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Week of May 24 - 30

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Since no one else has started this, I thought I would, though I don't have time to compile a list of everyone.
Our entire house is just getting over colds, and I feel like I'm gonna lose my breakfast. This morning when I was complaining that I felt sick, dd (20 months) got up from her playing, walked across the room, and brought me my flat gingerale. She's so thoughtful!
Also, when we were talking about the baby (who's *this* big: pinches fingers), she turned around and got a sunflower seed and presented it to me. She may have heard me saying last week it was just about the size of an appleseed, I dunno. She's a cutey!
My nipples are so sore, it's hurts so much to nurse her. Luckily she slept through the night last night, for the first time in forever!
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Hey PamandAbigial - thanks for starting this thread!!! I was working all weekend and it was BUSY!!! I didn't get home until about midnight both nights. Your daughter sounds so cute.
I am finally starting to get "symptoms". I have had mild nausea since Friday, exhaustion (of course) and frequent urination!! The breasts are still okay surprisingly enough!! I go to my midwife again for labs today to look at my Hcg and progesterone.
I hope everyone else is doing well!!!!!!!!!
Ravenmoon - OMG!!!!!!!! Wow. I am so glad you are here!! I am sending you sticky vibes. How weird is it that you, sweetpea, and I ended up back here soooooooooo fast???? Its wonderful. I understand your caution because I feel soooo paranoid at times. Welcome!!
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Sign me up - due 1/23 or so

Hi, all! I am happily, cautiously expecting #2 in late January and would love to keep up with others due around the same time. It's already been comforting to read your posts.

I had awful m/s last time and am waiting for it to hit soon. I know there's a chance it won't happen again, but I can't help feeling some dread.

My dd is turning 4 very soon and has been asking for a baby bro or sis for months -- probably because three nursery school classmates have new babies in their families -- but we won't be telling anyone until late summer. And, man, it's hard not to talk about it when it occupies so much of my brain.

So far I'm not at all uncomfortable. Some bloating, lots of breast tenderness (though that's eased), frequent trips to the bathroom. This week I'm going to start trying to take daily walks b/c I've been too sedentary lately.

Well, I'll stop for now, but I look forward to communicating with y'all about all the things swirling around in my mind (working through month seven, hopes for a VBAC, how to prepare dd, etc.).

Be well!
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Ravenmoon!!!! Congrats thats awesome! So happy for you.

Any minor symptoms I have had, are gone. Kinda worries me. I'm sure everything is fine though, just over worrying. I'm getting another u/s today, so should be able to at least see a sac, I hope a heartbeat but I know it's still too early for that.
Can't wait to hear your beta go sky high Mary!!
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Thanks i am feeling optimistic.No symptoms really for me.Which is so weird because last month i had nausea,exhaustion and the intense smell thing going on but this month nothing.Just late for my period.I knew i was going to get my period though.I had serious cramps 3 days before and kept dreaming i was bleeding.But nothing,yet.I made an appt with my Dr and i need to find a midwife near me.My last midwife has quit practicing so i need to find a new midwife.

So i need insurance as well.Mine was cancelled this month!I hope it isn't a huge pain(and expense)to find some.

I am currently moving into a bigger home and have no motivation to unpack.Maybe that is my symptom.
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I can't believe I'm saying this, but no symptoms. Well one, but I don't think any of us have had AF!!!!! My other pregnancy's were riddled with symptoms, but not this one. And I am psyched. I know I'm sticking, tummy is getting a little thicker and I have started noticing a SLIGHT enlarge ment of my breasts, but that's it.

Hope we all get through out first trimester with ease!!!!
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Edd 1/4/05

No symptoms here really either. Mine seem to be related to that dang prenatal. I have resorted to taking it in halves. One after breakfast and one after dinner. I have been getting sadder though as I realize that as I get bigger, I won't be able to pick up and cuddle my little one. Oh, I have been so tired lately. Can't wait for that one to go away.

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Welcome to everyone new!!! Gosh, it sounds like we all have very little pregnancy symptoms. Well...... that's okay, as long as these babies stick!!!
I had a little scare today with some spotting this morning but luckily no cramping. I worked 2 12-hour shifts this weekend with barely any breaks. It was busy as heck and I was on my feet the whole time. So.... I had an ultrasound and they could see the sac perfectly - measured at 5weeks 6days. No heartbeat yet. My Hcg went up to 19,286. I hope everything is okay. Sweetpeasmom - you're the expert at this!! What do you think??? How was your u/s?? They told me to stay on bedrest for the next 2 days. I don't have to work again until Wednesday. My mother (who has 6 children,btw) had spotting with 2 of her pregnancies and she said it was at 6 weeks.
Has anyone else experienced this???????
for luck for our January babies!!!
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I also don't have any symptoms yet. It has me kind of worried but I am trying to keep it in perspective. I go to the dr. today so she can refer me to a "baby dr." - screwy insurance. I think once I see the "baby dr." I will feel much better and it will seem a bit more real. I am saying "baby dr." because I am not sure if I am going to use an ob/gyn or a midwife. I am really leaning toward a midwife so hopefully that will work out.

I am also really concerned about exercise. I read somewhere that you aren't supposed to get your heart rate above 140. So instead of my normal walk/run I just walked yesterday trying to keep my hr below 140 but still high enough to feel I was getting some benefit. There were a few hills where I couldn't keep it below 140. Has anyone else heard about this? What is everyone else doing about exercise?
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Glad I'm not the only one without symptoms. I guess it just worried me cuz last month I had symptoms then they disappeared and ended up m/c. But I had my u/s. I'm not as far along as I thought, they are guessing about 5 weeks 3 days but the tech said everything looked great! saw the yolk sak, have another one next week. So my due date would be more like the 21st, no biggies anyways baby will come when it's ready.
I did tell my family already, I couldn't help myself.
Mary, I don't think I'd call myself an expert, lol. That number does sound awesome, and from what your last number was seems like it is going up wonderfully. As for spotting, I was reading up on it last time and they say about 70% of pregnancies have spotting or bleeding and result in perfect babies. I spotted last month for 7 days before the m/c so I know everyday I don't see it I breath a sigh of relief. It just scares me. I'm glad ya on bedrest for a few days. I've also read w/first pregnancies spotting is a lot more common.
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I am just waiting for the m/s to kick in...usually does around 6 wks which I am...I am tired, but also have a 14 mo. old who doesn't sleep through the night (read: up 3-5 times!) so that could be it too! I do pee ALOT. Anybody craving anyhting yet? I had a craving for canned creamed corn (bleh) which I only crave when I am pg. so thats when I decided to test! That passed for now...I've moved on to protien...can't get enough! Oh, and I am cranky....
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Can I join too, please?

We got a positive this morning. So I think I'll be due late January. Oh I am exicited!!! And dh just grinned...he's excited too.
Bunches I had some spotting with my first and they told me no sex or running for a month. It all came out fine though. I was working a pretty stressful job and exercising a lot.
I am a little nauseus (sp?) and my boobs are sore. So I am having a few symptoms. Nothing terrible though.

Congratualtions everyone!
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Jealous of all you mamas with no symptoms

I can't believe so few of you have any symptoms! I have been nauseous on and off for the past several days. I'm eating well, but that icky feeling just creeps in in waves throughout the day
I've been so tired and staying at home and I have a theory that that's making it worse (too much time to think). So today I'm going OUT. Maybe that'll take my mind off it.

Oddly, it's slightly comforting in a warped sort of way, because otherwise, I wouldn't really feel pregnant.....

Take care mamas!

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Tofumama you're here too?That is wonderful.When are you due?I am due the 28th.

Nausea is kicking in for me.And not sleeping well.I am nursing my 2 year old still and she nurses through the night.

Question for you all.I have had three homebirths and i can't imagine birthing any other way.Well here in San Diego insurance does not cover homebiths.I could go to the birthing center downtown.But i don't want to.I would have to pay $2500-3500 to have a hombirth here.I'm torn because i don't know if we can come up with that money in time and because i can't imagine giving birth outside my home.This will be my last child.Any opinions?
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Do whatever you can to have your homebirth. My first was a transport (which was still a lovely birth) and the 2nd a homebirth. The two were like night and day. If you've never had a baby in a hospital- even a birth center, you'd probably hate it. Tha's not to say that you can't have a nice birth in a hospital, but once you've had a baby at home it just can't compare.

Most midwives are pretty flexible as far as payment- most will take payment plans and trades and all kinds of stuff.

I've been working with a midwife for year now and many of our clients struggle to pay, but are truly grateful for their experience.

Good luck!

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On the topic of homebirth, it's something I'm considering here, too. My first was in the hospital, but I'd really like to have a homebirth. Thing is, we're saving up for a down payment on a house, and it'd really set us back. A lot. Here in Canada, the hospital is free. I found a midwife for $1000, which is good, but it still seems a lot compared to "free". My doc said based on my last birth, I'd probably be able to leave the hospital in about 6 hours anyway. DH says "Do you want a homebirth or a home?" What a decision! The other day, I was leaning toward hospital, and maybe giving hupnobirthing a better shot (more practice, actually buy a kit), but I'm waffling on the issue. I had to be induced last time after my water broke and contrax didn't start, so I'm afraid that might happen again, too. It'd be the worst to pay all that $ and STILL end up at the hospital.
The hospital itself isn't too bad. It's a maternity hosp., attached to the children's and women's hospital, not just run-of-the-mill place. But I still think home is nicer, more relaxed. I'm sure if anyone could convince me, it's you gals here!
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can i join? due jan 15

hello everyone!
i haven't posted much on mothering since my dd was born- no time!
my dd abigail was born july 23, 8 weeks early.
i had ivf twice to conceive her, tried for 3 yrs to get pg.
nursed her and didn't start having periods until march. had my second period 6 wks later- then after 5-6 weeks passed again and i started feeling weird i tested on a whim. i thought no way could i get pg without a lot of technology.
well the positive came up right away. i am so used to seeing negative tests i couldn't believe it. it took me a while to convince myself i was seeing the test line and not the control line.
this is such a blessing. i am 36 and my dh and i were going to talk about whether we wanted to go thru the stress and expense of ivf again after the new year as my eggs are only getting older.
i am much less depressed and stressed now then when i was going thru infertility stuff so i wonder if that made a difference?
now i am praying for no m/c, no chromosomal problems, and no preemie birth!
and trying not to worry a lot!
congrats to all and if anyone has tips on how to handle an18 mo old and a newborn let me know!
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Bunches, I bled heavily through both of my other pregnancies, and everything turned out ok. Although it scared the hell out of me. I think some people just do that.

Its so weird that you all haven't been feeling any symptoms because I've felt the same way and was going to start a thread about it. I was having to pee in the middle of the night, but that went away. Maybe I'm not drinking as much before bedtime. The only time I get really sick is after I work out or run -probably from the massive drop in blood sugar - so I've had to put that on hold for awhile

I've been interviewing midwives here and there. Well, actually one midwife and one naturopathic doctor. But haven't decided on one yet. We are definitely having a homebirth. There is no doubt about it - thats the only route we would go.

Anyways, welcome to all the new people Looking forward to chatting with you all.

Malama, I was just looking at a wonderful herb and midwifery school in Pahoa. You wouldn't be affiliated with them would you?
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We popped in to see our midwife from Tessa's birth today, and it was so wonderful to see her again!! We're back with her for this baby, assuming we remain here. It's a bit difficult for us because DH is finishing his PhD this month and we have a couple of job offers that would mean a move ~ 1 for sure that is just 6 weeks long that we'll treat more as a "holiday" than a move (putting everything in storage), but then the second would mean a big move. I'm really not sure what to hope for. Staying here would have so many benefits, so we're kind of hoping that an offer will come from one of the Universities here.

But even with all this craziness, we're on board with our midwife for now and Tess and I will go to our first appointment next week! If we stay, we'll definitely plan for another homebirth. If we end up going, the province we're moving to doesn't seem to allow them

Kathy, I exercised quite a lot during my first pregnancy. Nothing high impact, but I walked 8 miles per day to & from work as I had been prior to pregnancy. I did listen to my body though, and towards the end it was taking a bit longer to make it (esp. with the bathroom breaks! heh heh!) My midwife only asked that I take a week off from 36-37 weeks because she was afraid I might go into preterm labor (I ended up having Tess at 37 1/2 weeks)

Tomorrow I get my beta levels back, which is always fun. Then I can dispel my friend's notion that I'm having TWINS!!
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pam and abigail

here's my reasons you should have a homebirth.......

it will be your birth your way.......
peaceful or
cold, if you want
hot, if you want
your bed
your pillows
your food
your timing
your music
your food
your friends
your body
your baby

you will come away with the most incredible feeling of happiness and you can accomplish anything..........
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