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Originally Posted by Velveteen
Angst, the bathroom is too too small on the plane! Yikes! I thought I was going to ovulate on the plane too, but thank goodness the eggie waited till we landed!
Otherwise, I too would have joined the mile high club!
I've been trying to join that club for ages... how is it possible, though? All the flight attendents hang out near the back of the plane where the washrooms are, and the flights we take are so crowded, there's no chance of doing it under a blanket!

One of these days, though. One of these days... I live in optimism!
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I can't keep up!!! 2 pages since I checked last!!!

Puddingpop, you're what, 12 or 13 DPO? If 12, wait 2 days, if 13, wait 1. 14 DPO should be pretty reliable. Do as I say, not as I do, LOL!!!

Some nice lookin' charts, my gosh, is May the month or what?

Whoever guessed about me just about nailed it. I'm very short, only 5 feet, and small-boned. But I have kinda big boobs (D cup). I have long brown (almost black) hair that I often brush straight, but really it is wavy to almost curly at times. I have dark brown eyes, and lots of friends! I'm kind of olive, actually. I think it is my Jewish heritage.

Okay, I have a huge mountain of papers to grade. Gotta go.
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cd 6 instituting the everyother day GIO plan

Originally Posted by Lesleyluu
But I have kinda big boobs (D cup).
Um Kinda? yeah, Les, those are definitleybig boobs. :

Alexis, where do I get these daily tips? we did begin our everyother day gIO last night.. although I thought we wouldn't.. It's a good story...'ll post on my journal.

Angst, i've never been there either.. but I feel for ya sistah! Hopefully you won't o on the plane, and you'll be able to sneak in a quicky when you get there. (it'll help relieve the stress of the trip, right? ) Tell hubby that you've Oed, and you're justhorny, maybe that will keep him less stressed. TTC is hard, anyway you look at it. sometimes scheduled sex is fun, and sometimes it just sucks. Oh, and before we were TTC, when he was still waffling on whether or not he was ready to start (ready.. yeah like we would have gotten knocked up the first try..... jeez... ) one night, i said...."can we just get this over with" there ensued a big fight... however, we "pulled the goalie" the next week.

I love the idea of sticking around here once I'm knocked up.. and then staying together on the I'm pg board.... i love the community we have here!

Ok, I'd love to reply to all, but I've got a song to write for Heve. and I ve got to post on my journal.
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Korin - you must have missed my big annoucement I'm running a boot camp for the GIO disadvantaged :LOL No, seriously, I started a yahoo group for my sex tips of the day Click here to join

It's heavily moderated for right now (I have to approve all posts and all new members) b/c I don't want to deal with yucky spam!

And BTW, just to get the word out -- it is open to everyone, regardless of whether they're actively trying or not, or whether their partner is a man or woman (or both). I'm sex-positive

But mostly my tips right now are geared towards the gals who are having prblems with desire issues... either theirs or their husband's.

I was wondering where you were! :LOL Join my group, K!
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Off to do it right now!!
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Originally Posted by alexisyael
I am sad to say that I am the reason so many women are tired today (they have been following my tips!) Sorry gals! But s that you're GIO!

[edited to add that I hit the wrong key!]

I'll Say!!!!!!!!!

btw, since i didn't get to sleep until like 2:30 and i woke up at 5, would that equate for the reason that my temp wasn't very low?

i have a la leche meeting and then i'm going to bed. i'm sleeeeeeeeepy!

yeah korin, guess i know what we'll all be doing friday night

alexis, sorry to hear about your water problems. when do you move again?
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i'm leaving for a 4 day camping trip tomorrow... but it is a GIO night... so It'll be quiet tent sex!!
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Ok lexie, I'm chiromama71 ( I'm not very imaginative with names )
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oooh korin that sounds kind of hot.

funny story about last night. i had to wake dh at some un-godly hour and he was layign on his stomach. not conducive to wakening. so i tried to roll him over but there wasn't much room.

later on he told me that he couldn't understand why i kept pushing him aside because he didn't really have much room left to scoot over. and why in the world did i want to whole bed to myself : and i couldn't figure out why he didn't want to wake up when he knew what was coming -- LOL!
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Gothcha Korin! Look back through the archives for my last two tips of the day... I'll try for a few that apply to men who have low desire issues soon!

Yay, my water is back on! Whoohoo! And I move sometime after June 11. We haven't quite picked a day yet... I'd like to be here (old house) for Pride weekend, but that's at the end of June and I want to be in my new tub before then... technically the place is ours until June 30 anyway, so I guess we could just use it even if we aren't really here...

Denise -- you still got 3 hours of sleep

Even though we're supposed to be on an every-other-day schedule, I kinda want to jump my husband when he gets home from walking Pinter... hmmmm what to do, what to do?

Now that the water's back on, I shall also have to do

Belly Blessings!
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So ladies,
If it isn't FMU it doesn't count right? Not that I was, um, thinking about testing this afternoon with a more sensitive test or anything. Because I'm only 9 DPO, and with afternoon urine, wouldn't work right? Talk me down...
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Lesley.. Step. Away. From. The. HTP.
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Lesley. Nooooooo.. fight... the... urge....
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Thanks. I'm just so stressed and I can't think about anything else or concentrate at all. Don't know how I'm going to make it through the next few days. I'm totally doubting the line now, even though when I looked at it when I came home it was definately pink, not grey. Thing is, I took an OPK at the same time, and it was negative. And since I was going extra crazy, I took another OPK this afternoon (not holding my urine though, so I know I'm just psyching myself out) and it was negative too.

I'll do a test in the morning, and I have enough to do another one each day for the next 3 days with reliable brands. By then, I should have AF if I'm not. Then I still have the iffy ones off the internet.

If this was an evaporation line, I'm gonna cry.
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Heveasoul, paging Heveasoul, we need your help talking down Lesley!!!!! Korin is trying but nobody can tell you to flush the pee like you can!!!!!!!!!

Seriously Lesley, at least wait till tomorrow morning, 9dpo with afternoon urine, next to impossible.
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ok Lesley you posted while i was writing mine, go to bed early and test in the morning. I won't even try to tell you to wait, cause I know I couldn't.
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You CAN wait Lesley!!! We know you can! now go to bed, and get up early!!! :
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I'm here, I'm here, I'm heeeeeeeeeeere! Ok, whadd'I miss? Lesley needs a talk-down? Did I miss Korin's song? Erika's a smutty-mouth, and Lesley has big boobs?

Ok, first, Lesley: Only test if you know you can handle the disappointment of a BFN. Just know that 10 dpo is very early to test - likely too early to pick up any hCG. Does waiting make you absolutely crazy, or does it help you to KHA? Not to be pessimistic, but AF's arrival can be extra crushing if you've been testing all along, while all along your body had no intention of being pregnant. Only you can decide what will have a worse effect on you, emotionally.

And Erika, naughty girl! Congrats, though - I'm not so good at the pillow talk - sometimes it has made dh laugh - I don't pull it off as well as he does... he can be mighty chatty... (we need a smiley that cusses, but without such an angry look...)

Not much I can add about Lesley's pups... :LOL
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You guys! It isn't even 7pm here! Even I can't go to bed that early.
I will wait. But I think it is going to require some serious ice cream. Oh, wait, willpower, I meant willpower, not ice cream.
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Go for the ice cream!
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