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My 4yo DD doesn't "lie" often, but ocassionally she does and we try to head it off at the pass (not if it is a story in fun, but if it was to get out of trouble or blame things on her brother or something). But yesterday she started telling MIL these "stories" that were very much untrue, about my DH getting mad at her and throwing clothes at her and yelling at her. Now, this usually wouldn't be a big deal, except that MIL and DH have had their "moments" and DH supposedly, according to MIL, has an "anger disorder" (more like she provoked him to total madness and he would slam something on the table and leave the house). Anyway...she is very much inclined now to think that DH is abusing DD and DS, and that I am covering up for him since I denied it (to top it off, DH was feeling bummed about how dirty the house was and elected to stay home while the kids and I went out to eat with MIL - so now she thinks there MUST be a problem...).

She hasn't said anything but I'm sure she's thinking it. This is just the kind of person she is - very suspicious of her sons :-(. I don't know what to do about it, either - every time she sees something that could possibly be construed as negative, she takes it as negative. I mean, when DS was ignoring DH one day at her house, DH picked up DS and held him up against the couch (in a nonviolent way, to get him to eye-level so they could talk) and MIL freaked out! I tried to explain that he was trying to get DS's attention and he was just lifting him to eye-level, but MIL gives me this I'm-not-buying-it look.

I don't know what to do, if anything. I know it hurts DH that his mom is so suspicious of him. I mean, we all have our moments at 15 - he hasn't ever hurt anyone, even at that age, although he did put a hole in a wall (yes, MIL can be maddening, I don't blame him) but since he was young MIL has decided he has an "anger problem" and has looked at him through those lenses ever since.