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Just ordered a Freehand Baby Carrier***its here***

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After all the talk on another thread here I decided to order one. Can't beat the price. I got a Kozy quite a while ago and while I loved it and it was very comfy for me, my babe wasn't too impressed with how the fabric ate him up. Plus the one I got was just the natural.
I just ordered #118 Guatemalan woven cotton stripes with black straps
She is making the straps shorter for me and adding a bit of padding to the straps. She is alos making the body a bit shirter too so hopefully my little guy will like it a bit better. I am so excited. I think it's going to be beautiful. Kaire is wonderful to work with. I will definatly post a review once it arrives.
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I've looked at her site a few times and debated about buying one...I love her fabric-it's really gorgeous. She has good prices and I've been waiting to see more reviews so let us know when you get it!
Good luck!
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If the body of an ABC is too tall for your babe, roll or fold it over a few times at the waist before tying the bottom straps.
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Yes thats what I figured out with the Kozy I am still excited to have a "fancy" Mai Tei
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I just ordered one too! I'm getting a sports logo one for dh for Father's Day
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Just want to say I have one of her carriers and it's awesome. She very much stands behind her product and I give her a big
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I have 2 of them and I love them! I was able to wear my 5 1/2 year old for a short time.
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Those are great looking. I may have to go ahead and order one also. But not before I get the hang of my girasol.
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Ohh, I want one bad!!
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OMG!!!! I just love it. It is beautiful! She really did a wonderful job considering I was so pcikiy about the sizing. She made exactly to my specifications. It is so comfy I will take some pics later to show ya.
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Originally Posted by intensity_too
Ohh, I want one bad!!
Me too
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These pics are with my 2 1/2 year old and 4 year old cause my 6month old was very cranky today and I didn't want to have him trying out a new carrier and posing for pics
This is Ryan (4)
This is Jayden (2.5)
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I'm confused.

Am I deranged? I'm looking at her site and I can't find the fabric you used for yours, Sebrina. I was hoping for something for a mixture of blues, didn't see it on her site, and then discovered that's exactly what you have!
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I think becuase her carrier are one of a kind so when I ordered she took it off her site. But I am sure if you emailed her and tell her you like mine she could do one up for you. Tell her that I don't mind at all
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It looks like the straps would rub under your arms, does it??
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Not really, but the fabric is really soft so may not have noticed
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Sweet pics, lovely fabric. Did you go with padding? And how much do your boys weigh?
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Yes I did get the padding. My oldest guy is 42lbs, middle is 36lbs and my babe is 18lbs (the carrier is really for him, but the older guys like to have a "ride")
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what a gorgeous carrier! and you have beautiful kids! i like the look of those freehand carriers.

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sebrinaw, your sling looks fabulous....just what i am looking for. i am wondering what the straps do in the front when the baby is being wore on your back. i couldn't find any pics that show the front view on her website. if it's not too much trouble, would you mind showing us front view pics? i have large, milk-filled boobies, and don't want a sling that the straps either get in the way or squish them in a funny way. KNIM!?

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