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Evening Mamas!
Ravenmoon, I am due 1/24!
I used Hypnobirhting for both babies, and I loved it, although I wasn't able to do as much w/ dd b/c she was early and there was alot of chaos around her birth. I will use it again, I highly recommend it!
As far as where to birth, I had midwives for both, and at a hospital both times as well. I REALLY wanted a homebirth, but in both situations it worked out for the best. @ different mw, and 2 diff. hospitals, but both births were good. With ds it was the best as the hosp. was SO great, I labored drug free, the way I wanted, not hooked up to anything, did my hypnobirthing, etc. It was great! Roomed in, bf on demand, and left in 24 hrs. Dd was a preemie so things were a little different, and I wasn't as happy with the hospital, but the birth was good. Both times my mw's let dh DELIVER the baby, I don't mean catch, I mean told him what to do from crowning on. It was an amazing thing for him, and SO not what the hosp. was used to, but it was what we wanted and what we got. My LONG point being, of course homebirth is ideal, but if for whatever reason you can't, talk to lots of Drs and mw until you find one that will do exactly what you want. Make sure they will honor and follow your birth plan. For us, this was so key. You can still have a beautiful birth at a hospital. Just my .02, for what its worth!
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Hi! First, I wanted to say THANKS to everyone for writing with reassuring words. Gosh, it makes me feel better. I feel alot better physically today. A little spotting today but we are attributing it to the extra progesterone and holding on that for a while. No cramping at all. So, I pray this baby will stick.

I'd also like to have a homebirth. I did the math and to have the baby with the midwife I have been seeing, it would cost $2500.00 which includes 6 weeks of post-partum care and well-baby care. To have it at the hospital it would be about $10,000 - 15,000 with insurance covering 80% of that leaving me with a bill of 3-4 thousand dollars. The local birth center is about $5,000. So, for me, it is cheaper to have a homebirth. I get great care from my midwife. She is VERY available to me and allows me to call her whenever I have concerns, etc........ She is also very supportive. It nice.

Good luck with all of your decisions. I work in the medical industry and most of my family and also co-workers think homebirth is a scary idea and they think I am crazy. But, the idea of laying on my back for 10 or more hours laboring is even more frightening to me. I used to be a NICU nurse and I was able to watch deliveries. For some reason, I trust in the homebirth process. I also live less than 2 miles from the hospital.

tofumamma - did you order a homestudy course for the hypnobirthing or were there classes near you??? I don't have access to a class here. Any recommendations?????????
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Originally Posted by mamamaya
Malama, I was just looking at a wonderful herb and midwifery school in Pahoa. You wouldn't be affiliated with them would you?
Not sure what you're talking about! I've never hear of a herb/ midwifery school in Pahoa.... please tell me more. The midwife I work with does live near Pahoa but that's not her.....

So who are you interviewing there? We had our Midwives Alliance of HI conference in Oahu this last Nov and so I had the opportunity to meet some of the women who work there.

I spent the day away from my home and felt a lot better than I had in days. If being out is what it takes, I'm all for it. WHo cares about the house and all of my millions of things to do here!

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havent really had a chance to check in on the weekly thread yet but here i am. i have had some nausea and fatigue not much else. but i am nursing so my boobs just seem the same. i have had spotting too. it is making me crazy. the funny thing is i spotted and bled throughout most of my first pregnancy and i never really worried. i just felt it was meant to be. this time i have already had a tearful call to my midwife (freeeeee where i live thank goodness!! -- well included in my regular medical care) saying i thought i was going to miscarry b/c of lack of symptoms and just a bad feeling. i dunno. i read about uh, missed miscarriages where the fetus dies and you dont find out til you have an ultrasound. last time i had no intervention/tests save for a blood test for iron or something so i feel funny about having an early ultrasound but it might make me feel better. i have an apt on friday so if i am still spotting maybe i will consider it. sigh. i wish i felt confident like last time. i guess since i am 38 this time i feel like i am tempting fate or sumthin.
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is anyone else irritable?!

I have moments of slight nausea, easily avoided if I eat more little meals, but mainly I am feeling very, very irritated! I hate it. I'm not used to it. I am used to pms-type weepiness but not this feeling of annoyance. And it's mostly directed at dh, poor thing. I've been trying to conceal it, but today I'm going to confess.

I sure hope it passes because months of this will do me in.
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Hi all I haven't posted since I first found out I was pg. Morning sickness set in early here and it isn't easy with 3 kids one of them being a very active 2yo! I now am having some days of relief thank goodness. So I hope to be around more.

This will be my second (VBAcC) homebirth, I so look forward to it. I think my favorite part with my first HB was just crawling into my own bed with baby & Dh and going to sleep afterward and then waking to the comforts of my own home.
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Bunches, I did take the class, and although it was nice, you could get the same benefit from reading the book and doing the tapes on your own, as its really the practice that prepares you. Just make sure the stuff is by Marie Mongen(sp?) she is the originator of Hypnobirthing.
Elisabet, I am SO irritable! I hate it too. I can't wait for this to pass, I have NO patience!
I am oddly anxious for my m/s to start, as I will feel more reassured that things are 'OK', I know someone else mentioned that m/s is usually a good sign, and I have heard that too. I had it with the last 2, and it sucked, but was reassuring. Should be starting any day now though, I already have that salivating thing!
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This morning i had two wipes of pale brownish mucous.I just took some False Unicorn Tincture and some Wild Yam but i do feel crampy.I had my HCG done yesterday and am awaiting the results.Keep me in your thoughts please.
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Ravenmoon, I will be thinking of you & hoping that everything is ok.
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Well my HCG level was 5 . That is at 4 weeks so it doesn't look good.I guess i should just wait for the bleeding to start.
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Raven Have you talked to your doctor?
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You're in my thoughts.
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Ravenmoon - I am sooooooooo sorry!!!!!!! I truly am.
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I just started bleeding.I think my body really does not want me to carry a pregnancy right now.I am going to take a break for a long time and let me body heal whatever it needs to.Thanks ladies and i wish you all a wonderful nine months.
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Ravenmoon, I am so sorry for your loss. Please know that I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
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Ravenmoon I am so so sorry. You will be in my thoughts.
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So sorry for your loss, Ravenmoon.
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Oh, Ravenmoon....I am so sorry. If you need a shoulder, pm me....Take care of yourself...I know you will
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so sorry to hear of your loss. pls, take good care of yourself!!
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