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Deadhead Granny here, hey now!

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Hi kids!
Been reading and enjoying your forum a lot, and wanted to register in case anyone wanted an older hippie Mom's viewpoints. I am now 51, and pretty much been there, done that, and got the Dead T-shirt.

I had my kids by natural birthing, back when it was considered preposterous.
In 1972, I had DS1 by the Bradley Method, and in 1974, DS2 using Lamaze.

Both kids were breastfed as long as they wanted to be, which is no where near as long as some of you are doing.
But, I let the kiddos set the pace for that.

I used cloth diapers, because we were poor as mice, and couldn't afford pricey Pampers.

We moved to the high mountains of Colorado when DS1 was a year old, and raised the kids as part of the Back to the Land Movement in the early 70's.

They are now 32 and 30. How did it turn out?
Hmmmm, work in progress, I would say.
But, I have a cute grand daughter by DS1 to play with, to show for it all, yay!
And a grand son I never get to see because DS2 picked an evil woman to be the Mom, but, I digress.

Ask me when I am in a good mood

We were part of the original flower child movement, knew Kesey, etc etc....
It is so sweet that you kids are doing such a nice continuum and revival of the old ways.
But some things may have been different than you think.

So please accept an occasional bit of input from One Who Was There, and smile gently on a tie dyed granny.
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Welcome, mama!
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Welcome...Will you be my grandma too?? I hope that you enjoy yourself here

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Thanks for the warm welcomes, dears.
Sure, Darkstar, I would love to be your granny!
Would be an honor and a pleasure.
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You can be my granny too!

Oooh this is so exciting!!!

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Very cool, Raven, I would love to be your granny too!
Wooo, South Africa! What an interesting place that must be.
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It is! I love it here! I really look forward to getting to know you better!
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Welcome to MDC!
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Welcome! Look forward to hearing your experiences....and not just with the Dead

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Welcome to the boards.
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i like the phrase "poor as mice"
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Looking forward to getting to know you!
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Thank you all, gentle ladies, nice to be here.
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Yoi sure sound to be a very interesting and cool granny.
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Well, you can't be my grandma but you could be my mama! I was born the same year as your oldest - you could say we were twins seperated at birth Welcome to MDC! I can't wait to hear your thoughts on things!
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I too will be anxious to hear your view on things, it so cool to have you here! I totally honor all that you did that paved the way for those of us still keeping the dream alive!
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Hey I am a 2nd generation Deadhead. My parents had me on tour in the 70's. I love the Grateful Dead! Infact, now that dd is asleep in her papa's arms I am going to sneak out and dance all night at a 'dead night" DJ thing in Berkeley Cali.

Everybody's playing in the heart of gold band!

Love to you and youurs!

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Hi, grandma! Well, okay, confession time, I'm too old to be your grandchild, and too old to be your daughter, and, well, maybe could be a younger sister ... even if my DH is older than you and with a newborn to boot ... :LOL ... we're just hopeful to still have all our marbles when grandchildren come along ...

But seriously, mama, welcome. Setcherself down & stay a while ... love hearing the voice of experience round these parts ...

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