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pudding, I used FRER, and that is when I got my false line. I don't like them anymore. The disappearing line was too much for me!

the fertility shop has awesome tests as far as sensitivity goes.
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Hey everyone! Does that mean I am still welcome to post here for my first trimester??? I hope so because it really can be a stressful time and it is nice to have the support. Not to mention the humor!! Especially after miscarriage. I was spotting this week a bit but my Hcg numbers are high. I still have a way to go. I'm a little paranoid but trying to relax.
I am wishing for some more May BFPs for you guys!!!!!!!! Hang in there. It is GOING to happen for everyone!!!!!!!!!
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I now understand what they are talking about when they say that this trying for a baby buisness is hard. TMI probably but we GIO all night last night but um... nothin came if it (pardon the punn) We just ended up frustrated and tired. I think the pressure is starting to get to dh. Not to mention that I think I uttered the words "just &%$##! me and get it over with". I was kidding. Or was I?

We leave for MS tomorrow so I won't be here for awhile. This trip has NOT made me stress level go down but hey, maybe I will be better when I return. Thank you all for your support..... you'll never know what it means to me.

Oh and my chart. I went up like .1 point from yesterday. It is begining to feel like I will never ovulate. Or I will for like a half an hour in the plane.
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CD2 - Still feeling o.k.

Hi everyone! Feeling optimistic today – even after that 17DPO luteal phase! Whew – I went down to the courtroom to listen to arguments and by the time I was back there were THREE more pages here. You women are a riot!! :LOL

Someone mentioned a hair color game – I’m going to try the hair color game as I respond.

Alexis – (Blond, bubbly, sweet??) So jazzed about the new digs! I love getting a place I can make my own!! Send pictures if, when you can! What in the heck is AP? What is the TAO TTC site? If AP means extra crunchy (i.e., vegetarian and very “natural”), I am not that!! I’ve felt a ton of support here despite the fact I had no idea what wooly soakers were, shave, eat meat and wear pantyhose!!

Elena – (Brown thick hair, blue eyes, laughs a lot??) Thanks for the sympathy! I don’t know exactly what was up with my doctor, but now I have changed doctors and have an appointment next month. I didn’t realize 17 months was so abnormal until I started reading TCOYF. As for the vacation, dh and I are going to a b&b on the beach in San Pancho (San Francisco), a small fishing village 30 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. No phone, no TV for 10 days and our own balcony with a hammock!!

Mamanfraciase – (blond hair, brown eyes, silly sense of humor??) Thanks again for the support! I’m hoping this is your cycle!! :

Leslyluu – (black straight hair, short, brown eyes, lots of friends??) Your chart looks wonderful!! : Test in a few days, but check with your doctor if it remains faint! I got a “faint” positive test before mc and now believe it was either progesterone deficiency or HGC problems.

Velveteen – (Red hair, brown eyes, serious??) Again, sending you hugs!! Hoping this is the cycle for you!

Pudding – (blond curly hair, green eyes, loves crowd??) Also hoping for you this cycle!! Wow, wouldn’t it be great to have so many BFPs here???

Heveasoul – (Lt. brown hair, hazel eyes, cries at commercials?) Again, glad to have you back!! You are a rock on this thread and sorely needed!

Chiromama – (curly or wavy hair, unsure of color, blue eyes??) I’m looking forward to that song!!

Mama2m&m – (brown hair, short & spunky cut, blue eyes??) Still waiting for that coverline! I feel like a chart stalker.

Shannon – (we all know what you look like now – cute, cute, cute!!) I think your idea of having the BFPs stay for the first trimester is a GREAT idea! I had wondered if I got pregnant where I would go with all my questions about progesterone. Plus, so many women here have had mcs, that it would be great to having on-going support. I know that the atmosphere here is loving, so I think it would be good for everyone.

Want2bemama – (brown hair, green eyes, likes to sing??) – Thanks for the support too! Yes, 17DPO SUCKS!! Sorry about waiting for AF. Hope your appointment tomorrow goes well and you get some good info. I’m sending you rebooting vibes!! Hey, I just looked at your wedding photo – congrats!! You do have brown hair!! Green eyes?

KateSt. – (black hair and dark eyes, likes sushi??) Now this is just getting plain silly!!

Bunches – (red hair, green eyes, likes to sit on the floor??) Please come back!!! We need baby dust – plus your chart is just so pretty!!

Lisa, Dandylion, Mamaharsh, Danielle, Katy, Tracie, & Periwinkle - I think I will need to read a few more posts to guess how you look!

As for me - despite my ethnic name I am Irish through and through. Lots of freckles, green eyes, long thick wavey blond hair. People are usually surprised when they finally meet me in person!

Belly Blessings!!
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waiting4, you're singing my song. you sound a lot like me! and gee what a compliment that someone is stalking my chart i'm waiting for the coverline too. almost ended up with a sily mushroom last night.

angstmama, i almost threw in the towel last night too. if it wasn't for the fact, that i had to wake myself up first and then coax dh from a deep sleep (on all accounts) i wasn't about to let go without a good fight so to speak LOL! there's a lot of sexual pressure when ttc month after month. sometimes i don't tell dh it's egg time and just act surprised when he thinks i'm extra, you know LOL. seeems to take the edge off. of course there are other times he'll blow me off if he doesn't know it's egg time. not sure which is worse. i was deteremined to gio every other day this cycle so hopefully we'll make it. i sure hope that egg drops soon! oh and i hope you're able to enjoy your trip.

bunches, i'm glad things are going well despite the spotting. that's always worrisome. i know if i get pg again the first tri will be terrifying. wouldn't it be nice to just sleep until you get to the 2nd and can relax a tad little bit?

kate ita on all accounts. another board i visit is a tad snarky this week too. is it a full moon? i don't care for all the drama but sometimes it's rather entertaining! soaps on the web.

wan2b - right back atcha!

btw, i just want to say how impressed i am with some of the dh's that check in and such. they seem so supportive of you. my dh is supportive be for him it's out of his mind unless i'm in the midst of af. then's he's sympathetic but other than that it's not mentioned unless he's asking how the budget looks in regard to adding a baby to the mix.

say any bets on when my egg drops? we could do a contest : talk about diversion.
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Long weekend!

I'm off mamas. I'm taking an extra day to make it a 4 day weekend! Be good, and I want some BFP's when I get back to my computer on Tuesday. :

I'm going to work with my pony and the trainer. He may be teaching us how to pull logs.

So sorry Velveteen
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I'm gettin' excited with all these possible BFP floating around!

Waiting4- (yeah, I do have thick brown hair, but brown eyes!)
AP has zero to do with being crunchy, and it bothers me TO NO END that people keep implying that it does . . .they make it seem like some kind of club that you have to do x, y, and z to join. Like Katy said, it's really about instinct- caring for your child with respect, gentleness, and giving them "the best" (here's where it gets cloudy) . . .that means (to me) the best food (breastmilk), the best attention (hopefully a parent at home if it works out for everyone), and the best education (positive discipline, learning about the world by being carried, etc.).

Oh, and Mexico sounds fantastic!

Jesse, I hope AF comes soon. You just want to GET STARTED! I hope the bloating goes away fast-- it's so uncomfortable! Also, does it have to be 100% of one or another type of treatment? Can you combine the high tech stuff with the natural way?

As for me, I'm also hoping AF will be here soon. I've spent the last week watching my little corpus luteum disintegrate way before its time, and now I just want AF to get here so I can start my new progesterone after I O. I'm gonna freak out if I start to spot again even with the progesterone. . .I'm waiting for my doc to call to tell me my prog. level today, too.

Hey, does anyone else take their temp during the day? Even that helps me determine where I am . . .for example, since AF isn't here yet, I held out the slight hope that she might not come for 9 months, but when I took my temp during the day, it was only 98.5. When my progesterone level was high (right after O) it was always way above that during the day. So, I know there's no chance.
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Mamanfraciase – (blond hair, brown eyes, silly sense of humor??) Thanks again for the support! I’m hoping this is your cycle!!
Sick sense of humour is more like it. I don't laugh at slap-stick type stuff or practical jokes. I don't find any homour in other people's pain. But I'm a big pervert who loves disgusting jokes and well... I'm just a disturbing individual. I'm extremely sarcastic which gets me into so much trouble sometimes. But *I* think I'm funny.

And I have brown, long hair (always in a ponytail). And thanks for KHA for me. My temps went up a bit today so I'm still optimistic. :
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Originally Posted by MamanFrançaise
And thanks for KHA for me. My temps went up a bit today so I'm still optimistic. :
OK, now I have at least 2 people to get excited for . . .is it just me or does it look like an implantation dip on 5 DPO?
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Waiting4baby, my goodness, you shave and eat meat---you're out of here!!!!!!!!! (just kidding) I got told over at TAO that the only reason I drive an SUV is because my penis is too small--my god, if only I'd been blessed with that kind of insight earlier--perhaps I could have found a way to get 12 dogs into a Toyota Echo!! Btw, if they're upset about leg and pit shaving, they don't even want to know what I wax. :
Lesley, the chart does look good.
Also, can someone tell me if an implantation dip can go below your coverline?? I'm not sure, my temp drop today was a bit below coverline. I just wish my boobs hurt like hell.
Ok, gotta go meet with our minister. Be back later.
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Waiting4 -- Ap=Attached Parenting. TAO=Talk Amongst Ourselves.
And I do have dark hair and like sushi! However, my eyes are green -- 2 out of 3 ain't bad! Glad to see you're doing so well on cd2!

Angstmommy -- You made me laugh -- "Just *#@& me and get it over with!" :LOL I sure hope you DON'T ovulate on the plane!

Keeping : for many!!!!
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Thread Starter 
Angst, if you O on the plane... you could join the mile high club...
i'm a short brunette (medium length, straight) with brown eyes. "Chiromama – (curly or wavy hair, unsure of color, blue eyes??) not even close!!
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giving up on getting any work done as I seem to be in a fog...(possibly due to excess progesterone...I hope! b/c then it will all come crashing down soon!)

Shannon--I'd say yup! I've definitely seen dips that dropped below coverlines before!

Waiting4-not bad, I have brown hair, hazel brown eyes and I am in a choir-I love to sing!

lesley--beautiful chart!!!!!! that's all I'm gonna say.

I looked at someone else's chart that was good too, they were at 12 dpo and wanted to test tomorrow, can't remember who...it looked really good too!

Kate-always good to hear from you....

signing off as I'm not making sense...
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Oh and Angst, my poor dh has that...um...issue as well. I've actually started telling him, yep, already o'd, then we're back to the old 30 seconds and done kind of thing :
I think it's just too much pressure for him, then he gets all mad at himself. I am however thinking of telling him I am ovulating when I'm not, just for better sex :
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I am sad to say that I am the reason so many women are tired today (they have been following my tips!) Sorry gals! But s that you're GIO!

angstmommy -- oh dear Yeah, I don't usually advocate saying that, even in jest! (I do advocate saying plenty of other things, though ) I think my next tip of the day shall be a day time snog!

Sorry, Katy's bringing out my latent Bristishness :LOL Anyone notice how much better their sitcoms are than ours? Like the original Coupling (the US version was so bad, I nearly didn't watch the Brit version, but I'm glad we did!)

[edited to add that I hit the wrong key!]
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Originally Posted by shannon0218
if they're upset about leg and pit shaving, they don't even want to know what I wax.
: : :
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Ohhh it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside when people look at my chart. :

As for the "just &^%% me and get it over with". I felt like that almost all week! Although when I want it over I just fake a huge orgasm and talk seriously dirty - no girl should ever utter the nastiness that comes from my innocent mouth. : Oh but it works every single time!
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Cd 5

To continue --

Mary -- of course you're welcome to stay here! We LOVE you! And anybody else who wants to come back can, too

And I wish I had long red blood red hair, that would be the coolest! (Pics of me are on my website, just click on my name in my sig line )

I'm brain dead this afternoon -- my landlady (the one here) called to say they hit a pipe in the basement -- no telling when the water will be back on. She gave me just enoug time to fill up a teapot and a pot with water... I guess we'll be conserving water tonight! Thankfully I just had a bath!

Belly Blessings!
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Originally Posted by MamanFrançaise
Although when I want it over I just fake a huge orgasm and talk seriously dirty - no girl should ever utter the nastiness that comes from my innocent mouth. : Oh but it works every single time!
(While faking orgasms is kinda the wrong way to go, I understand the need sometimes... and sexy dirty talk is That will get a man off like nothing else (my other trick is to hold his scrotum really firmly, mine likes that. Not all do, though. Be gentle with the boys -- that's where those spermies are stored!)
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Angst, the bathroom is too too small on the plane! Yikes! I thought I was going to ovulate on the plane too, but thank goodness the eggie waited till we landed!
Otherwise, I too would have joined the mile high club!
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