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I love the idea of a thread in the pg forums. Can I suggest that we use a word other than "graduates", though? That term makes me feel like I'm being held back a grade or something, and also brings back memories of the woman who once told me that someday I would "learn" how to get pregnant.

My temp dipped this morning (10 DPO). It is not normal for me to have short LPs (plus I'm taking progesterone), but I'm wondering if implantation dips can happen that late in a cycle?
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PuddingPop and Periwinkle - I'm sending your way!

Lesley - I'm going to feed your obsession LOL. With my last pregnancy, I got a faint + (as in, am I imagining things) at 10dpo with a cheap test and a definite plus with the CVS brand test later that day. I say take a CVS test in a couple of days and you'll likely see a nice line. (Oh, did I mention I'm addicted to pg tests and have taken more in the last four years than most women do in a lifetime? LOL) :

is definitely here now, which is a good thing. I get really depressed the day before and first day, so I'm feeling better now. Tom has been out of town all week and Nate has been a terror, so adding depression to the mix is NOT a good thing.

Hope everyone's day is going well.
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Lesley -- if your chart weren't so damn pretty I wouldn't say anything...but OMG!!! :

Shannon -- I too LOVE your idea! I felt the same way as Jesse -- we were on the same Nov board but it just wasn't the same as over here. (Confidentially I couldn't relate to all the whining 'bout preg symptoms when I was just so grateful to be preg. I have a feeling most of the women here in ttc will feel the same way -- too grateful to whine.)

Also, it would be great to have preggies over here so we can gather up their baby dust! (You've heard that saying that when you want something, surround yourself with people who already have it!)

I love, love, love the idea!
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You ladies are killing me! Is my chart really that nice? So funny, yesterday I was sure that it wasn't the month, now I'm starting to have some hope.

Instead of "graduates" how about "former members of" or "recently part of" or something?

What brand do you think I should test with in the next couple of days? I have 1 Answer, some internet cheapies that I don't trust too much, and 1 Today's Health one-step. I don't know where to get CVS brand.

On my way home from work there's a Target, Walgreens, and Rite Aid.

I've gone around the bend, haven't I?
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10 dpo

Good morning!
These last few days of waiting are just killer. Either I am going to be over the moon, or not. Just trying to be optimistic, while remaining level headed.......

Alexis! That is so cool about the musical! Too bad you couldn't have come with me, and seen it for yourself!

Shannon, I LOVE the idea! I want to be pg, but I still want to fit in here too.....think I'll hang around either way.
I am doing better today, thanks for all your kind words about my pup.
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OOH, so many people heading into the testing zone! I'm so excited LOL.

Lesley - CVS is a drug store around here. The internet tests are generally accurate, but the lines never get very dark. Here's a link to the sensitivity of various tests HPTs

Hope that helps...
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Originally Posted by Lesleyluu
Instead of "graduates" how about "former members of" or "recently part of" or something?
Shannon - love the idea..

How about "the women formerly known as TTC"
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Velvet -- wish I could have gone, too, that would have been fun! (It is playing here, and I should really look into tix. And M wants to see the Producers... oy! Why is theater so expensive? I know for a fact that the actors don't get paid that well... maybe of these big productions, they do, though.)

I miss Adina. She'd love our theater conversations!

Lesley : I am also trying to :ignore

Shannon -- good idea, with one tiny hesitation. Would it be difficult to be pregnant and keep up with the thread?? We so much! I can't imagine being tired and having m/s and being able to keep up! Sometimes in the 2ww it's already SO hard...

But otherwise I love the idea! I hate it when people go, even though I am so glad for them! And I really do worry about leaving myself cause I would miss EVERYONE!

Thanks for everyone who backed me up about that other thread. I dreamt about it last night Oy! Good to have so much support.

Mamahash for AF. Even though it's a good thing, it's still hard...

OK, I know I left a lot of things out of this, but I am needing to go walk my dog in a few minutes, and I'm not even halfway through checking my email yet : This internet thing takes up SO MUCH time!

Belly Blessings!
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BTW, Shannon, your last post over in that other thread made me cry. THANK YOU SO MUCH! (Not yelled, but extremely grateful).
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Quick vent:

When will af get here!!!???? I m/c 4w3d ago now....and I feel bloated and tired and am craving all kinds of bad food esp. chocolate...and I'm SO moody (poor Beth!) but it just won't come!!!

When????? Come come!! (an unusual request, I agree).

It's not even that I am ready to TTC again (although we will be seeing our doc for a follow up appt tomorrow--I could use luck for that as I am a bit stressed that he will tell us to take Clomid and I will say-silly doctor, Clomid is for ovulation! I ovulate fine!

anyway, the earliest we would possibly TTC again is July, probably later though...but I still just want AF to arrive so I can get on with things!! (kinda irrational...but too bad!)

thanks for listening!
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{{{HUGS}}} Jesse! I had my D&C on April 23 and just arrived yesterday. I felt PMSy and like crap for at least a week before she reared her head.

Hope AF arrives for you soon. I'll tell her you're looking for her.
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jesse : it took 6 or 7 weeks befor my af returned. from what i recall my doc said clomid will give you a "stronger" ovulation and it makes the env. more condusive to conceive. i ovulated with great regularity but the doc. put me on clomid as well.
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thanks Sara & Denise

Denise--I've heard the same thing about Clomid.. and I know it works well for lots of folks, I just have some deep-seated worries about it (planted by my mom & naturopath friends)...
I guess I feel really conflicted as to whether I should just take it & go the whole high tech route or go completely the naturopath route....and this decision seems to be coming to a head! I know it's not really an either or but it feels like it.
Glad to hear about your experience though, thanks!
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jesse that makes a lot of sense. i took it before i knew anything at all. it was just what we did. but i'm more informed now and have some decisions of my own to make. good luck with yours! it's difficult isn't it?
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Jesse - sending you rebootng vibes (that sounds weird here, huh?)

I heard ginger tea could possibly coax her out if she's delayed.....

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Jesse -- You know I can relate. It took exactly 5 weeks for af to come after my last m/c. I wasn't (still am not) ready to ttc again but it was very nice to have some closure (if there is such a thing!) to that experience.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that af comes very, very soon! It does sound like you're experiencing PMS -- so that's a great sign!

Alexis and Shannon -- I've been following that "other" thread and I think you were both articulate and helpful. Shannon -- I suspect you're right that if the "pot hadn't have been stirred" in the first place the RTBAM wouldn't feel badly.

I ventured over to TAO to see what the drama was all about last week or so -- and I quickly hightailed it back over here into this safe-haven of tolerance.

It seems so silly to FAO (fight amongst ourselves) when we're really all in the same book, if not on the same page. Personally, I think labels do more harm than good --and though I lean toward AP, I don't want to feel pigeon-holed into "having" to do things a certain way. I'd rather rely on IP -- Intuitive Parenting -- and follow what my heart tells me to do.

Labels make people close-minded. TOLERANCE is what we should all be striving for, right? But of course, I'm preaching to the choir because all of us enlightened ladies already know that!!!!

This is all my long way of saying THIS THREAD IS THE BEST!
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yeah, it's tough
thanks for being so understanding

ETA: that was especially for Denise, but thanks to Kate & Alexis too!
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8 Dpo

Lesley - : Not saying a thing... ok I lied... OMG! You are making me want to test tomorrow! When are you testing next? Tomorrow morning?

Nothing new to report other than now I'm peeing a lot too.... did I mention I *am* getting pregnant this month?

I absolutely love the One Thread Graduate thing... expecially with the name Formerly Known as TTC. : I have only been here for about a month and I feel lilke I would be lost without you guys. I've learned so much here and have grown to really care about all of you. So much so that I would gladly give up my chance to have a baby just so you all could get pregnant and have a baby of your very own. A baby you all deserve so much!

Anyhoo.... I'm off to catch up on the drama. Ugh... I hate drama.
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Lesley, now that you've posted about testing, I'm itching to test tomorrow morning instead of waiting till Saturday (provided my temps are still high). That would put me at 13dpo... what do you guys think? Test or wait?

Todd and I both going insane with the waiting, and every time I call him at work he asks "is the little monster here yet?" :LOL Apparently this is his new code-phrase for . Then he's all relieved when I tell him "not yet".

During my lunch, I was reading a Consumer Reports article about which pregnancy tests work best. I think I'll be heading out to get a First Response (which I've seen mentioned here, too). Any other favourites? (Available in Canada, please.)
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Just wanted to say: Shannon for that response in the drama thread.
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