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Originally Posted by Lisashepp

I remember you too! How have you been? how long have you been TTC?

We have been ttc since Nov 03. I'm thinking I might be hypothyroid so I am going to talk to my Dr on Tuesday.
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Well good luck Megan! I hope you join us preggo's soon!
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Good morning ladies.
How is everyone today?? I was officially 4 weeks yesterday so today I am officially "late".
No morning sickness yet (although for me it's usually evening sickness) and surprisingly, not too too exhausted and no sore boobs, just those stretching twinges in my uterus and the one thing that has happened to me each time, horrible pain in my perineum, anyone else have that??? it feels like it's bruised, hurts to sit, hurts to touch and I don't even want to talk about having sex.
The bad news, my arthritis seemed to flare up badly last night, we had gone to dinner and then to the race track and slots with my parents adn aunt and uncle to celebrate our upcoming wedding--get this in order to keep the secret, I ordered a rye and ginger and then had Steve "go to the bathroom" so he could ask the waitress to please not put any rye in it! : He said she looked at him like he was insane and then told him she didn't think it was up to him to decide what I drank--then he told her I was preggo but we didn't want the family to know yet--she was fine then!!
Anyway, we were playing the slots (I won $200--must be the baby, cause I've never won so much as a quarter on those damn things) and even though I was just resting my left arm on my leg because it hurt, as soon as I went to just support my "money cup" with it, I felt like it was broken and looked down and its all swollen and twisted again. Worst is I can't take anything for the pain--well tylenol, but when you've had RA for 15 yrs and a crush injury tylenol just doesn't work for much of anything anymore. I can get in to see my rhuematoligist next week, but I'm scared to, I'm supposed to see her monthly as soon as I get pregnant, but every time, I've miscarried shortly after my first visit or a day or two before my second--I know it isn't true, but I feel like she's jinxing me somehow. That said I almost got Steve to take me to emerg last night because the swelling had made my fingers numb, so I guess I'll break down.
Wow, I've been chatty this morning!! I have to teach a few lessons today and stop by our wonderful farmers market to pick up veggies and these wonderful spring rolls that one vender makes, so I'll take a hike now.
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Oh Shannon, I'm so sorry to hear that you've flared up again. Didn't you say it usually goes into remission about week 5? Not much longer for you then. Don't let those thoughts about seeing your doc get in your way. This time is different, you've got the heparin and baby asprin thing, your OB is watching your HCG levels, you are going to have one sticky baby!

I keep getting new symptoms every day. The thirsty/have to pee a lot thing is starting to happen, but it isn't in high gear yet. I have to try to remember to pee right before school starts, at 8, so that by 10, when it's recess, I'm not dying. Then lunch at 11:15 to 12, then I have to wait until 2:10 when the kids get out. That's the hard thing about being a preggo teacher! I'm trying to not remember what pumping during recess is like.

How is everyone else doing?
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