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Looking at your sig, she's only 2-3 months old (forgive my tired math)..

If you're trying to get her into a laying down postion you could try this:

I wear my sling with the rings on my right shoulder, and will give you directions from there.. its' easiest *laugh* You may need assistance the first couple times for this, but it really did help me with *wee littles* This often works well sitting the first couple of times..

with your sling off, cradle your daughter in your left arm, with her head in the nook of your elbow, at about breast level. Place the sling on over your head, so that the rings lie on your right shoulder hollow(ish). With your right hand, create a bit of a pouch around your daugher, and snug it up around the arm that's holding her. Now.. with your right arm, reach out and hold her in the position you've just created while slipping your arm out slowly.. pulling the pouch you've created back into place as you go, and then slide the left arm back under her, and tighten the fabric with your right hand.. adjusting around her face until she's comfortable, and start moving.. I often do this rocking/standing, and it can be done holding the infant in a football hold as well (so that the head is near the rings.)

It really looks more complicated written than it actually is.

That said.. if you're really convinced you want to get rid of it for something new, I know some WAHM sling companies to a "test drive" program. Is there a WAHM near you? Try googling your city +"Baby Sling" you may be suprised.

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Originally Posted by campingmumma
I'm just curious what kind of fabric your Zolo is? FWIW, I had a really lightweight cotton zolo that adjusted like a dream. And then I had a really heavy, chino-like cotton zolo that just didn't want to cooperate - sold it. And currently, my silk zolo is just right.
Uh, ok I must be a slinging dummy. You guys aren't making me feel any better. I have the lightweight cotton zolo. And, for me it adjusts like a nightmare.

Mia: I like the 'again' part. Like, Oh goodness here we go 'again'. It's no big deal, I really just don't get it. I told myself I wouldn't sell or trade till you come over Thursday. Don't forget the tv/vcr like you told me to remind you about.

Soirenoir: Thanks so much for typing out that lengthy description. I got about two sentences deep into it and went "What the...." :LOL

I've given up on the cradle hold, and am just trying to get tummy to tummy. I've tried so many times tonight it's not even funny and the more I try or practice, I kid you not the worse it gets. You should even see me hiking my leg up on something to support Audrey just so I can have two free hands to adjust it while she's in it. It's quite a site really. Maybe tomorrow night I'll have my husband take pics of the spectacle.

Thanks ladies I really appreciate the input and advice. I really am considering a hotsling based on the fact that it has no rings and it's not adjustable. And, it 'looks' easy. Less is more right?
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Also, do you know I can't even use this in my signature till I get it: :bf I mean sure that little smilie is bf'ing but she's also wearing a freaking sling. I'd be such a hypocrit to have that in my signature.
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Originally Posted by Mrs. Edwards
Mia: I like the 'again' part. Like, Oh goodness here we go 'again'. It's no big deal, I really just don't get it. I told myself I wouldn't sell or trade till you come over Thursday. Don't forget the tv/vcr like you told me to remind you about.
:LOL I promise I didn't mean anything by the "again" part! Believe me, I had LOTS of trouble trying to use a sling with Harrison. I had a Maya and tried for weeks and weeks to get it to work, but both of us were uncomfortable and unhappy. With Isabella I had trouble at first getting the sling to work for us, but one day it was like a lightbulb went on and I was like "OH - so that's how it works!"

And yes, KEEP REMINDING ME about the TV! :LOL
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Originally Posted by Mrs. Edwards
Also, do you know I can't even use this in my signature till I get it: :bf I mean sure that little smilie is bf'ing but she's also wearing a freaking sling. I'd be such a hypocrit to have that in my signature.
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I'm so sorry you're having such a hard time! I wish I could help, really. The only thing that comes to mind is that it sounds like maybe you are starting with the pouch too low? I'm sure that's been addressed already, though. hmmm...
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Oh it's been about everywhere...here and there. I will admit that it's definitely harder to maneuver when it's low! What sucks is that we're going to AR this weekend, and we're not taking the stroller....yes, I'm proud to say I own a stroller, so being out and about to sling the baby and having both hands free for Genevieve is a must! But, I have the bjorn that I can take so that will suffice I guess. But, with all the family around, I'm sure that I won't have too much time where I'll even be alone with both of them at the same time!

I know you'd help if you could. It's really no big deal...other than I'm ticked because I can't use that cute smilie. Where's the bjorn wearing smilie?
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I wish I'd had a Moby Wrap from the second my kid popped out. I did get the hang of my sling, but it wasn't entirely comfortable until baby was a good four months old, I think. Maybe older.

Now I have a Moby and want to borrow tiny babies just so I can wear them. Anybody got a newbie they want to loan me for a weekend? PLEEEEEEEEEASE?!

I'd try a wrap. You can wear baby in a bjorn-like position and it's got to be more comfortable.

Good luck.
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About the smilie - babywearing is babywearing is babywearing. Also, my dd saw that smilie and associated it with breastfeeding, not slinging.

Use the smilie, woman.
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Mobys, little babies, and money

If you can't afford a Moby, then you could make your own wrap from $3-$5 of cotton gauze from the dollar table at Wal-Mart. (I know. I know! Moby's are reallly affordable, but what's affordable to some is not afordable to others.)

for torso carries (African style/older baby) you only need 2 yards

for one shouldered carries (Mayan style, http://www.rebozoway.org/articles/easy123/newborn.htm), you need at least 3 yards

for two shouldered carries, you need at least 4 yards (if you are a skinny little thing), 5 yards (if you are larger than a size 10 ladies)

If you want to do the front wrap cross, just buy 5 yards. Believe me, you want to do the front wrap cross. )

I carried my 2nd and 3rd babies from birth in a simple cotton gauze wrap, very comfortbale, very versatile. I had an OTSBH until my first baby was nine months. It totally sucked in comparison to a simple piece of cloth.
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Kaylee: Been there! Most of the moms I know that sling, all have a collection of slings and carriers. I know it's frustrating. For me, my ds was a hands on kind of guy - meaning he had to be held ALL THE TIME and MOVING. It really drove my out of my mind. Anywaaaay, I had to sling him. I couldn't hold him in arms all the time and the sling gave me free hands. So for us, it was preservation. It didn't work at first. But I perservered and we eventually got the hang of it and my ds stopped crying when he went in it. It was either that or I would HAVE to put him down while he cried while I did things like laundry, dishes and dinner - stuff you HAVE to do.

What I do, is I buy them off ebay and then sell them on ebay when they don't work out. I bought a maya wrap on ebay for $20 plus shipping. I didn't like it and I sold it for $24 plus shipping! I didn't try to make money on it - but slings are hot items there - at least in my experience. I also know that they have a trading place here at MDC as well.

I agree with the others who recommended the pouch. I used the new native carrier pouch -- although ds and I made up our own position - we just kept fiddling with it until we got comfortable. The pouch helped us both get used to the whole sling thing. I used the pouch for about 5 months. Now I use the Nojo over the shoulder type sling. I love it.

Good luck!
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ok my baby rode in the bjorn or my arms until she was 5 months. We just didn't get the sling. She didn't like the cradle hold, I was afraid she'd fall out with the one with her chest against mine and then wham -- we got the one where she sits facing out.

Sometimes it take a bit to figure it out. I consider you lucky -- I have one friend with a sling! OTSBH which I hate!

Try LLL meetings or the like to find others with slings you can try out.
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Ok for those of you that recommended a pouch...thank you so much. I was offered a loaner hot sling and recieved it two days ago, and it's so much easier to get Audrey in. I wouldn't say she's necessarily used to the idea yet but, she nurses super easy in it, and will fall asleep super easy as well. Anyway, my only issues with it are restricted arm use with the side that the sling is on. And, pretty much we can only do cradle hold at this point. Tummy to tummy is impossible with a non-adjustable sling because of the slack that needs to be tight to accommodate neck/head support. But, it's totally working for us.

I've had so many great suggestions here on this thread. And, I received numerous offers for help through pm's and such and I'm so grateful. I still haven't given up the fact that the Zolo isn't going to work. I have a call into Darien and am waiting to hear back from her for some tips. She said that when she first started slinging she had to call the manufacturer! Imagine that. Now she's the maker of Zolo's! But, I'm giving it another week. I need to iron it. I know that sounds strange, but the serged edge is like completely creased now and never is straight, it always folds over even when the thread is unthreaded.

Anyway, just wanted to updat you guys and I'll keep you posted on my progress.
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I'm so glad the pouch is workign for you. I didn't find the cradle position "hands-free" either; but it started being more so in kangaroo carry, and it's now totally hands free that DS is on my hip. Just keep experimenting and I am sure it'll get better.

If the hotsling is just a loaner and you want one, you need to order it soon (they are around $25) - Kristen is going on maternity leave in a few weeks!
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That's great that the pouch is working for you! A tip on tightening the outer rail of the pouch for upright carries (Oh no! Not more tips, lol!): Start with all of the sling on top of your shoulder rather than capping it. Then slide your fingers under the outer rail from where the baby is up to your shoulder, and pull *just* the outer rail edge down and across so that it caps your shoulder. AKA a shoulder flip! It works great. Alternatively, you can flip the whole shoulder inside-out before putting the baby in the sling. To limit arm restriction in the cradle carry, fold the shouler under before putting the babe in to make it more narrow. HTH!
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That's great, Kaylee! I love my fleece pouch, and ordered a hotsling the other day, for now, pouches work for me (although I'm still dying for a Zolo...let us know the tips you get!)! :LOL:
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Actually Kaylee, I think the :bf smiley is wearing a pouch...LOL...I don't see any rings.

For what it's worth, I carried my dd in a snuglee and a Bjorn for the first 6 months until I figured out my pseudo-MW. Now (dd is 2) I can use a MW, an OTSBH (but it is bulky) and my current FAVORITE, a podeagi. There is a pretty big learning curve associated with baby-wearing, I have discovered.
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