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Belly cast question

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I'm sorry to post so many questions all of a sudden!!!

I am so excited to just have received a belly casting kit! Now I have a twin question:

I'd like to get as big a belly as possible with the cast, so 1) is there a point in the pregnancy when your belly is pretty much as big as it's going to get, like right before the babies "drop" into the pelvis? 2) If I go into labor earlier and miss my chance to cast, isn't it conceivable I could still quickly sit there and have it done before we go to the hospital? I remember early labor not being that uncomfortable, and I had to sit in the car for nearly an hour on the way to the hospital anyway...

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I think I was about 36-weeks when I had my belly cast done and my stomach measured something like 48 cm's. I had my girls at 38w3d and measured 52 cm's. I too wanted to be big when I got it done but also didn't want to push it to where I would miss out on it. You could wait until labor begins and do it at home quickly...just make sure you have everything ready. Also, I don't think my girls every "dropped". I think with two you're so full of baby that they don't ever really drop. Another thought is that when I did mine I didn't do enough of the cast around my sides so the final cast doesn't truly show how big I was. Be sure to wrap enough of it around your sides so you get a good casting.
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Ditto to what Karen said... Hi Karen I never dropped and I wennt to 39 weeks 5 days. I did my bellycast at I think 37 weeks. There are pics under bellycast on our website..hughestwins.homestead.com
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