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Ravenmoon, I am so sorry to hear of your loss.

is anyone else irritable?!
Horribly. Some moments my poor DH has no idea what he did and why I am turning red and having steam come out of my ears. I am just glad that I still have patience for my DS.
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i am also VERY irritable. just a few minutes ago i was putting dishes away and one pot wasn't fitting in perfectly and i just about went through the roof until i realized how stupid it was to get upset at a pot!! dh gets most of it - poor guy. my MIL and FIL are coming to visit this weekend and they don't know i am preggo yet. i am a bit worried about keeping my temper under control. i don't have m/s yet so thankfully i don't have to hide that. i am also really sensitive. if DH makes some remark that is meant to be a joke or sarcastic, etc. i don't seem to be taking it that way. i will just go off on him. i will have to work on that also.
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Ravenmoon, I don't know if you're still reading, but, oh, you have my deepest sympathy. I think you've very wise to react as you are. Do take good, good care of yourself.
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less irritable, more nauseated

After confessing to my husband that everything was making me irritated, I felt a bit better. I proceeded to take the day off from work, do satisfying errands, and take a nap. I feel much better.

The m/s is also kicking in, which is actually a relief. Weird, huh? Last time I spent three months perched on the edge of a sofa on the verge of throwing up, and I hope it's not as bad this time. Thank heavens it's the summer, and I don't have to be in front of a class! (If all goes well, I'll be one big-bellied lecturer in the fall, but better big than sick.)

Has anyone else looked up zodiac info? I pay more attention to the Chinese zodiac than the western. Babies born up to 1/22/05 will be monkeys; 1/23/05 after, year of the rooster.

And now, to finish my grading...I'll check in with y'all later. I'm so glad for this board!

mom to a dd born in the year of the dragon (2000)
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Hi guys, I am joining in here. It is looking like a mid to late January baby for me.
I am waiting for the only 2 midwives in town to give me good news that at least one of them is still taking patients for the end of jan. This is baby no. 2, the first is a very active 2 year old, who is currently dancing on the couch.
I have been freaking out the last couple of days, and I had a light AF on May 13th, and then have been spotting for the last 3 days. Naturally, I can't go to a doc just yet, I just moved and my doctor is 2 hours away. I spotted a little bit with DS, so i am hoing this is just from overexerting myself during the move.
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Hi everybody Happy Thursday!

I have had some brown tinged mucous as well. None when I wipe or anything but when I go to the restroom and look in my underpants its there. Yesterday, I had some cramping and I thought, yep, its definetely over -but alas, no bleeding. (phew)

I bled pretty heavily throughout my other pregnancies. We're talking gushed bright red blood -and lots of it. So even if I do start bleeding I might not believe it was a m/c. I don't know...

I meet with the midwife I'm probably going to choose Mon. So I'll talk to her about it. She's also a naturopathic doctor which is pretty cool, so she can be my whole family's regular doc.

Malama- I'm interviewing Lori and Tenaya, but we will probably go with Lori based solely on the fact that she could also see my son who is having some pretty severe allergy problems right now. She is also very huggy and outgoing and in general just seems like a really warm person.
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EDD Jan. 21

HI everyone!

I'm starting to feel the nausea. It's not very bad though. It only comes when I'm hungry. Oh, and I'm soooooo tired! I take a nap every day. I'm so glad my 17 mo dd takes 2.5 hour naps.

Ravenmoon, I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish you healing and peace.
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I'm here, due with #6 at the end of Jan. Planning a homebirth, still tandem nursing my two littlest. I was worried that I felt so great but now the morning (and evening) sickness is kicking in and the headaches.
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Ravenmoon- so sorry sweetie, really am.

I've been having pc issues, so I don't know when I'll be back on again. I'm at my moms now. Mine is being worked on.

Well starting to feel icky. Appetite is starting to wane and my sense of smell is way up there so I have a feeling m/s is knocking on my door. I hope all is well and I'll get back on here soon!
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hi there,

i'd like to join you all. i'm due jan 30. i'm quite nervous as i had two misscarriages prior to this pregnancy. it's still so early. i've been drinking an infusion of wild yam root since ovulation, and recently started taking prometrium as prescribed by my family doctor. i feel weird taking the pills as i * never * take pills (well, homeopathic ones sometimes but that's about it), but hopefully it will help this one to stick.

i didn't have much m/s with my first pregnancy, so i'm not surprised that i'm not feeling much yet with this one. just very tired, a little tender in the breasts and yes * irritable!!!!

another symptom is i feel sort of tight around the belly, not in an expanding way, but this sort of internal tightness. sometimes a little crampy.

i am hoping for a v/bac homebirth.

anyway, hopefully i'll be here through all nine months!
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Welcome fennelseed. Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy!!
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