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Week of May 24th.....UPDATES!

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Hey, I was lurking on one of the other Due Date Club boards, and each week they had a question of the week for everyone to answer along with their updates. I thought it was a great idea! So here's mine, and next week someone else can do it.

Question of the Week:

Who are you seeing for your pg? Midwife? OB? Family practitioner? Anyone? No one? What are your appointments like? How long do they last? How often do you go?

Okay, so that's more than one question, but I was curious. Thanks mamas!
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Me again!

I heard the heartbeat again on Friday at my appt, and boy was I relieved! Not that I was having ANY signs that something was wrong, but it's always nice to know the babe is still in there. My net gain for 17 weeks is 3.5-4 pounds, but my tummy looks way different than it did 17 weeks ago! I feel great, I'm not as tired, and I only have gagging fits every once in awhile now. MIL & FIL are staying with us this weekend, and the big IL picnic is on Saturday. I can't wait to see everyone! (I'm so glad I have wonderful ILs!)


I see an OB/GYN 30 miles from my home every four weeks. The first appointment was a little lengthy, with history, blood work, etc. The last couple have been great! They take my weight, blood pressure, and urine sample (brought from home, for protein), then I wait a couple minutes for the doc, he comes in and checks my gain, bp, etc., then gets out the doppler for 5-10 seconds, asks if I have any questions, and then I'm done! Friday I was in & out in under 15 minutes!!
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My doc put me on Promethazine for nausea/vomiting and WOW what a difference. I feel human again, no puking or feeling horrible all day long. I'm kicking myself for not going to her sooner about my vomiting.

I'm seeing an OB from an all woman practice, they are in the hospital where I am going to have #2 at, that hospital is 2 miles away. I really like her and so far no problems with anything, including my VBAC. My appts take about 30 mins. The standard pee in a cup, take my weight, blood pressure then I talk with the OB for about 15 mins or so. I'm not doing any tests or internal exams and she's fine with that. I had PE last pregnancy, so I'm keeping an eye on my blood pressure this time around very carefully. So far its normal.
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15 weeks

Feeling better here with the nausea and fatigue. I'm having a hard time sleeping though, I'm already uncomfortable. I think the fact that it's a long weekend here and I've been off work for 3 days has helped and the true test for nausea being gone will be tomorrow when I work again.

I'm seeing midwives for this pregnancy. I have two primary ones, but have only met one. My first appt was over an hour long where we went into great length about my history/last pregnancy, etc. The next one was 45minutes, I have a lot of questions this time as I'm trying to avoid what I went through last time with my birth. Amandasmom - I hade PIH last pregnancy so we are keeping a very close eye on my bp also. Are you doing anything different this time around to avoid PE?
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hiya mamas,

timely qotw--i just today saw the cnm my midwife uses for backup, at the just-in-case hospital. after she learned that i was getting other care, she agreed to refrain from the pelvic exam, for which i was so grateful. i do despise the stirrups.

the visit with the cnm was very similar to the visits i have every four weeks with my direct entry midwife: a long chat, the urine offering, blood pressure, weight. i'm still measuring about 3 weeks big, so she gave me an ultrasound prescription in case we want to use it later. i'm going to wait until 20w and see how things look then. refused the doppler; hanging on for the fetoscope. i did consent to be stuck for the cystic fibrosis screen (for me), as apparently it is information that can actually be used to improve the life of the new person, if he or she has the disease and we find out in utero.

oh, and! i've joined a gym that has a POOL, so i don't have to build my life around the hour and a half each day of lap swim at the public pools. so today i went swimming and bought some bras that fit me. i'm up a cup size and a...circumference size? not shocking, but kind of entertaining.

sheesh, i'm a talker today. amandasmom and babyosmommy, so glad you're feeling better!

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Hi all,
15 wks, 6 days here. Feeling great and starting to really enjoy being pregnant! As far as the QOTW: I am seeing a midwife practice at a birthing center. There are 2 midwives and a dr. on staff and I usually see one of the midwives. The dr. sees more of the high-risk patients and only delivers in emergencies, hospital transfers, or if they are very high risk and are delivering in the hospital instead of the birth center. I will probably see her once during my pregnancy (it's recommended), just so I am familiar with her, should any complications arise. She is also occasionally on-call, mainly only on holidays as they all (the 2 midwives and the dr.) rotate on holidays. Anyway, right now, I am going once a month and will continue that until the last two months. At my appointments I check-in, then go check my urine myself (there are dip sticks in the bathroom) and my weight and then go to the waiting room. Then a nurse will take me into one of the exam rooms and I report my on my urine and my weight. She takes my blood pressure and then leaves. Then I visit with the midwife. She will listen for the baby's hb and then measure my belly and take care of any other things that are normal for where I'm at. Then we will just chat for awhile. About my concerns or anything really. It's great! I never feel rushed and I feel like they really care and want to know me as a person. I really enjoy it there and love both of the midwives! I'm not so keen on the dr., but the only time I have ever visited with her was when I was 39 weeks pregnant with #1 and wanting the pregnancy to be over very, very badly, and she told me that it wouldn't do any good to check me to see how far I was and that the baby would probably be another 2 or 3 weeks. She was right of course, but I was so mad at her at the time. My DH just laughed at me, and said that she was nice (which I couldn't see at all) and that I was being completely unreasonable. Anyway, that's how things work there. It's so relaxed and wonderful!
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16 weeks!!

I'm seeing an OB for now..hoping to be able to change to the midwife I got to see just once!! At least the OB practice has a few midwives that work with him...

All is well next appointment won't be till June 8th!! It seems so far away!!
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Well I am starting to get really annoyed with my primary midwife and I think I am going to have to call and request a transfer to one of my back up midwives.

I am not really good with confrontation but honestly this woman is making me feeling warm and fuzzy for an OB for crying out loud!

Okay on to the questions:
Who are you seeing for your pg? Midwife? OB? Family practitioner? Anyone? No one? What are your appointments like? How long do they last? How often do you go?

Midwife (one primary, three backups)

Well since I refuse all tests and won't let them use the doppler there really isn't much going on...other than her trying to railroad me into a hospital birth that is.

Usually about 40 minutes and I go once a month for now (closer to my due date it drops to every two weeks and then every week).

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I'm glad I've found this... we recently moved to Taiwan (from Singapore) and we are expecting our first November 26.

I'm seeing an OB who also uses Midwife during birth.

My appointments seem fairly standard, which is comforting being away from home & in a country with the highest c/s rate in the world!!! - I'm hoping for natural birth. Doc checks weight (gained 2kg so far), b/p, urine, doppler & ultrasound every second visit. Takes about half an hour.

Quick question how big was everyone at 14 weeks? I'm quite small framed but am 5ft 7. And people here think I'm 5 mths! My belly just seems to have popped right out I just don't have a western person to compare it to to know if I'm "normal" or not. In fact I'm all belly & boobs (gone from barely filling a B cup to a maternity D!)

Thanks in advance...
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Dan I'm due on the same day as you and I'm already quite big. I finally got out the maternity clothes the other day and am going to go shopping for more next week.

Who are you seeing for your pg? Midwife? OB? Family practitioner? Anyone? No one? What are your appointments like? How long do they last? How often do you go?

I have been assigned a midwife at the birthing centre (which is part of the hospital) but I haven't met her yet. I am having an ultrsound on the 4th of june then meeting her after that. I am gettinag a bit anxious to have an appointment because I have only had one so far (at 10 weeks) and the midwife there didn't check for a heartbeat because it was too early. I will feel so much better when I have 'proof' there is a baby there. (I know it's silly but I just want to hear the heartbeat to be reassured)
My last appointment took forever because they had to ask a million questions and take blood and entertain my toddler!
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Annabel, you're an Australian too! I'm originally from Melb... have been doing the expat thing for a couple of years. Really missing home now I'm pregnant though.

Glad to hear there is someone else with a big belly. I'm in the middle of a very hot Taipei summer and maternity clothes here closely resemble something best left in the middle ages! (Think tent frocks with HUGE peter pan collars & knickers that reach your neck). So currently I'm wearing anything that stretches a lot and my partner's jeans! Very stylish.

I've seen my baby (well bean at the time) once. I know what you mean about the heartbeat... I look forward to that every time (and panic in the waiting room hoping I'll hear it)!

Good luck on the 4th...

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Thanks dani! I'm from Adelaide but I love Melbourne, that would be where I'd choose to live if I had the chance. (not too keen on the weather though, I'm a hot weather girl)
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I will be 14 weeks on Thursday, and feel completely fantastic! I love the second tri! My allergies had been killing me, but I have doen a 180 and can breather again. Nothing like breathing to make a girl feel good!

Who are you seeing for your pg? Midwife? OB? Family practitioner? Anyone? No one? What are your appointments like? How long do they last? How often do you go?

I am seeing a midwife, every 4 weeks for now. She is great! Appts last at least an hour, and it is better than therapy! We do all the pee in a cup, BP check, and fundus measure thing and then it is just chit chat
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Wow, Annabel, you're in Adelaide too. Where's that fall off your chair smily when you need it :LOL
Which birth centre will you be going to? It doesn't like the same one as me because you're getting assigned a midwife, at Flinders it's the luck of the draw. Or it was last time anyway, I managed to end up seeing only one midwife twice, and the one at my birth I hadn't ever met before. But on the plus side it's free! And way better than the labour ward.
I have my first appt at Flinders tommorow, not at the birth centre yet, I'll have to book in there at my appt.
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I am 16 weeks and feeling pretty good. I am still tired and if I don't eat right I still will get sick but it is a lot better than it was.

I am seeing a CPM and will be having a homebirth. Our prenatals are generally about an hour and a half long because we hang out and chat a little. We aren't using the doppler so I haven't heard a heartbeat yet. I do a urine check, she takes my blood pressure and we talk about my diet and how I have been feeling emotionally and that kind of stuff. It is pretty neat and a complete 360 from the in and out in 10 minute checks I used to have with the OB/GYN.
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Hi! I'm 13 Weeks 3 days today..I feel so behind everyone! I'm feeling better than I was..the nausea only seems to hit now if I don't feed myself often. I'm more hungry which probably means baby is growing faster. I saw a chiropracter yesterday finally and so my neck and back should be better soon too. I've still not gained any weight, but I'm pretty happy about that since I was way more fat than I want to be to start out...so I'm still in my own clothing yet, which is pretty cool. I'm used to having to wear maternity practically right from the beginning so it's nice not to have to.

QOTWho are you seeing for your pg? Midwife? OB? Family practitioner? Anyone? No one? What are your appointments like? How long do they last? How often do you go?

I, too, am seeing a CPM for a planned homebirth. I also saw her backup OB on friday and had a "surprise" ultrasound. I'm OK with doppler and u/s, just not any of the other tests. I did have my pregnancy bloodwork done, too. I refused the triple screen. I'll only see him again if I do a sugar test. (Probably won't). He works with 4 CNMs now and doesn't really deliver babies anymore, but if I end up in the hosp for whatever reason, one of his CNMs will deliver. Appts at midwife are about an hour..I test my own pee, weigh myself..chit chat a lot with the midwife and her asst., get measured and hear the heartbeat. The midwife herself entertained my son while the asst. did all the work at my first "official" appointment last week. I won't be seeing her again until the end of june because I'm going to be in CA seeing friends and my eldest child graduate from High School. Standard is once a month I will be getting a level 2 u/s when I return because I lost one baby due to spina bifida and since I refuse the triple screen, I need to be prepared for any possible problems so I do the level 2 u/s. I'm pretty sure there isn't anything wrong, though!

That's it on my end. the u/s put my due date at the 23rd..but I'm going to leave it the 27th for now as these things can change.
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I know some of you are from other countries so could you please take a look at my post in TAO

It would help me out a lot.

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After reading all these posts about longer appointments, my brain is telling me I should be jealous--but I'm really not! : Actually, I'm wondering what you all talk about for that long. My SIL used to babysit for my OB's kids when she was in high school & college, so we have a connection, but there's not usually much to talk about. I really do like my OB, and I don't feel rushed at all during my appointment. We talk about weight gain and bp, I get to ask any questions... It seems pretty normal.

I think I like it because it makes me feel like I have more control. He doesn't make pregnancy seem like something that needs to be "treated," just something to be aware of and check in on occasionally. He didn't care in the least when we refused the AFP--he actually said most people don't do it! He is pro-vaginal delivery, even though I am technically classified as a high-risk delivery. He calls me at home after hours to tell me about NORMAL test results (original blood work)--I love that! I guess the short appointments make me feel like this is MY pregnancy, and he's just here to check my bp, KWIM? I am in control, and I decide what I do. I probably wouldn't feel this way if I wasn't completely comfortable with him, but I can talk to him and ask him any questions and have the hour appointment if I needed it--I just don't.

Anyway, long post to say I my OB and I my short appointments.
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Lucretia! I didn't think there were any other AP mothers in Adelaide! Now I don't feel so alone!
I am having my baby at Womens and Childrens, I had my son there and it was a good experience. Back then it was luck of the draw for midwives too, but they recently changed the system. I actually have a friend who is a midwife at Flinders though!
Also I noticed your first baby was born January 02, well mine was born December 01! This is so cool!
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Is it the week of May 24th already? How'd that happen? I'm about 17 weeks. Still feeling pretty yuck. I was hoping the headaches and vomit inducing migraines would go away at 12 weeks. Some people said maybe 16. Still here. This is my 3rd pregnancy and definitly my toughest.

dan_in_taipei, I'm also carrying really big, but I have with all 3. Everyone is different. My best advice again peterpan collars and knickers would be to do some internet shopping and pay for the shipping

Question of the Week:
I'm seeing a family practitioner (DO). This is the first time I've had a dr. My first two were a birth center with midwife and a homebirth with midwife. We've moved and there aren't any mw for about 100 miles.

My appts are pretty standard. First was loooong - medical history, birth history, etc. Second was a physical; I didn't mind. I hadn't had a pap in about 3 years : Next appt was about 5 minutes. Pee in a cup, blood pressure, weight, how do you feel all done by an assistant. Dr measure my tum, talked about upcoming tests so I could decide, I did let him do a quick doppler (first and last time), and talk about my migraines. My appt schedule is standard as well. Every month until - I think - 7th, then every 2 week, then every week for the last month.

I like this dr. He's cool about me turning down tests. He doesn't even do a glucose for diabetes - he tests you after eating breakfast. He has 6 kids born, as he said, in a birth center tub, in the hospital and in the backseat of their car. So he's pretty open minded. What I am not OK with is my first hospital birth. I'm really hoping we move closer to mw's before I'm due. I can't imagine the hospital thing at all.
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