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The One Thread - May 23 - 29th

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The one Thread - May 23th - 29


It's Sunday! Time for a new thread...
As always PM me if you need to be switched!

Waiting to O:

*Alexis (alexisyael)
*Amara (wawoof)
*Amy (StoneFence)
*Amy (saturnine25)
*Anne (bamboogrrrl)
*Anne-Marie (starfairy)
*Brook (mamabee)
*Christina (becca's mama)
*Jamie (djsgirl517)
*Jenny (Ellie's Mom)
*Joi (angstmommy)
*Kara (k4kara)
*Karen (roseangel)
*Kate (KateSt.)
*Korin (chiromama)
*Kylie (luvmy3boyz)
*L'Nayim (waiting4baby)
*Marie (Marie-c)
*Mandy (freethinker)
*Patti (Shakti)
*Pamela (fairymama)
*Sarah (glitterbits)
*Sara (mamaharsh)
*Tara (tarablesue)
*Vicki (doulamomvicki)

Waiting to know (New -- date is what day Af *would* be due. PM me if you want yours added):

*Christine (Sweetc a.k.a. xine)
*Danielle (Dani76)6/5
*Denise (mama2m&m)
*Denise (Mssisko)
*Des (polka123)
*Elena (Mizelenius)5/30
*Erika (MamanFrançaise)
*Heather (Parker'smommy)
*Heather (kyle98sean02)
*Jelaine (dabunnytoo)
*KC (TchrGrrl)
*Kimberly (puddingpop) 5/27
*Kitty (HelloKitty) 5/26
*Lesley (lesleyluu)5/30
*Lili (lilirose)
*Lydia (chemigogo)
*Marie (Marie-c) 5/30
*Megan (amara's mom) 6/13
*Molly (mimim)
*Shannon 6/4
*Sarah (mamtoady) 6/5
*Stephanie (dandylion)
*Tracie (peacefulvegan)
*Zig (6/1)

LLL (limbo land ladies)

*Lisa (lisabc311)

LWNEH (Ladies Who Need Extra Hugs, due to a recent m/c)

*Pamela (Scootermama1)

Waiting to be ready:

*Anna (annakiss)
*Erin (Happypants)
*Kristie (milkymommi)
*Laura (Justice2)
*Pamela (Scootermama1)
*Shaughn (maybemom05)
*Tanya (Teensy)

May BFPs:
*Mary (Bunches)
*Laura (sweetpeasmom)
*Julie (tofumama)
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Cd 2

Not much happening for me. bleeding, cramping, headache. I feel a renewed sense of postivity about this cycle. I guess it's because I was so depressed earlier this week, I just don't have the energy to be sad. But I have decided, I AM GETTING PREGNANT THIS CYCLE! that's all there is too it. I won't take no for an answer. (I'll let you all know if this plan works... : ) I'm not too motivated to do anything.. my regular sunday stuff, grocery shop, laundry, and cook food for the week's lunches... but we shall see, I've only been out of bed for an hour. (it's 11 here.we stayed up late, and I had @ - yes 2 adult beverages!) Ugh, the bleeding and cramping make me not want todo anything. so we shall see!

Ok, so far this month only 3 BFPs... strange.....
back later
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Gooooooooooooood Morning

We stayed at 5th Ave Suites last night in hopes that it would um........ aid in conception. We shall see.
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Cd 17 4 Dpo

Not much going on here either... just in the 2ww.... Although I just have this feeling that I couldn't be pregnant this cycle. I don't know why... *sigh*
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Damn Korin, you're too fast! I was going to start that thread, but you beat me to it! I like your new plan, tell me how it works out for you!

Maman, I'm 5 DPO (so says FF, but I think it is more like 3). We can test together! I'm going to test 5/31, (but may sneak in a couple OPK's as HPT's before that because I have some leftover).

I'm trying to be positive about this cycle. I had so much EW! But, sad as I will be if it doesn't work this time, I do have my brand new CPFM just waiting for me to start it up!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Angstmommy, sounds like you did!
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Subscribing.... You guys can add my name to the OP... I'm Brook

I posted in the main TTC board about my chart. My temps are all over the place but this is my first time to chart so would greatly appreciate any thoughts if you guys want to look at it. Keep in mind that I'm a newbie!

My Chart
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Sorry lesley.. I've been doing the list a while, and can get it up pretty quick. But if you haven't gotten a BFP before next sunday, it's yours! ( I'll have familiy in town, so it'll be nice not to deal with it! )

Angst, does this mean you're Oing soon? are you charting or using OPKs?? Ohhh the 5th ave suites.. nice! Any fun details to share??

ETA - Erika... I'll KHA for you... you know, that's what we do here, we KHA for others when they can't do it!
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LOL Lesley, that would be kind of funny if we got our BFP's at the same time. Our daughters are only a few weeks apart, too!

I think I'm going to hold off to test until the 2nd. That's when AF is due and I hate those damn negatives and staring at them for literally hours to see if there's a faint positive. I'm trying to avoid that this time around. LOL
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Korin- I am charting but I forgot my therm. last night. I did check it when I got home but because I had been running around it is probably not accurate. I tried one of the O predictor kits but was confused. As for juicy details........... maybe after a glass of wine I'll let them out. The suite was nice (especially the tub )

Later today I think I will check my ovulation again.

Oh and I took my last clomid for the cycle ( hopefully forever)
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Sweet!!! What cycle day are you? I hope with all of my heart that you get preg on your first try! Esp after that dumb ass doc told you those lame things a while back. If you have to ditch knitting night cause you haven't Oed yet.. I'll understand!

Ok, is anyone else not about to "quick reply" today? and what is up with the stuff underlined in green? when you click on one it takes you to an ad?? WTF?
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Just wanted to say.. Brook! Hope you enjoy your stay with us!! I looked at your chart, but it just looks like you haven't Oed yet.. be patient, after a few months, it gets easier, and a lot more fun!
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I am on day #10.Does that make any sense?
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well, of course that makes sense... is this your first time charting? do you know when you usually O? Is the clomid supposed to make you O early? How long is your cycle usually?
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This is the first time I am charting. The clomid is all that is making me O (from what I understand) Before I starting taking these retched drugs I hadn't had a cycle in nearly 9 months. (ironic huh?)
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Ah, yes, now i remember. Ok... so how is your chart looking? Are you GIOing everyday or everyother day? ( can you tell I'm avoiding all my tasks for the day by asking you one million questions? ) Are the docs doing any US tomake sure the clomid is making you O?
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Well, so far every other day (tonight may be different) and I have an appointment in 15 days. My charting is looking good, I suppose. I hope that I am not keeping you from your chores.
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nah, you aren't keeping me from my chores, I'm only giving myself 10 more minutes on line anyway.. as soon as "car talk " is over Ry is going to want the computer.

Can youpost your chart?? So in 15 days, they will see if you have Oed? Jeeez, you could be pregnant by then!! :
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I know I know..... I am planning on having a talk with her soon. If not finding a new doc. oh and here is my chart...

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That is not your chart my dear... you have to post your home page. I think there are directions in another thread on the ttc....
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Phone call gotta run
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