is up way too late every night perusing the diapering world on the Internet and dreaming about her new baby boy, wool and wrapping her babies in some cozy cloth.

By the way - I've really been very good. I try to manage controlling my hyena desires and look more then I buy. : ) And I have been good during this pregnancy except that maybe this past month I've eaten way too much ice cream. Mmmm.... ice cream.

Okay. I better go. I know you are a busy little fairy. Good night!

(who could sit and write to the Fairy all night long and talk about diapers.)
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Dear fairy,

There isn't much I (dd) needs. Just a little note would even be fine.
If you would like to send something I'd love to have some small AIOs that I can give to my dh's cousin who just had her first little girl.


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Hey Diaper Fairy!! My name is Irelynn. We think this is just the coolest idea! If you were to come by our house we are pretty easy. We use a lot of prefolds and wool here. My mommy can knit so I dont really need anymore covers. Maybe some pretty yarn for mommy or a pretty prefold for me? I like girlie colors as I am very foo foo shee shee and like to dress up!! I wear mediums in everything
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Dear Diaper Fairy,
Instead of posting a wish list and although we haven't been fairied, I wanted to write you a thank you note. Not many people understand diaper love. In fact many people think its downright weird. However, you have made so many mamas happy on their way back from the mailbox - especially when all they were expecting were the inevitable bills. In a world where random acts of kindness are pretty rare, you are setting a great example.
Keep up the good work - you are truly spreading contagious and

P.S. Hannah wears a medium anything
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Dear Diaper Fairy,

Clara and her mommy have been very good this year, and we would love to be fairied. Clara would love a medium fuzbomb or fuzeasy or any color medium firefly or similar fitting diapers (and we would love to try an elbee, even if it's on loan, to check fit...so if you have a good loan-just-for-fit elbee, we would be estatic). Her fat thighs make it hard for dipes to fit her (11.5 inches), but her low rise and tiny waist (16" both) complicate the issue further. ***I just got a kissaluvs size 2 and it is almost a perfect fit...almost too big...so maybe she isn't too hard to fit afterall.***** We would love a soaker, but most are either too big in the waist or too tight in the legs, and she is very sensitive to scratchy wool. She is just hitting 22 lbs. We also love medium solid color happy heinys, and they make it easier for her grandma to change her because she cannot pinch hard enough to do snaps. We prefer fitteds and wool, but are easily made very happy. In case you have some, we would also love some 12-18 month size Gap or similar cotton pajamas with long sleeves (footed preferred but we will take anything). We would love to get some fairy love, and would be happy with anything.

I hope you stay safe and get very blessed while you are doing your fairy deeds,
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Dear Dipaer Fairy,

I am new to this whole thing and the things I need are more wipes and diapers that are made to fit a chucky baby. I have purchased some nice diapers in mediums because this is what Elizabeth is wearing and they are too small for her legs. I love my wipes and now that I have used them for so long, it is time to replace them. I love handmade and WAHM items. I have had a wonderful experience on the TP with buying used items, so that is no problem for us. I can't wait until I get to fairy my first person. *hint hopefully this week.* Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this and I am excited to get started.
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Dear Diaper Fairy....

Now that I have visited the Aid for Orphans site I am feeling a little funny about asking for anything at all! We will send some diapers their way. There is always a need greater than ours!
But if you were to fairy us with anything, what we need most of all is hemp fitted diapers for a growing boy, and little ones for our little august surprise. we don't mind used diapers at all! our very favourites, of course, are kindhearted women diapers, especially because leslie loves orphans too. But we don't mind to try anything at all, and anything handmade for babies would be wonderful, because we plan to have lots of those around here!
thank you diaper fairy!

edited to say: we have been fairied with a wool butt sweater for our baby-to-be!
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Dear Diaper fairy

Hello, I'm Chloe and Mummy helped me you a letter in case you want to visit our house.

I'm sort of potty trained, but having little accidents occasionally, so I need some large training pants, or bedwetter pants for sleeping. I'm only 3, but I already wear size 5T clothes, and so I want to be a supermodel when I grow up!

My little brother needs some large hemp inserts for his Fuzzi Bunz. Mummy puts prefolds inside, but she says Daddy doesn't do that right!

Mummy says she could also do with more cloth wipes or a wet bag would be really nice.

I hope you have a safe journey wherever you go.

Hugs and kisses
Chloe XXX
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Dear diaper fairy:

Could you please look down deeeeeeeep in your bag and find some labor vibes for me please??????? That is all I am currently in need of, as I've been buying nb and small stuff since I found out I was gonna have another bum to cd. Thank you for your consideration of and prompt attention to this matter.

Very sincerely yours,
One tired mama

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Dear Diaper Fairy,

My husband and I are frugal, digging ourselves out from under debt slowly, so we purchased all our diapers used. Being a military family, our income doesn't allow for big purchases often, so I'm trying slowly to build up our diaper supply up. Most of the diapers we have we purchased used before DD was born last June and are now falling to pieces literally in the wash. We need new diapers but can't afford to buy many at once, even though many of the ones we have are becoming non-functional. I'm not picky at the types of diapers we use. We have AIOs, pockets, prefolds, fitteds and covers. I happily use them all, though I really like AIOs and pockets best (and DH won't use anything but those). DD is a heavy wetter at night and we are now searching for something to make it through the night w/o her soaking through everything. We'd love to try a hemp prefold to see if that would get her through, or maybe a nice fitted or wool cover (I've heard those work well, but have never tried one).
Her chubby legs put her into a Large in most diapers right now, though I have been told some brands mediums would work as well. She is tall, too, so things with high rise would fit her best (like Large HH's, Cuddlebuns, etc.) These diapers will be used for her and then our next children if they last long. I am OK with using girlie diapers on a boy though if that is what we have next : Gender prints don't really bother me. Used, new, stained, everything gets put to good use in our home.
We don't use cloth wipes here (DH won't do it), but we could use another wet bag for when we travel, because it seems we can't take one in a store and leave it in the car at the same time (just won't work no matter how hard we try lol).
So please diaper fairy, I make some good cookies! I'll be sure to leave some out for you if you visit our home.
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