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how late did breech babies turn?

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Hi all,

I'm 34w2d with twin girls. Both were head down but last wk Baby A flipped breech. I hoping she flips back as my doc isn't keen on delivering Baby A vaginally if she is breech. Baby B being breech isn't a big deal since she will have room to turn once Baby A comes out...but she is head down and ready to go anyway.

I'm going to try some 'tricks' to turn her. Laying at an angle w/pelvis above head, having dh talk to her or playing music close to cervix so she'll move that way, have a talk with her myself and tell her it's okay is flip , etc.

So I'm just wondering who out there had their breech babies turn and at what week and if you did anything to help this??? Or did you deliver breech and had no problems?? I really DON'T want c sec! And I know the later it gets the less likely she'll turn as they are getting cramped for room.


34wks 2days
id sweet baby girls edd 7-4-04 (40 weeks)
Dominic (The Dom) 12-29-02
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My little guy (Twin A) was breech every single time we looked. He never did turn and I ended up with a c-section at 35w5d. He actually ended up shoulder first in my pelvis when I went into labour so even if they would have attempted a breech delivery (which they weren't), I don't know if we could have gotten him out anyway!
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I had this question too, with a turn at 37 weeks....A just refused to budge with his shoulder stuck in place...I have immense guilt about the way my birth was taken from me...anyhoo -

I was advised to try the local pool, moxibustion, and the webster method.
I tried the poo, music and pelvic tilts/handstanding (what a sight! )
but he did not move. Moxibustion practitioner said it was "too late"
A twinsmama friend was able to turn them at 36 with the webster chiropractic method.

Here is a good site from our northern friends

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Lurker here, my twins were born at about 35 1/2 weeks, at that point Baby B was still flipping back & forth (breech at my 34 wk appointment (on a Wed), head down the following Wed, breech at my 35 wk appointment (on Thurs), born breech the next day). Since she was baby B I wasn't worried about turning her (and she ended up being delivered footling breech vaginally with no problems) so I'm no help there, but I just wanted to let you know that they *can* turn that late. If I remember right, someone else I know who had a scheduled c/s for other reasons, said her twins were still turning up till 37 or 38 weeks.

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I hear good things about Webster method, swimming and moxibuston.

Can you ask your doctor if baby A is a frank breech then why he thinks a c-birth is needed? Is there a doctor that works with him/her that is experienced with breech presentations?

I ask this b/c I birthed a frank breech (baby a) and a footling breech (baby b) and neither midwife nor our back-up Peri. had a problem with baby A being breech as long is baby didn't go into distress and the presentation was neither a footling (For baby A) nor transverse. If Baby A was either footling or transverse then we knew a c-birth was inevitable but other breech presenations were not a concern.

If it looks like that DOC and you agree to a c-birth for any reason, at least you will have some time to prepare. A friend of mine actually needed her second birth to be a c-birth and asked for music to be played, candles lit in the distance, and a mirror on the ceiling so she could watch the birth. I thought that that was a wonderful way to have a c-birth if one was needed.

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My "a" turned 2 days before birth at 38 weeks. Like all pp's have said - they can keep on flipping right down to the last hours! Keep faith and hope, talk to Baby A too
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my babies were transverse/oblique most of the time
when i went into labor they were transverse
and labor stalled for a while
baby A was born frank breech w/ absolutely no problem
they were born at home with midwives
who, i feel pretty confident saying, have much more experience
delivering breeches vaginally
it helped that these were not my first babies
that i had the others with the same midwife
and we know that i have a very fast pushing stage
and a lot of mutual respect and confidence in each other
it helped me immensely to read a lot of vaginal breech birthstories
i felt very confident that it is not that big of a deal
and that my body was more than capable of
pushing out a breech baby
my backup doc was very positive about delivering a breech too
that made me feel good, that if i ended up at the hospital
i would not be automatically sectioned
that doc is not from the USA
and so has a lot of experience w/ delivering breeches,
turning babies, etc.
we hashed out a big game plan in detail
he said he would have to offer me a section
then i would refuse and we would just deliver the baby
. . . . . fortunately, i didn't have to go to the hospital

i don't have any ideas about getting a baby to turn
i never tried anything
i kind of assumed that all bets were off for a multiple pregnancy
but i'm glad to hear that some women have success
turning a baby when they are having twins

good luck!
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both my a & b were "caddy-whompus" as our u/s tech liked to say. my water broke at 36 weeks and they were breech/breech transverse and no room to turn them so c-section it was... i was disappointed, but in the end, i got what i wanted which was babies!

anyhow, i did try the pool thing, pelvic tilts, etc. all it did was get a lot of laughter out of my husband. but at least it accomplished SOMEthing.
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Thanks all for your suggestions and sharing your own experience. As of last fri (34w5d) both Baby A and Baby B are breech now. UGH!! I've tried the slant board and just couldn't be in that position. Was about to faint. Tried the ice pack thing too. Felt movement but not exactly a turn.

I'm not quite sure what position they are in right now. I'm trying to feel for heads, feet, butt, etc. but having a hard time identifying what's what with 2 of them in there. At one point when they were vertex I knew it cause I could feel feet in my ribs. And when they were both breech I could feel both heads up high in my uterus. But now I just can't tell. Maybe they are transverse and that's why I'm having a hard time.

I'm 35w3d today and have an u/s at 36w1d...so I'll know then what position they are in if I haven't figured it out by then. I hope trying more methods doesn't turn them the wrong way if they have in fact turned and I don't know it.

Can you ask your doctor if baby A is a frank breech then why he thinks a c-birth is needed? Is there a doctor that works with him/her that is experienced with breech presentations?

I will find out at next u/s if babies are frank. My doc isn't comfortable with delivering a breech she said because the head can get stuck. I'm sure it has to do with experience with breech vaginal births as well. I'm trying to find other docs there that are experienced with breech births but having no luck so far. I think it is in my favor that my son was 8lbs12oz and pushed right on out with no problem...head down of course. My doc did say that since I have a big baby already chances of head getting caught in pelvis are less. I'm still negotiating with her but also hoping they will turn by then.

Thanks again everyone and more suggestions/experiences are WELCOME!

35w3d - so far at 33w5d 4lbs2oz and 4lbs8oz
MZ sweet baby girls : edd 7-4-04 (40w)
Dominic (The Dom) :binky 12-29-02 (41w1d)
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Wish I had found this site while still pregnant! I was told odds of baby A turning after 35 weeks was almost nil so had scheduled c-section at 36 weeks. I delivered my first two dds vaginally without drugs and really wanted to do the same with the twins. Just remind myself babies were the desired outcome of birth and I have those no matter how the birth happened!
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lovetimestwo - You are right. In the end it's getting 2 babies that matters!

Good news here! Both babes have flipped and are vertex!!! For now anyway! Hope they don't flip back!

36w2d today!
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yay!!! let's hope they stay that way! :
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Thanks Jamie for the support!!
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WONDERFUL news, Carmella!!! I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that at least Baby A stays head down for you!!
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Thanks Karen for keeping your fingers and toes crossed and everyone else for your good wishes.

My babies are still head down!! Had u/s monday 14th and they were both head down again! YEAH! I think they still flip around but always go back to head down.

I'm 37weeks 3 days today!!
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