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Thanks mama2m&m,
My mom knows we're trying this month, she just thinks this is the first month we're trying, so why so anxious? Anyway, I really am having trouble thinking about anything else. I laid in bed in the middle of the night last night for over an hour trying to sleep, then still woke up at 5:30 and couldn't fall back asleep. I just want to know already. At least if I'm not, I can have a stiff drink.
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it's a big mind game, eh?! i've had months like that as well. last oct. when i did get pg, i counted my dpo incorrectly since i wasnt' charting before i o'd and so i thought i was a couple days behind. when i realized my mistake i was 13 dpo and that helped quite a bit. no chance of that now :LOL:

so i think i'm ovulating or having ovulation related cramps. every time this month i can't figure out if it's ovulation or my bowels. so if it's ovulation does that mean we're screwed because gio isn't until tonight. i wish we could sneak away right now. dh works just down the street LOL! of course it may not be o at all lol. i hate this so let's all get pg already.
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Lesley, you're cracking me up. : If my dad was a doctor, I would surely go and get me a blood test!

As for my friend, I'm going to invite her over this weekend. I know she will love it here and you guys will love her, too.
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erika, can't wait to meet her!

i forgot i get to go pick up my wedding rings today woohoo! i sure do miss those things.
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okay i'm unabashedly hogging the entire thread now! of course on a normal day i wouldn't be so lonely

anyhow did anyoen see this today?


i don't know if it's just the German ones or not. In any event, I don't really know anyone who uses them DAILY! :

okay, i'll try to be more quiet now. shhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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I know there's some pet experts here... I need some opinions. We have been just dying to get a puppy and we've decided to just get one from our no-kill shelter. They have two types right now and I need to know which are healthier, best with children, temperment, etc. One is a Sheppherd/Lab and the other is a Chow Chow/Lab. You can click for a pic of the cute little things.

Size doesn't matter. We'd be pretty active with them. They would sleep in our house (with us ). Our house has AC and we have a small backyard but we plan to go for many runs/walks etc.

Any advice?
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oh they're darling!!!!!! i'm no pet expert but it's my understanding that chow chow's don't have the best temperment for children. i thought they were snappish but i'm sure someone else would know more.

my grandad's brother used to keep black chow chow's and they were the most beautiful dogs. made you want to snuggle with them but they kept theirs closed in the bedroom when company came calling.
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Everyone keeps telling me that Chow Chow's are mean. LOL I guess that's out of the question then. What I want is a big goofy hyper dog that I can snuggle and love.

I guess I'm wondering if the Chow is a Lab cross, wouldn't the Lab's temperment be meshed in there somewhere? Who's the vet person... Shannon?

They ARE cute, Denise! I would take them ALL if I lived in the country.

DH is just in love with this one, and I have to admit I am falling for it, too. It's a Newfoundland/Lab mix. But it's already a year old. Don't know if it's a good idea to get a dog that old already.
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cd1, rebooting...

I knew it... the temp plunge this morning was not a fluke.

Even before showed up for certain, I knew I was not pregnant and I just bawled off and on for most of the day. (I even called Todd at work a couple times just to cry.)

I'm sure that I'll be okay in a couple days, but in the meantime everything just feels raw. I told Todd today that I'd like to consider taking a month (or more) off from trying -- this emotional rollercoaster is just killing me. Todd said that we should wait a couple days to discuss this, which I'm inclined to agree with. On one hand I feel I need some time to become more emotionally prepared to handle the not-getting-pregnant thing, but then I worry what if that time is the only time I can get pregnant and I forfeit the whole chance. : I'm so confused and so torn. I definitely need some time to process things.

It just seems that even though I was trying not to get super-excited about the possibility of getting pregnant, it's just so hard to realize that another cycle is gone. And even just seeing huge preggo bellies or tiny little babies when I'm out and about makes me insanely jealous.

And aside from Todd, I don't have anybody IRL to discuss this with. All my friends either don't want kids yet so they can't figure out what the big deal is or they got pregnant by surprise or during the first cycle of trying.

Sorry this is so long -- I just know that this is a safe place to vent / mull things over.

Thanks for all the support and everyone who was : for me -- it was much appreciated.
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Tested this AM and got the dreaded BFN

Really thought I had a chance this month with the weird heartburn I go the other night.... waaaaaaa.

Hugs to everyone in the same spot as me. And congrats to those who have graduated!

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Originally Posted by puddingpop
I told Todd today that I'd like to consider taking a month (or more) off from trying -- this emotional rollercoaster is just killing me. Todd said that we should wait a couple days to discuss this, which I'm inclined to agree with.
Do take a few days - I just wanted to tell you that before I conceived my last son I had a m/c and once I got the green light to ttc I went a little nutty - temping, charting, using a CP monitor - drinking buckets of green tea, etc. Month after month I was stressed beyond belief and wasn't getting pregnant. I decided to ease up and take a break from all that. We still BD'ed but didn't think about the when, I didn't temp, etc. You know what? Yep, got a BFP that first month I did this.

Sometimes I think the stress can take it's toll in a bad way. Just thought I'd share.

Hugs and luck to you girl in whatever you decide.

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O.k. Erika, I'm here. No offence to those who know and love chows, but I'd steer way clear if I were you. In well over 15 yrs of working with dogs I've only met a handfull that I would turn my back on. My partner when I was teaching group classes was bitten by one, the dog never growled, barked nothing, Sheena backed away from him and made a point not to go near the owner, as soon as she turned her back, he went for her--but no noise, she had to yell "someone get this f**king dog off me!!" as even though there were 4 trainers in the room, nobody heard a thing. Anyway, 47 stitches and 2 plastic surgeries later......
The main problem wtih them is that they seldom give warning, they just bite.
Shep/Lab crosses are often very nice and I personally wouldn't shy away from a 1 yr old newfxlab. If you have a trainer in the area you can trust, have them evaluate the dog for you before you make a commitment.
Or pm with details and I'll help you through the process.
To whoever asked, I have RA and I always go into remission very early in pregnancy, so that's why my rhuematoligist was so insistent that we get busy again
O.k., really tired and not that you care, but I haven't pooped in days. I think it's cause of the progesterone.
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pudding pop and hello kitty.

shannon, i guess that's the problem with the progesterone is that it mimics pg symptoms. when i was pg i had terrible problems with constipation. i know tmi. i remember thinking last year that i would be glad to get through a pg for that reason not realizing how quickly i'd get my wish. LOL i guess. sending sticky vibes to you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so sorry. I was hoping we'd get BFP's together. Well, maybe we will, next month. If you do take time off, lurk around and say hi sometimes.

Shannon, awesome temp spike!! Since you get BFP's so early, you can test pretty soon, right? (I'm a pusher, can you tell?)

I know there is more to say, but I'm so tired I can hardly hold my head up. I was up half the night last night wondering.

Anyway, I told my mom and dad that this is actually the third cycle we're trying, not the first, so they wouldn't think I'm completely insane, and so they'd be understanding if the lab work comes back negative. I should know later tonight. I'm going to try hard to keep distracted.

Then, I'll log in and tell you all first thing.
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Attention Alexis!!!!!!
There is some serious crotch talk going on over in TAO. You better get over there before they kill the threads....
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So sorry about the reboots.

Lesley, I can't wait to hear!

After 2 weeks off, I'm back to work tonight and then back full time within the next few weeks. Blech. I hate working.

Thank you, Shannon. I had a feeling about the Chow so I called the shelter and the woman said that she had never seen a puppy quite like this one. He growled and bit all of them already but the puppy thinks he's playing. As cute as he is, maybe he's better off with a family with no kids and a big yard and some playmates.

We are definately leaning towards the puppy. Now that DH thinks the Newfy would be too big and might scare our DD. Although we would be saving a DOG. Puppies get taken right away and this dog has been there a few months already. Hmmmmm.

We'll decide this weekend. I want a dog by Monday. We've been waiting sooo long for a puppy.
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Hey everyone,
I got bounced off at work when I was trying to post today. (which always worries me, is someone watching ? I'm a bit paranoid 'cause I work for the govt)

Anyway, we went to see our doctor today for a post M/c consult and it was GREAT! I was really stressing about it yesterday as most of you know, but he was very compassionate, kind, easygoing, and had some practical suggestions. And reviewing my tests etc. with him it actually made a lot of sense that progesterone might be my prob, as my HCG numbers in my last pg were nice & high--very high, but my prog. hovered between 25-50 and was at 25 when I had the m/c.

Shannon!!!! A BIG thank you to you!! Remember that list of tests you sent me way back when---I printed it off & handed it to him & he basically copied it all down onto a test requisition & said that he'd look at all the results! and he had lots of sensible suggestions about options for recurrent m/c. I feel really positive that we could get a one this time (whenever that is!)

Erika-those dogs are SO cute!! good luck with your decision. I'm not a dog person (we have two cats) but I really like dogs and they look great. I'm sure you'll make a good decision.

Lesley and Shannon-NICE charts!!

Kimberly so sorry evil AF found you!!! take care of yourself & take whatever time you need...sometimes a break is necessary from this h***ish process.
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Kimberly and Kitty . . .I'm so sorry . . .I know there isn't a whole lot I can say to make it better, but you know we're here with plenty of shoulders to cry on . . .

Lesley . . .I'm dyin' here . . .must. post. results.

Erika- Shannon will be much more helpful, but I would think that an older dog might be a bit easier than a puppy. I actually found a newborn to be easier than a puppy. This might be something to consider since you'll be working full-time (or is DH home?). Did you do any breed research yet?

Jesse, yay for the great appt! I'm dealing with low prog., too.
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Elena speaks the truth Erika--I am much more helpful!! (just kidding--I'm in a weird mood!)
I was thinking the same thing though, do you have any background info on the newf x?? Does he seem hyper?? The advantage to a larger dog is you can begin training right away, where as puppies WILL jump and nip at a little one. Lab puppies tend to be "mouthy"
Really though, if you want to PM me I can give you much more information. Actually you are in Winnepeg, I can call the shelter and ask the appropriate questions for you--sometimes they divulge more to a professional in the field--that and I can read better what they say.
Jesse, I'm glad he ordered the tests, just a warning, they can't be done just anywhere, you need a hospital that does genetics work. That and when I went to Credit Valley Hosp here (major genetic research) there was no charge for any of them, but I had a couple done just from my reg OB and had to pay at a regular lab.
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You're dying? Yeah, me too! Just got off the phone with dad. The lab got the sample (or was expecting to get it) around 6-6:15. They are doing a "rush" job and should be calling him back as soon as it is done. Then he will call me. I have no idea how long that will be. 7:30? 8? 9? I'm thinking i should know by 9. Ugh, this is so stressful.
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